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Avatar n tn sir,im suffering form throat pain regularly,it is come atleat for 4 times per a month it is gone for 2 r 3 days after coming,some times it is pain is going on for a week, im not taken any medicine for this im, using just halls r vicks tablets some times my ears r also pain.8 months before my ear surgery is done.i did sex with one lady .
Avatar m tn m not a doctor but a sore throat with testicular pain can be caused by Strep B. A severe sore throat is one symptom of strep B. I had a vasectomy done in 1999. I ended up with a hematoma which was removed two days later during an emergency surgery. A small hole in the scrotum never closed, told not to worry. A year later I end up with a sore throat headache and a sore swolen left side of the scrotum.
1994269 tn?1327145017 dint help so after 2 days i gain i consulted a doc and took an antiboitic course of 3 tablets each 500 mg for 3 days.still not much of a flu as pain in throat but yes i do have a disconfort in throat all the time.not much of a prob in swallowin sweeling of glands n all.i haqd my tonsills operated when i was a kid.whats the matter wid me then? i had read in a book that hiv has a similar it sore throat in hiv does nt go this i okay ??plz help.
Avatar f tn I did gargling for 3 days with salt and used panadol tabs for 2 days. The pain has gone and throat pain is reduced drastically and i stopped gargling as well. After a day a very mild throat irritating persists. I started gargling again. Also I was using fucidin for the rash on the neck. The throat is scratchy and irritating, but no problem while eating and having fluids.
Avatar f tn Also sometimes I still have the mild throat pain ,intermittent pain like squeezing and mild pain under the jaws (tonsiltis). I was really getting worried ,as despite using antibiotics I was still having this irritating throat. Also I developed a rash on the shoulder on 38th day and it has vanished in a day. I met the doctor again and again he gave antibiotics for a week (Cefpodoxime proxetil) for throat infection.
Avatar n tn The test shows you do not have HIV, and therefore your sore throat cannot possibly be due to HIV. End of story. (Anyway, HIV sore throats generally clear up within a couple of weeks.) That's all for this thread.
Avatar m tn Hi i went to doctor for throat infection he has done the X ray and all for throat he said some infection is happened that is the reason throat is getting pain so he given some medicines i have used 10 to 15 days . but no use still i am suffering throat pain . is this HIV throat pain that is the reason it is not went out this way i am thinking . and also rashes are comming and going please tell me i became very stress daily.
Avatar m tn sore throat throat infection green sputum muscles and joint pain throat irritation and sore throat fever 100.
5856129 tn?1375518025 constant pain in the throat ) for more than two years now, all starts after i had sex with my present GF, we both tested negative for HIV ( she tested more than 7 times , all negative , i tested only twice ).the sore throat starts after a mouth ulcers & patches for like 3 months on & off i saw many doctors , all saying YOU ARE FINE , but i have unbelievable pain in my throat 24\7 . the question is , could it be a rare sub-type of HIV ,? what else could it be ?
Avatar f tn then exactly at the same time 27 days after this exposure, I had a mild sore throat, no pain but just mild enough to now there is something when you are gulping saliva. I though it will go but it did not for nearly 3 weeks and its soo mild that it doesnot bother in anything else. Also there is sometime pain in my right ear and my teeth and jaws are paining for the last 2-3 days. I ordered a home testing kit and after 47 days, I was negative again. !
Avatar m tn You have multiple negative tests, thus conclusively you do not have HIV. I do not doubt that you have a sore throat but to expect it to be due to HIV with multiple negative tests is unrealistic. Furthermore, had you had the ARS, the sore throat, accompanied by other symptoms would have come and gone by now. My advice is to stop worrying about HIV an see a health care provider to get their assistance in sorting this out. If a GP is not helpful ask to see and ear, nose and throat doctor.
Avatar m tn This question could and should have been posted as a follow-up comment on your previous thread -- and you would have saved the new posting fee. Your reading of other discussions on the forum somehow missed the single most important point about symptoms. We have repeatedly, innumerable times, said that symptoms never are a useful indicator of new HIV infection. That remains the case here. You had an exposure that is exceedingly unlikely to result in HIV infection.
Avatar f tn He assured me that he was clean, and there was nothing to worry about. A few weeks later, I was tested positive for strep throat and given medication for oral thrush. While my throat is feeling better and the thrush (very slowly) is residing, I have developed a small rash-like darkened spot on the right cheek of my buttocks about 2 was after the "sexpisode." It doesn't hurt or itch, except when I sort of sit on it; even then, it's a negligible pain.
Avatar m tn No and you don't have an HIV concern.
Avatar m tn After 2 weeks, I develop many odds symptoms including sore throat, swollen node at neck, burning throat, fatigue, dry mouth, ulcer, muscle pain, hand/ leg tingling, scrotum redness and burning sensation with no discharge. I do blood and urine check on hep B,std and hiv Ag/Ab at 16 days come back with negative. These symptoms last for 1-2 months especially my sore and burning throat last for 2 months. My family dr.
Avatar m tn i encounter last sex 3 month before, after that i feeling fatigue, pain in legs , sore throat and sometimes pain in testiciless, if they are indication of hiv sympotms, i always do protected sex but sometime unprotected oral sex..
Avatar m tn now after 3 months i again had hiv tri dot test again came negative.but still now i am suffering from new problems such as throat pain ,joint and muscle pain.formation of sound during swallowing food in throat, problem in food passing through oesophagus and it feels like something is staying in the oesophagus and near chest part . i also get neck pain and evening fever everday,my penis has got older like that it is folded and being sticky......did i got hiv or any std.....
697772 tn?1228060328 Two weeks after my sexual encouter, a terrible pain on the right side of my neck developed. My sore throat got worse one week after that neck pain. I also had this mild fever (37.3 C), nasal congestion, watery eyes and sneezing. All of my symptoms gradually disappeared in a few days, all except the nasal congestion and the neck pain. Five days later I was with a sore throat again and also productive cough, mild fever (37.3), nasal congestion and this neck pain that never disappeared.
Avatar f tn Hi, 10 days is abit too soon for regular HIV testing to detect any HIV in your blood. While oral sex does pose a VERY SMALL risk for HIV transmission i would not worry since she tested (-). I would suggest another test for both of you at the 3 month mark to be totally sure. Its my honest opinion that i think you are okay and have no need to worry. however the only way to know for sure is a test at the 3 month mark.
Avatar f tn After 4 days I developed sore throat (actually inflammation just above the throat) .Around the same time I also developed constipation .About 10 days later mild fever that lasted a day . I visited the doctor and was given some antibiotivcs .The medicine helped reduce the sore throat but did not completly cure it . Two days back I developed mild fever.However this time I also had body ache (joint pain) along with fever .I am fine now .I still have slight sore throat .
Avatar n tn I have never had that kind of throat. its not painful so much but its there. How does hiv sore throat like? Does anxiety cause sore throat?
Avatar m tn Continued pain in my throat. Not sore just a pain when I turn my head. I feel it right under my jaw. My throat sometimes feels as if im about to come down with something- scratchy, itchy feel. Also feel over sensitivity on my left arm and inside my left thigh. There is a slight pain in my groing that won't go away for a week now. A type of pressure j feel when i walk; its on my groin area. also have hip pain and lower back pain. Are these symptoms mentioned any symptoms for hiv.
Avatar f tn As AnxiousNoMore clearly spelled out, you had PROTECTED sex and therefore did NOT have a risk for HIV. Whatever is causing your sore throat is NOT related to HIV and is most likely something like strep throat which can often require more than one round of antibiotics to completely clear up. That, your anxiety and "coffin shopping" on the net is at the root of your problem. You do NOT need to worry and you do NOT need to test.
Avatar n tn disappeared in 5 days 7- one pimple on my neck (red one) disappeared in 4 days Now IN November 3 I felt a pain in the left side of my back throat and took a medicine then the pain disappeared 16-November. by the way I used to smoked for 5 years but stopped in october 1. also I have problems in my nose that I breath from my mouth. Please help me and tell me if that Hiv and why do I have this chronic sore throat????
Avatar f tn But what about the symptoms.. my Joint pain in the legs & also near the groin area.. also I have throat pain for past 4 months.. can this all be the symptoms?
Avatar n tn Return to your original thread and reread the replies that you have been given.