Throat pain comes and goes

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Avatar n tn i have pain that comes and goes, but not all the time. its a sharp pain its by my left breast, its under my breast. i went to the doctors many of times, i have all kinds of test done . and i have really bad anxiety.some times i cant sleep i just sit in bed thinking, about it.when i get them i feel fine. so what could it be may be gas some times i really worry.
Avatar n tn It is still here, but mostly in the mornings, later in the day it seems to go away, and the next morning I have a sore throat and cough again. I knew someone who had cystic fibrosis and I know the symptoms are digestive problems and respiratory problems. With this disease, does the cough come and go, or does it stay and get worse. Do my symptoms sound like it could be this, or am I jumping the gun here.
Avatar n tn Ive had radiographies and echographies of my kidneys and bladder 2 days ago and nothing shows up tho I do seem to have some slight back pain but the doctor says it seems to be just stress or muscular. Ive noticed the urethritis comes after a few days of relief and then it goes away for a couple of days. What could it be?
Avatar f tn s been numbness that comes and goes in the upper and lower area on the side of the extraction and the gum area where he deep cleaned. I almost feel he may have hit nerves.
Avatar m tn I also have bad sinuses and a recent sinus surgery. So it could be post-nasal drip but the throat thing comes and goes at weird times. He says it could also be silent reflux. But why would it start now? It doesn't seem to appear after certain foods. Cough drops can help the problem for a little bit. Also, I feel that it gets a little better after eating. Drinking hot tea can help as well.
Avatar m tn Sometimes it is uncomfortable and i try to move around and make it stop. Usually there is nothing I can do it comes and goes on its own. Everything online doesn't help because I can't pinpoint what is wrong or what the pain exactly feels like. Its like something is expanding or contracting in the middle of my chest and pushing against everything then releases. I don't think I am experiencing any other symptoms.
Avatar n tn They usually last for 5 to ten minutes and then go away. But meanwhile he gets really hyper and acelerated, and his heart rate goes up. What is it???!!! He has been having this for about a month or so.
Avatar m tn I still have pain in left arm and in my mouth were this tooth was. It is mild and still comes and goes. What is this, What should I do, Who should I see?????
Avatar f tn I have had pain in my lower back tail bone area its there all the time but;The intense pain comes and goes. I had back surgery, but now I'm thinking the pain might becoming from my uterus I do have burning in this area. I dont have a uti infection. I was recently checked for a kidney stone, but it showed nothing. Alot of my symptoms are like endrometriosis but wouldn't an ultrasound or cat scan have showed this? Could I have a hidden kidney stone?
1111160 tn?1258471532 So i have been having odd pains in boths my arms for over 6 months now its goes and comes. I dont know its hurts more between my elbow and wrist its feels like the pain is pulsating and its radiates up to my shoulders its really scary. Does anyone know what it could be? I have notice that i always bend my wrist when i sleep and i have to sleep and on my hands sounds crazy but i can fall asleep if im in not laying my head on my hand and pillow? Coud it be that?
Avatar m tn I do it so often that my mouth and throat become so dry. I feel that eating and drinking worsen my breathing problems so I don't eat or drink as often as I should and I lost 40 lbs. in about 2 months because of it. I feel as if my breathing tubes tighten but would that cause my chest to feel tight? What can I do? This has completely knocked me down. I stopped working and going to school. Please help This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.
Avatar m tn I am a 29 year wife and mother of one. I go through bouts of joint pain & stiffness and have since I was young. It all started with wrist pain & weakness when I was in my early 20's. I have always been pretty strong, but when I have this wrist stiffness and pain it is like an inflammation and I just lose all strength in my wrist. I cannot do things like open up jars or pop bottle that other people open easily. This still happens.
Avatar f tn ve never really had headaches untill recently the headache is like a quick flash of pain on the left side of my head and as fast as it comes its gone and it happens again a few minutes later. Any idea what it could be?
Avatar n tn Has anyone else ever experienced pain that comes and goes after exercise that sometimes only lasts a few minutes and then disappears until the next time (sometimes it can be 20 minutes later if she is overly active). This goes on until it gets worse and then she starts getting them longer and longer and then eventually a cardiac episode occurs. It has in the past anyway. Anyone else have this few minute experience? Or is it time to change drs?
Avatar n tn cough tightness in chest a rash that comes and goes itchy throat frequent sneezing? does anyone have any idea what this could be?
Avatar f tn I know symptoms can come and go but this early? They are still swollen and I have noticed a few new veins here and there. Should the pain be constant or is it normal for symptoms to ebb and flow this early on? Thank you for your time!
Avatar f tn for the passed year i have had the same symptoms, i was diagnosed with lpr, which is simular to gerd but the acid reflux irratates the throat , makes it sore and can also cause asthma like symptoms.
Avatar n tn Posted by Susan on May 11, 1999 at 10:17:43 Hi...I recently had a little accident where when I sat down on a couch, I slight hit the back of my head, my left eye started going in circles. I went to a hospital two days later because my vision became blurry, they did a CT scan which was negative. The doctor then did neurological testing and said I should have further evalutation for MS (my legs seemed stiff and he asked if I ever had problems.
Avatar m tn A very small lump at the bottom of the testicle which comes and goes as it pleases! Sometimes I can feel a lesser lump in my other testicle in the same area. Obviously you need to check with your doctor however my findings were as follows: The lump was not cancerous and it was not actually on the testicle (which is where the cancer would be). The ultrasound did not show anything untoward or any veins which may have expanded.