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Avatar m tn As soon as I start exercising, walking, raking leaves etc. I get this sensation in my throat and upper chest. It's not like a pain , it's more like a strained feeling or burning. (it literally occurs within one or two minutes of starting a task)If I continue to walk or exercise it seems to go away after a short while.. Anything to worry about?
Avatar n tn When I mow the lawn or really exercise or walk up a lot of steps I get this pain and tightness in my throat which feels like I have a fish bone stuck in my throat. What could this be.
Avatar f tn hello for the past week i have pain in the back of the throat (not the tonsil area) which extends to the windpipe and chest slightly to the right. i dont have a cough or mucus or anything else. it does not get better or worse with exercise. i have no trouble swallowing(trust me!!) its there most of the time except nightime(i sleep fine) . i don't think it's reflux cause i don't have bad taste in mouth or anything.
Avatar m tn The best way to describe it would be that there is a dull pain in the center of my chest, and in my throat it is cold and feels like something small is in my throat, a lump in my throat. I can breathe normally, there is no loss of air or lung capacity, just a lump in the throat. The pain in the chest is dull, and it is noticable that my heart is beating. All of this lasts only about 10 or 15 seconds, and then the pain and discomfort goes away completely.
Avatar n tn ____________ Dear Steph, If you increasse your intrabdominal pressure during exercising, it is possible to induce acid reflux and its myriad symptoms including heartburn, chest pain and sore throat. I suggest that you try an over-the-counter [email protected] receptor amtagonist before your next exercise session to see if this treatment eliminates the problem. This information is presented for educationalpurposes. Always consult your personal pjysician for specific medical questions. HFHSM.D.
Avatar n tn I had oral sex with a man over about a month ago. He wore a condom. It was the first time that I had a homosexual experience. While he was very gentle his penis did reach way back in my throat. Afterwards, he put his penis in my butt. About 3-5 days after this encounter I experienced severe pain in the lower to middle region of my throat. Then everytime I exercise the pain gets worse. I've been to the doctor and don't have strep throat. Can anyone tell me what is wrong with me.
Avatar n tn After I do any prolonged exercise I get this bad burning in my chest, a cold sweat, shivering, lots of coughing, a little wheezing when I breath out sometimes, and terrible pain in my arms. This lasts anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours. If I cough a lot it seems to help some. After the pain goes away I get this cold feeling in the back of my throat and often a headache. Also I've noticed I get the burning chest pain sometimes even if I don't exercise but it's not as bad.
Avatar f tn for the last two weeks ihave had this funny sensation like a flutteringjust below my chest and in my throat which is constantly there in my throat if i bend down then get up it seems to be worse it is quite scary i also have intermittent pain in my arms and back i dont smoke or drink and get regular daily exercise i am 53 and the only medication i take is a hormone patch that i have applied for 13 yrs i dont want to waste my doctors time if it is quite a common thing i have not been to the doc
Avatar n tn If the pain is aggravated with work or exercise then it could be due to cardiac pain. Cardiac pain or chest pain can be felt as a tightness and worsens with activity or exercise. This could be more relevant if you are a smoker, are overweight, have a positive family history, are a diabetic and have hypertension. But when in doubt always best to have it checked. So please consult your primary care physician who may ask for an EKG or a treadmill test to rule out a cardiac cause for the pain.
Avatar f tn Again in cardiac disorders the heart is unable to pump the blood adequately, more so when subjected to stress like exercise. The calf pain and altered sensation in the feet could also be due to decreased oxygenation. Certain systemic disorders like anemia, diabetes, vitamin deficiencies and thyroid disorders can cause these symptoms. So, if your symptoms are troublesome consult your doctor for an evaluation. Regards.
Avatar m tn I have been having very bad chest pain which sometimes goes up to the throat and sometimes starts from the throat and down to the chest. I had an endoscopy all was clear so that rules out heartburn and Gerd. I also had a cardiac cathertarization as my stress test showed i had ischemia that was all clear too. Now my doctor has given me medicine for esophageal spasms and that's not working . this is really making tired and fed up sometimes the pain wakes me up at night.
Avatar m tn My problem is that I experience chest pain/throat tightness (not burning) that is sometimes accompanied by belching after exercising (playing hockey or even just washing my car). It is usually accompanied by fatigued. It started about 6 mos ago to varying degrees of discomfort. About 3 weeks ago, it was so uncomfortable that I went to the ER. I was admitted, given an ekg, and stress ultrasound (took a total of 15min, got my HR to 197bpm). Results came back negative.
Avatar f tn My problem is when I try do any exercise mostly walking I start to get a burning pain at the top of my lungs to the bottom of my throat which is so painful I have to stop, the pain stops almost immediately but starts again just as quick. this is stopping me wanting to exercise at all lately.
Avatar f tn I’m 17 years old and for at least 5 months I’ve been having shortness of breath. Last month I noticed pain/swelling on the right side of my throat (external) and it kind of went away but recently returned along with difficulties breathing while lying down (especially at night) and any type of exercise. I’ve also had a cough for about 2-3 months that has also worsened and is very mucus-y after I eat. I’m not sure what to do.
Avatar m tn Then next morning i got pain in my left side of throat just bellow the end point of tongue then it spread towards right side and center of throat. I felt that some thing like hair or any yarn is inside my throat. I did not take any medicine only doing hot saltwater therapy. I got recovery but no 100%. still pain and irritation is there in left side throat. I felt same in my left ear and bellow the ear.It has been 1 week passed then what to do please suggest.
Avatar n tn It is impossible to tell based on the information provided if the throat pain is due to heart disease. It certainly sounds like you have a lot of things going that can be causing you suffering (insomnia, stress, etc). I suggest continued close consultation with your primary physician to see if further testing (e.g. exercise stress test) would be warranted.
Avatar f tn I continue to have pain inside my throat, ranging from spikey pain to scratchy pain to itchy inflammatory feeling inside and outside my throat. Additionally, my chest, hip, and left knee have began to ache. The chest is particularly painful, in both the front side and the back.
Avatar m tn Does anyone else get epigastric pain with exercise, and shortness of breath due to GERD? My physician and I have exhausted all other options, so it seems my exercise intolerance is due to my GERD. I have had a PH study which came back pretty nasty, and the GI doc recommended a Nissen, and now my personal doc is as well. However, I want to be completely sure GERD is causing these problems before I go down this road. Any advice?
Avatar f tn hello, I have a question on the problem of having an ear pain on my left side and a swelling on my left lower side of the brain. It first started with an ear itch and then a throat pain...then to a pain in the left ear resembling in a swelling in the lower part of the left brain. What is it? I'm a healthy person ..I don't smoke, don't drink, and I exercise. I need some suggestion. I know it should not be a throat cancer.
Avatar f tn My doctor does not have any real answers for me at this point. Said that if I exercise do it gradually. Exercise is not the issue here! I can feel like this just sitting on the couch! Has anyone had any experience with this? My other thought is maybe heartburn but I have tried Neproxin and it doesn't seem to help and don't have the burning feeling coming up to my throat. I am totally exhausted and just want to feel better.
Avatar n tn I have severe throat pain on left side mainly underneath jaw and at bottom of throat. Seems to be set off by acidic foods, or swallowing bulky rough items. I have never had a sore throat like this before -- I have no other symptoms no cold, no runny nose, no cough etc. It has not gotten any better after a kind of 2 day onset 6 days ago. Yawning really hurts severely.
Avatar n tn It continues to hurt for awhile after too. I find I constantly have a faint sore throat and exercise makes it worse. I have been to doctors, they have given me tablets for stomach acids which hasnt worked diagnosed me with asthma, and gave me inhalers which has helped my tight chest but not the sore throats, they have also put a camera down my throat but haven't found anything.
Avatar n tn I get a pain that I can only describe as a scraping sensation that travels from my throat down the centre of my chest.
Avatar m tn I completely understand you. I with anxiety, suffer from a constant tight throat... (i shouldnt say constant, b/c today I'm having a great day, and no tightness) But besides today, the past month or so I've been having a constant tight throat/throat spasms... and sensitive gag reflex b/c of this... When I excersise it's worse... but I KNOW deep down... no matter how bad it feels... excersise is GOOD for me... and will HELP me.