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1373434 tn?1284820769 I suffer from anxiety and as part of that I am constantly paranoid I'm going to get throat infections. Though a few years of inspection, I've learned I can force a lot of my throat out to be displayed. I can see behind my tonsils, and It looks purple. There are also white patches and I get a lot of lumps on my tonsils. I went to the doctors and the doctor told me I had normal tonsils for a 23 year old, but I disagree. Does anyone else inspect their throat? What can they see?
Avatar f tn hi...i have throat pain last 1 year.sometime its better but most of times its worse.doctors say all things r ok in ur throat.n gave me some antibiotics....but my problem is still.i cant take yogurts,juices,pickels,tomatoes...n lots of things.with this throat pain i have a patient of depression.i always think about this..sometimes i think its a cancer in my throat.when i eat its normal.what i do/im very upset.
328799 tn?1276565732 doctor checked my glands which hurt when he pressed on them, then did a swab on my throat to check for strep. results came back negative. doctor told me to get plenty of rest, fluids and vitiman c. my throat is stilll very sore, and ive had a low fever for 3 days now. not straight though. im taking tylenol for the pain . its now tuesday and the pain in my throatis gone, and i havent had a fever for 3 days. the only thing i have now is swollen glands and there sore when i press on them.
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Avatar n tn My voice has came back but for a month i have a sore throat. No swollen glands or anything like that. Feels like a tear in my throat. Any time i talk now for any period of time it gets worse.
510649 tn?1211041593 I have had now for almost a week, sore throat pain. It's only on the right side and when I swallow it feels like there is an abrasion or cut there. When I feel around with my fingers on my neck, my glands on that side are tender. What is this? Should I be worried? What can I do for some relief? The other side is nothing, I don't feel bad/besides allergy stuff. It's only when I swallow.
Avatar f tn It has now been a month that my neck glands and my throat glands have been swollen steady. It is not sore, the only pain I feel is when they start to grow bigger, when ever i'm chewing and swallowing it will feel like a pinch sometimes, but not always. I went to my doctor early this week, but he's not sure whether to put my on antibotics for 2 weeks or not because he thinks it could either make it better or make me feel worse.
Avatar f tn They found a nodule in the back of his nasal cavity by where his adenoids are. Also, he has swollen glands in the front of his neck which is why he has pain in his collarbone. His Thyroid tests came back normal and he is really worried about cancer. Please give advice if possible....
Avatar m tn I am feeling sever pain on my glands for a month. My GP never find any problem in my throat while she put a torch light through my throat. I have given blood for several time and according tot he doctors it absolutely alright. However, time to time I feel flame coming out of throat. I cant speak, I cant sleep. Dont know what to do? Feeling helpless than ever.
Avatar n tn Started out 15 days ago with a sore throat, vertigo, off and on with plugged nose every day and pressure in the ears, itching in ears. Yesterday the back of my tongue became very sore to the touch. Eyes watered to swallow it hurt so bad (glands not swollen). Didn't sleep last night from pain. Went to clinic as walk in and they did strep test, WBC, listened to my breathing and looked at my throat and ears.
Avatar n tn s symptoms begin with sore throat (which can be mild), fever, headache, abdominal pain, and swollen glands in the neck. After 1-2 days of these symptoms, the child develops a rash on the body that is red and has a sandpaper texture. After 7-14 days, the rash sloughs off. Oral antibiotics are needed in this case to prevent the complication of rheumatic fever. Other possibilities are measles,chicken pox,Kawasaki disease,roseaola , rubella,rocky mountain spotted fever and fifth disease.
Avatar n tn she noticed my throat had alot of swollen glands, and is checking me for a palpable mass. what exactly is that, and should I be concerned? I also have swollen glands in my left armpit..........
Avatar n tn Over the course of the day my symptoms worsened, I had a severly sore throat, swollen glands, headache, all of my joints ached but mot my muscles and had no fever. The next day I saw my family doctor. He tested for strep, (test was negative). He said my lungs sounded good, no sinus problems and blood pressure was fine. Said he had no idea what it was. I was instructed to take Ibuprofen and chloriseptic spray for thoat to help with pain.
Avatar f tn Started having swollen glands and a sore throat 3 days ago then that night the most all over body pain i have ever had. Pain seemed worse of course neck and throat area but also my lower back and going around to my side. When the fever & pain got to much I went to the acute care center they swabbed my throat which i tested postive for strep but they also did a urine test which Ii tested negative for but they did say they found blood in my urine which would its dark color.
Avatar f tn I have no fever and over all feel normal except for the pain in my throat and glands. This pain is SEVERE. Sometimes it feels like it is my throat muscles and not the throat. It does not hurt at all to drink or eat anything. But the movement itself from talking or trying to use mouthwash feels like my throat muscles are fatigued. Please help me!
Avatar f tn It could most probably be tonsillitis and a throat infection. Throat pain, difficulty swallowing, fever, scratchiness in the throat, post nasal drip, malaise and loss of appetite are symptoms of tonsillitis. It can be caused by bacteria like streptococcus or it could be a viral infection. Bacterial infections need antibiotics. Infections in the throat cause lymph node enlargement. As, it is subsiding with the infection, it is the most likely cause.
Avatar n tn I have a friend who as had treatment for throat cancer and now his face as swollen, he was told he does not have any glands and this is the reason, he his in considerable pain, can anyone advise. This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Undiagnosed-Symptoms/facial-swelling-after-throat-cancer-surgery/show/492532">facial swelling after throat cancer surgery</a>.
Avatar f tn She told me that my glands are swallen on both side of my neck. Because I had sore throat as well, she tested for strip throat, but it was negative. She prescribed me with the anti-biotics to see if it helps. After I finished taking medicine, my sore throat went away, but I still felt something on my throat. When I went back to see her again, she told me that the glands are still swallen on both sides (right side was swallen more) and she was concerned about it.
Avatar f tn I was told that the nose,ear and throat doctor would probably do that on Monday. If these glands were not painful I would just be ok but there is pain and pressure. Please any advice would help.
1218041 tn?1310337812 ve been having problems swallowing anything, when i swallow it feels like i have a ball stuck in my throat and it hurts all the way down to my chest. The pain is very distracting, it makes me not want to eat. Any idea what i might be?
Avatar n tn everytime i swallow its like needles in my ear and throat. what can i do to reduce the swelling and get rid of the pain. i m currently taking antibiotics. but its been 5 days and the pain does not subside.
Avatar f tn iam having irritable bowel syndrome some hemorrhoidal pain and the thing which makes me really worried is the accumulation of white pus in throat which came of by brushing i simply dont know what should i do? please help me This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/STDs/Confirmed-Swollen-Glands-and-HIV/show/247439">Confirmed Swollen Glands and HIV</a>.
Avatar n tn i have had a sore throat and sharp pain in my throat for over a month now. this morning i woke up and glands under my neck were huge and very painfull. both sides were enlarged and if u press on them it makes my jaw hurt. do u know what this is?
Avatar f tn Hi... I have what feels like a "chronic" sore throat and inflammation of the tonsils and glands on my neck are often inflamed. My tonsils are so large they're classified as "4" on the tonsil grading scale as they touch eachother. It makes it difficult to swallow and to breathe. Along with this, I also have a stuffy nose and am unable to breathe through the nose. The glands on my neck are very swollen and large, to the point that they are visible in size.
Avatar m tn i had a throat infection several months ago now and i got antibiotics and it cleared up but one gland on my throat stays swollen and often swells up during the day can anyone tell me if this is normal or if i should got to the doctors to get it checked?