Throat pain in pregnancy

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7765842 tn?1406963224 Paracetamol orange juice and vicks vapour rub :) Put vicks on the soles of your feet and put socks on. Its unbelievable ;) If you're throats really bad see dr.
Avatar f tn I'm 8 weeks pregnant and for the past 3 days I have had severe pain/pressure in my right ear as well as severe migraines that effect my entire skull from brows all the way to the back of my head at the base of my skull, sinus congestion, a sore swollen throat. My doc prescribed me a 3 day course of z-pack anti biotics and said take tylenol for pain and cough drops for throat. Nothing even touches the pain. I'm a meningitis is survivor and this pain is pretty close.
Avatar f tn Hi there... Now i am facing another problem.and that is throat pain.Since the last two days,its getting worse that i cant sleep at night.I read somewhere taking high pillow may work,but it didnt help instead now the throat pain is accompanied by back pain & feels like the body temperature is high(but it is not when i check it,its about 97.2).My 1st confusion was if i am pregnant but didnt get any responses,& now here is my another confusion.Is pregnancy all about confusion?
Avatar n tn s no medecine for sore throat, and especially for pregnant women, i had the same problem and it was very bad, just try to drink lemon with honey mixed together in a cup of warm water, it doesnt taste that good but it will help ease the pain, acan,lso gargle with salt and warm water as often as u can.
Avatar n tn m not sure about the ear pain or sore throat, but the lower back pain and cramps could be! I had mild dull cramps in my 2WW the two times I got pregnant. Best of luck to you!
Avatar n tn Throat pain, difficulty swallowing, fever, scratchiness in the throat, post nasal drip, malaise and loss of appetite are symptoms of tonsillitis. It can be caused by bacteria like streptococcus or it could be a viral infection. Viral infections can cause rash. Bacterial infections need antibiotics. Consult your primary care physician who will do blood tests and take a throat swab to determine the cause and prescribe appropriate medications. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn Felt a strange pain in the lower right side of throat. Feeling the pain occasionally, while swallowing saliva not always though . But no pain while drinking water or eating food. Also there is no pain when pressing the throat and the adjacent areas with fingers. Got TSH test it came 3.84 (in normal range). Whats causing this? Is it anxiety?
Avatar m tn For the last few weeks i have had a pain in the right side of my throat,it is a slight constant pain but worse when i swallow or shout. I have been to the doctors twice about it he says he cant see anything wrong and told me the 1st time to gargle in asprin(he thought i may have ruptured a blood vessell as i had a chest cold at the time)the second time he told me to take an antiseptic throat spray but nothing has worked and the pain is still threre and seems to be getting worse.
Avatar n tn Your symptoms could be due to a fungal throat infection, which are common in many throat infections. In response to the infection the body produces soft white debris which collects in the tiny indentations in the tonsils called crypts. Fungal infections can also occur if you are using steroid inhalers. Repeated salt water gargles will help. Mix one teaspoon of salt in 1 cup of warm water and gargle. If your symptoms worsen then consult your doctor. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn Help im 25 weeks pregnant and just started suffering with severe acid pain in my throat it keeps flareing up like i need to burp but really hurts my throat and find it hard to breathe. Is this normal and how do i ease it?
Avatar f tn it is normal to have back pain, very normal because your uterus is stretching and getting bigger the further along you are i was worried about that when i was pregnant to taking a warm bath or using a heating pad may help a little if it doesnt get better after a while an the pain is unbearable i would go get it checked out cause unbearable pain shouldnt be normal, sore throat Here's a recipe for a soothing, natural relief for a sore throat: 6-8oz. Boiling water 2T. Lemon Juice 2T.
Avatar n tn I have sometimes a pain in my lower left side.I am in my early weeks of pregnancy, maybe 1st week.I only get this pain when i walk a bit fast.Is it normal, or is there any problem?.. I also got a sore-throat and need an advice about what shall I take to get a relief.
Avatar f tn I am also 27 weeks pregnant and I feel this tired feeling in my chest and throat which kinda feels like when you inhale a cigerette too hard and it kinda burns. It makes me literally feel tired I also get this pain in my upper stomach and I'v been burping and have had a ton of heart burn. I'm sure a lot may have to do with my pregnancy but this throat and chest thihg is driving me crazy plus I also feel short of breath.
Avatar f tn Since yesterday, I have been experiencing pain along the left-side of my throat. The pain is concentrated about 3 inches under my chin, and below. Yesterday, I didn't experience the slight pain when I swallow; today, I do. I can't say I think it's a goiter, because the way a goiter is described - a frog stuck in the throat - does not fit. I don't know if it is thyroid pain, because, to be honest, I don't know what 'thyroid pain' feels like.
Avatar n tn There are certain viruses that will affect the baby, but most normal colds and bugs won't do any harm. I assume your Dr knew you were pregnant when you took your son in - if he wasn't concerned then you don't need to be either.
Avatar n tn Also the other day I had pain in my throat , not like a sore throat but actual pain touching the front of my throat (adams apple) the bones not the skin and hurt to swallow but not near the ear area like a normal sore throat. , Like someone hit me there but no one has. It was really odd.
Avatar m tn Just to add that it's common to have a throat discomfort accompany jaw pain. When I had angina attacks, the lower jaw felt really stiff like it was difficult to move and all along under the lower back teeth ached. This always followed throat discomfort. The only way I can describe the throat discomfort is to ask you to imagine eating a lot of very strong mint sweets. Eating a whole packet very fast and then drinking cold water.
Avatar n tn I get the same mucus in my throat.. I have been reading everyone's comments about this and it seems like it starts with traumatic events such as illnesses, pregnancy, chocking, exc. Mine started when I was pregnant 3 years ago.. The only thing that seems to help me is to drink lots of water.. Them more water I drink the less I feel it. In the mornings its tough though because some times it makes me gag while I hack a hard chunk of mucus out of my throat.
7131686 tn?1390054441 Ever sincr I got pregnant it feel like mucus is in my throat I swallow bt it comes bck n so I kp spitting it out which causes my to vomit bt I see it in my vomit. I read tht watm lemon water helps get rid of it. Anyone else had this problem?
Avatar f tn I am very careful in my pregnancy...approx 7 days before my mil got cold and cough..I was avoiding close contact...and sanitizing my hands frequently but still I got throat infection day before yesterday :( Hats off to immunity in pregnancy...please suggest if you have some home remedies to cure asap..
9334757 tn?1418159988 I'm only two days late and I know that it could be way to early to know, but I just want some opinions. I've been super tired the last few days,but I can never sleep at night. I had pain in my lower back, a sore throat, cramping/pulling pain on my left ovary that just doesn't stop, I go to the bathroom more frequently I have headaches all the time. This started on Sunday out of no where and lasted until yesterday.