Throat pain from coughing

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Avatar m tn It’s unlikely that coughing or gagging can cause a tear in the throat. The pain could be due to the constant coughing causing an inflamed throat. Also, the cause for the constant coughing like a throat infection or a post nasal drip can also cause an inflamed throat and pain. To find a cure you need to consult your primary care physician for proper assessment. In the meantime for relief from your symptoms you could do warm salt gargles and take OTC antihistamines.
Avatar f tn ok some how im frigile in getting sick well Idk if its strep throat but I got really sick again i had alot of cough and congestion I already got two shots today but i been haveing this weird pain in my throat its like not an ordnary red sore throat it just hurts idk if its cause i coughed to hard that made it hurt because at times i tasted blood idk what it is but it hurts and feels weird when i sawllow mostly only when i drink water need help i camt really explain this pain :(
Avatar f tn But then you have to wonder if your throat is sore due to your coughing? There are other medications just as effective for you to take during this time. Contact your doctor, and go from there. Take care!
Avatar f tn I gave my boyfriend a rim job and a day after that i developed sore throat that causes me pain in the throat n makes it difficult to swallow. I having been coughing out thick suff but this night i coughed out a mixture of cough n greenlike/dusty muccus. Am worried because i don't know what i got. Can anyone tell me if they got any idea of what this could be?
Avatar m tn A comprehensive investigation including CBC, throat swab, allergic tests, X-rays, examination with a scope in throat, spirometry etc is required keeping all the points in mind. A throat swab and the phlegm should be given for culture and sensitivity to see what organism is causing the cough and what antibiotic may act against it. If it is viral or allergic then no culture will be formed. If it is due to air conditioning, you will have to use a humidifier.
Avatar n tn Blood with coughing can have nose, throat, stomach or lung sources. The range of causes is wide including the lining of the nose being dry to ulcers to tumors. Although your symptoms are infrequent and minimal, you should get examined by an ent doctor. Good luck.
Avatar f tn I am a 45 year old female with Fibromyalgia (I have had this about 10 years). I have had throat pain for around 13 years. It started as a slight tickle, then progressed to a frequent "throat clearing". I now have a very sensitive gag reflex so that I have trouble eating sometimes. If food touches my throat, I can begin to cough; this can either lead to more coughing or vomiting. If I have a coughing fit, it causes my head to hurt around the temple area.
Avatar n tn Alright, my mom is being really mean and won't take me to the doctor.. where's whats up. My throat is sore and feels always like something is stuck, even when I drink things. For a few days I've been back and forth from being really freezing cold, to sweating hott. I've been going back and forth from eatting alot to very little. And I've been coughing a lot and after coughing my voice sounds very raspy even when I clear my throat. What's wrong now..?
Avatar m tn Suddenly a week ago, within the span of 30mins, my throat went from normal to PAINFUL. Ive never had a sore throat like this before. Theres no white spots. I wanted to sleep all the time, and then got cold lit symtoms. My thoat still hurts very badly. Now, when I swallow water it hurts too. I dont know if I had a fever or not, at times it felt liek it but Ive been keeping a steady suppy of painkillers in me. Ive been coughing up blood with my mucus.
Avatar f tn In the last couple of weeks I have noticed an increase in coughing in which I'm trying to clear my throat...It feels like I have a lot of sinus drainage and it feels like sometimes it's laying in my throat and I'm clearing my throat to get it out. Now when I cough, I get into a "Hard Coughing" spell and when I reach up and feel my throat when I'm coughing, I feel some scraping or popping in the area of throat around the Adams Apple.
Avatar f tn (night sweats and extreme drowsiness ended before I went to the Doc) On October 16th I went to the Doctors and he prescribed me with some antibiotics (5 days worth) (today) October 21st my throat still hurts (might sound funny but for awhile the pain shifts from just being on the right hand side to the left hand side of my throat otherwise the pain is just all across), am coughing the same, phlegm still coming up and my neck hurts when pushing my fingers over it.
Avatar n tn I have this throat tickle and coughing for about 2 years now and cant get rid of it .What the heck is it please ?dry cough and if I cough deep enough the tickle stops for awhile .until the next one comes along help!!
Avatar f tn Maybe strep throat, try warm salt water rinses, if it doesnt improve go to dr.
Avatar m tn Anytime there is chest pain present it can be alarming due to the possibility of cardiac problems. But, in your case, I would lean toward respiratory or gastro-intestinal issues. The persistent cough, along with the possible presence of lingering congestion, could be causing your upper airways and throat to be inflamed and sore. Also, there could be a possibility of a hiatal hernia. Frequent or hard coughing is a risk factor. I hope that you will consider seeing a physician. Good luck.
Avatar m tn m just concern because I still have sore throat (does not bother me), no coughing, no fever, no rash but a little fatigue....I wonder what it is? Could it be mono or any other std?
Avatar n tn For a few days i've been coughing a little more than normal, it goes and comes some times mucus comes out but its Always clear . today when i cough my throat was hurt its not that painful or sore but i try to avoid coughing, it has that feeling like " something stuck in my throat" kind of feeling . i don't know if its because i was coughing alot more that i hurt my vocal cords . do you think there is anything i can take to make it feel better and stop the coughing ?
Avatar f tn A few hours later grabbed a gatorade and when I swallowed i felt a sharp pain on the left side of my throat. Thought it was weird so I tried again. Same sharp/tightening pain only on the left side. I thought maybe I had something in my throat and didn't realize it so I coughed a few times(felt nothing), brushed my teeth, gargled some water, drank some water and am about to have some tea with honey. But every time I swallow it hurts.
Avatar f tn I have pain in my throat, some coughing, at times have had very loud ringing in the ears, a sense of fullness in ears also. Regular MD said ear canal looks okay. What could this be? The pain is below the ears and into the throat area.
Avatar f tn I am producing a lot of saliva but I spit it out because it hurts to swallow. I am also coughing up mucous. The pain is located lower in the back of my throat, in my neck area. It looks red and splotchy. This is my third week of throat related illness. The first week I lost my voice but had no other symptoms. Last week I had a terrible cough and was coughing up solid, green phlegm. And now this week I have the symptoms above. What is going on with me??? What can I do to get better?
Avatar f tn 5 years ago, I had sinus surgery to unblock sinisuses on one side and remove polyps. Since then, I have had chronic post nasal drip and coughing from it. I have constant drainage and ear problems and sore throat. I have tried, the nasal steroid sprays, nasal washes, and nothing really stops it. I'm never sure when the uncontrollable cough from the tickle from the post nasal drip is going to hit me.
Avatar m tn Used the cpap for 2 nights and a nap now...tonight I had a tickle in my throat and a cough,dry, that wouldn't go away. At first I was worried it's a cold starting which I don't want as I have surgery next week. but it went away after a while. I am thinking of turning up the humidity from a level 2 to a level 3. but am worried about too much humidity in the hose. oh well...
Avatar m tn The common causes of blood in cough are bronchitis, irritation of the throat from violent coughing, blood clot in lungs, tuberculosis of lungs, vasculitis etc.Though you do not have any symptoms like coughing or shortness of breath you should see your doctor and get evaluated. A clinical examination and tests like sputum culture and smear, blood counts may be necessary. Further tests will depend on the test results. Treatment will be specific based on the cause. I hope it helps.
Avatar n tn The cough is not a tickle in the throat but the need to expell the fluid. I have had a CAT scan, lung exrays, TB, stess test all results were good.Because of the cough my chest hurts (also had an EKG because of the pain. It seems that my cough may be several hours apart and each time clear sticky flud comes up. One day last week my wife took me to ER because difficulty in breathing because of excessive amount of the fluid. My lungs do not rattle until they are full .