Throat pain difficulty swallowing

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Avatar n tn Last, while an episode is occurring, the pain seems to feel like a burp or something stuck in the throat. Trying to encourage a burp to release some of the pressure/pain can cause the swallowing reflex, intensifying the episode with more pain and gagging. During these episodes, I can not burp in the normal manner. It is as if what ever is going on in my throat also affects the proper functioning of a burp.
678297 tn?1226546462 I had a sore throat for a couple months and a feeling of a lump in my throat with difficulty swallowing. Turned out to be acid reflux. Not sure if that's what you have, but thought I'd mention.
Avatar f tn And after 3 years that went away and then I started to get this heat sensation in my throat when ever I exhaled that went away after a month or two and then the swallowing problems started. I just wanted know if all these things could be connected and if it is it serious?
Avatar m tn Have difficulty swallowing solids and sometimes liquids. Food seems to get stuck in throat. Water usually helps, yet sometimes does'nt, resulting in coughing and choking. Friend said he had similliar problem and endoscopy found growth (ring of tissue) in throat. He does'nt know what it was called, but Doctor performed procedure to break the tissue, allowing food to pass more freely. What could this be and what would the procedure be to address this issue?
Avatar n tn My dog seems to have a lot of difficulty swallowing when he eats or drinks and he ends up hacking and coughing most of it up on the floor. He also coughs up a lot of phlegm when he gets up in the morning and he purse-lip breaths. He also has a bad mouth odor. I had his teeth cleaned about 8 months ago, but this is a different odor.
Avatar n tn I have been having difficulty swallowing for a few months (food particles sticking in throat regularly) and having to swallow several times to get them down. I also have thick throat mucus. My maternal grandfather died of ALS but all 4 of his children are in their 60's and have no symptoms yet. I feel like I trip on my right foot more often than the average person. I am concerned about the source of my swallowing problems!!
Avatar f tn I am having extreme difficulty swallowing. Today is Wednesday morning and my third day with these symptoms. I feel slightly feverish, tired, head achy and body achy. I have swollen glands in my neck and throat. I am producing a lot of saliva but I spit it out because it hurts to swallow. I am also coughing up mucous. The pain is located lower in the back of my throat, in my neck area. It looks red and splotchy. This is my third week of throat related illness.
Avatar n tn ve noticed that I am having difficulty swallowing at times and food sticks in my throat. I wake up in the morning with my throat being really, really dry. It doesn't seem to be difficulty swallowing because of a mechanical thing like a lump or something, at least I don't think so, but it does seem perhaps that I'm having trouble swallowing because my throat is so dry. They tested me a yr ago for Sjogren's antibodies which were negative.
Avatar n tn is difficulty in swallowing a symptom of HIV?? because i am experiencing it right now, even yesterday,,,i feel like i have a lot of saliva that is produced just above the is kinda sleepy but make me really diffcult to swallow in..what happen?? i'm scared,,i know i had the test but it's weird,,,please help me out...thanks....
Avatar n tn He said the cpap machine should help as I wont have any snoring vibration in the throat tissues. After three month it hasnt helped my throat. This is a new symptom, trying to swallow and it just doesnt happen, then having to make an effort to swallow then it works. It happens out of no where doing normal things, when Im feeling good but then suddenly I turn to a mess, globus&anxiety starts. Is the new symptom possible to do with a swallowing muscle?
Avatar n tn Painful swallowing is called odynophagia. Difficulty in swallowing is dysphagia. Reflux (GERD) is a common cause. Lump in the throat and extra production of phlegm are other common symptoms of GERD. Your ENT should be well equipped to identify it. Is the pain excruciating, like a charley horse? If so, it sounds like cricopharyngeal spasms. If not, count your blessings.
Avatar m tn Have difficulty when swallowing solids and occasionally liquids. Food seems to get stuck, liquid usually helps, yet sometimes does'nt and can cause coughing and choking. Friend said he had similiar symptoms and had a growth in his throat (ring of tissue) discovered through endoscopy. He does'nt know what it was called, but said his Doctor performed some sort of procedure to break the growth, allowing food to pass more freely.
Avatar m tn I have GERD and have developed difficulty swallowing and do not know what to do about it. I am taking a medicine that is suppose to coat the stomach so that the acids do not come back up into my throat and burn it... But I am still having problems swallowing anything... If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated....
Avatar n tn It is not unusual for an infected throat to be accompanied by pain with swallowing but actual “difficulty swallowing” is uncommon, especially if it is accompanied by choking and/or cough when swallowing liquids or solid food. It would be uncommon for throat cancer to have what sounds like a sudden onset; the rapid onset more consistent with infection, including concern about the possibility of infection of the epiglottis.
Avatar n tn Difficulty swallowing can be due to food sticking (called dysphagia) and pain with swallowing ( called odynophagia). You do not provide details regarding your age and concomitant illnesses, information that may facilitate the workup of your problem. Sometimes people will complain of difficulty swallowing if there is a sore tongue, ill-fitting dentures, oral infection or reduced production of saliva. Your need to drink liquids raises the possibility of low saliva secretion.
Avatar n tn I am 21 years of age, non-smoker, non-drinker and athletic. I feel like i am having difficulty swallowing, but i have no problems at all downing any food or drink i want. I cannot stop thinking about throat cancer... though almost 20 hrs ago i had no premonition of any physical swallowing difficulty: this seems irrational even to me. I have been diagnosed with 'general anxiety' which i have heard can sometimes give one difficulty swallowing. Should i consult a doctor anyway?