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Avatar f tn ve been symptom free for about a week, and yesterday I started to feel a little pain on the left side of my throat. I looked in the mirror with a flashlight, and my left tonsil was swollen. Allergies are super bad in my area right now, and I get a lot of allergy symptoms every spring so I didn't think much of it. This afternoon the pain got worse, so I checked my throat again.
Avatar m tn From 2 days ago i started having a sore throat on the right side of my throat. I only feel the pain when i swallow food/saliva. If i dont swallow there is no pain. I had a dental cleaning 4 days ago and i had extreme bleeding of my gum because they were very infected. But the Dental Hyg took care of it. I dont know if its related or not but what do you guys think is the problem here. I can't see my family doctor until Monday so i dont know what i should do.
Avatar f tn I called back today and said my throat still hurts, it is now on my left side, it was on both sides. It hurts to swallow, feel dry and it feels like the outer part of my throat is swollen, my lymph nodes are sore and very tender to touch. I have to see my doctor today at 1pm in one hour. What else could be causing this? I have no fever, no runny noses, and no mucus. I have had my ears stuffed up, but they are no longer stuffy.
Avatar n tn I have pain in the back of my throat only on one side and it feels as if the very back of my tongue on that side could also be feeling some pain. It is not a burning sensation like a normal sore throat but more of life an ache that is amplified every time I swallow. This just started about 5 days and wasn't too bad until today when it became much worse. What could this be and what can I do for the pain?
Avatar n tn ive had a stiff neck since having an operation 6 months ago physio isnt helping much and now for the past 8 weeks ive had a severe pain in my throat on the left side around my lynph nodes but the pain moves from up to behind my left ear to sometimes being under my chin! my gp cant find any lumps and an endoscopy didnt show up anything? pain killers are doing nothing and the pain is constant! i cant take much more! sometimes its a little painfull to swallow but i can eat ok.
Avatar n tn I have incredible pain on one side of my throat. I have been taking antibiotics for the past week and the pain has not ceased. I don't have a fever, and the pain is usually worse when I wake up. Does anyone know what could possibly be wrong?
Avatar n tn Ive had a pain on one side of my throat for about 6 weeks. It is worse in the morning and evening, and seems to be worse then I am tired or dehydrated. It ranges from mild discomfort to sever pain. I can generally only feel it when I swallow, and sometimes when I talk. I went to the doctor when it first started and he said it must be something viral and there is nothing he could do about it. After 5 weeks i went back and he prescribed me some lozenges, which are doing nothing.
510649 tn?1211041593 I have had now for almost a week, sore throat pain. It's only on the right side and when I swallow it feels like there is an abrasion or cut there. When I feel around with my fingers on my neck, my glands on that side are tender. What is this? Should I be worried? What can I do for some relief? The other side is nothing, I don't feel bad/besides allergy stuff. It's only when I swallow.
1760651 tn?1313087439 I have severe congestion on one side of my face with some on the other, but not as severe. It started 2 nights ago now and I am miserable. I have a neti pot and due to my left side being completely blocked, have been unable to use it today. Yesterday, I was able to use the neti pot with success, which lasted for almost an hour before the left side 'blocked up' again.
279234 tn?1363105249 Yup, had that a lot. It could well be associated with a sinus infection, where gunk (like my medical terminology?) is dripping onto the back of your throat on one side. I 'm thinking that especially since you complain of one-sided lymph node swelling too. Your allergy activity could have started it all. The usual OTC remedies often work well for this, but if it goes on long you might want to see you PCP.
Avatar f tn Pain is becoming very irritation and unbearable. Now im having deep throat pain on my right side everytime i swallow including the jaw and inner ear pain at once. That pain in my throat hurts whn i turn my head to the left but not the right. The pain is literally one the right side. this is all becoming too much. It wont go away and im a little worried irritated and becoming agitated with the whole thing.
Avatar f tn I get this weird throat pain that comes every so often on my right side and usally lasts a couple of day and goes away. This time it is going on 2 weeks and counting, it is not as bad during the day but as soon as evening rolls around it hurts all night till morning. What is it? I do have post nasal drip but I also suffer from canker sores. 2 weeks seems to long? I went to the ENT and they think it is from the post nasal drip, I need to get scoped but does anyone else have this problem?
Avatar m tn For about a week I have had a pain on the right side of my adams apple. My throat is not sore when I swallow. I have had strepp throat before and know what its like not being able to even swallow water. This has nothing to do with a sore throat. Its like a sore muscle? When I push in the right side of my throat/adams apple it hurts alot. I have also had a slight headache for about 5 days. My teeth don't hurt. Is this an infection or throat cancer?
Avatar m tn july 12th after that i noticed that my throat still had a minor pain when i swallowed but only on the right side and my voice would become dry and hoarseness i would have to clear my throat a lot to talk. Since i personally know my doctor i emailed him and he prescribed me doxycycl hyc 100 mg 10 day supply that was on the 16th.