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Avatar n tn I feel that your friend should consult an ENT specialist soon as pain in the throat on breathing is not normal.It is mostly pathological. Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep us posted on how your friend is doing.
Avatar m tn I am able to breathe normally, but once in a while i have to make an effort to breathe/take in air. I also have some throat irritation, cough but no pain as of now in the throat. Why is there an occasional difficulty in breathing.
Avatar n tn I have been having chest pains, side pains, sore throat, and pain in my stomach for the last month or so. What could this be. I thought it was acid reflux.
648727 tn?1223825200 I am going to have a triple bypass in 4 days. I have come to grips with post pain. The thought of waking up with a tube down my throat really makes me uneasy. How bad is it???
6820152 tn?1385089722 Strep sore throat needs to be treated with an antibiotic as strep is a bacteria. Viral sore throat is best treated with rest, warm oral fluids and (OTC) tylenol (acetaminophen) or ibuprofen for pain. If you develop a fever, or if there is enlargement of the tonsils with pain or if there is white coating on the tonsils, you will need to consult your primary care physician for a strep test, which if positive you will be given antibiotics. You will also need adjustment of inhaler dosages.
Avatar n tn Started out 15 days ago with a sore throat, vertigo, off and on with plugged nose every day and pressure in the ears, itching in ears. Yesterday the back of my tongue became very sore to the touch. Eyes watered to swallow it hurt so bad (glands not swollen). Didn't sleep last night from pain. Went to clinic as walk in and they did strep test, WBC, listened to my breathing and looked at my throat and ears.
Avatar f tn Literally, seconds later I felt like something was stuck in my throat. Like a crumb of something or like something was poking me in my throat. I can't stop coughing or gagging (coming close to throwing up even) til this moment. When my mouth is closed it is easier to breathe, but it still hurts. When I talk is when the coughing and gagging starts. I can't eat or talk without pain. I do smoke marijuana from time to time but never experienced this and haven't smoked in about a week.
Avatar f tn Three weeks ago work up with severe sore throat w/stiff and sore back of head and headache with ear hurting, some coughing, given step test, a NP at clinic prescribed cough medicine sent home. Two days later was to see NP at walk in was given antibiotic that would fight step, shot, codiene with spectrum. Two days later worse coughing. Went back to walk in and saw different NP given breathing treatment, different antibiotic, told to continue codiene, prescribed 5mg prednisone pack.
Avatar f tn Does GERD cause throat pain? I will just get this dull aching pain feeling in the bottom of my throat. I don't think it is from eating though. I usually get it when I am stressed or excited about something or I've noticed when I get really angry and arguing about something. Is this normal? It really concerns me because it makes me feel like it's something else since it only happens from emotions and stress and not eating.
Avatar m tn sore tongue,patchy tongue,rashed tongue and ulcers in throat,throat pain,she also has tmj general practitioner has given her supplements for folic acid..what to do in such a case now?
Avatar n tn I notice it mainly at night and when I am doing any form of exercise, even just walking. But lately I am getting the pain in my ribs all the time and breathing problems even when just sitting. I had a heart valve replacement 11 years ago and my Gall bladder removed 4 years ago. Please help!!
Avatar m tn hello: The last while i get a burning feeling in the back of my nose and top of throat ( the feeling you get when you breath in cold air) when i exercise. i never used to . I use a nasal spray. I have acid reflux. the feeling starts to go right down to my stomach sometimes. I get some pain in my chest and my breathing is laboured but surprsingly it all seems to get better towards the end of my workout, And i am doing all other tests with my doctor , lung and heart.
Avatar f tn It eventually turned into a sharp pain in the bottom of my throat, and eventually into a sore throat then went away without knowing what it was. This lasted about a month and i forgot about it. Today i noticed a sharp pain while i was breathing. It hurts my whole chest but starts in the sternum. I thought it was a continuation of pain through the knots in my back (minor scoliosis) but i noticed by the end of the day that this is exactly how that strange sore throat felt like last time!
1118349 tn?1325499936 I have lots of mucus that I cannot cough up, have to clear my throat, chest pain, EXTREME SHORTNESS OF BREATH that lasts weeks at rest, choking feeling in my throat (like my throat is closing up), however, no sore throat and no burning in back of throat etc. Can the ENT tell if you have reflux (cause my ENT said he sees reflux, does that mean he suspected it or actually saw it? How does reflux look if it's in the back of ur throat? Do PPI's cure shortness of breath?
Avatar m tn There is no pain or discomfort whatsoever, I just feel like my throat is swollen making it harder to breath in enough air. I have noticed that It is easier to breath while standing or walking and that eating cold food, such as ice cream, helps. Could it be an allergy?
Avatar n tn So maybe its the acid causing my lump in my throat and pain in my neck-agony on a bad day, but surely he would have seen something on the big camera he stuck down my throat?! My dad had throat cancer and i was convinced thats what i had got, thats the only reason i was referred to him i had to insist and when he told me voice box over stretched i did not think this was causing my pain as i say i do not shout but i prob do talk a lot but when i get the pain i can barely face talking at all.
Avatar n tn s something in my stomach like I want to stick something in it to relieve it. The pain is between my belly button and my throat. Please help me.
Avatar n tn A month ago i had sore throat with a low-graded fever, around 99F, then i had ear ache in the left ear. I was treated first with zithromax, my sore throat was gone, but i still had ear ache and hearing loss. then i was treated with amoxicilin for about a week, the earache is gone, but hearing loss is still here. at the end of the treatment, i started to feel nausea for about five days, and during the time i had trouble breathing, and felt my heartbeat increased occasionally.
Avatar n tn difficulty breathing, coughing, and sore throat. I play baseball and lift heavy objects sometimes, but not often. Can a pulled muscle cause all these symptoms?
Avatar f tn It is not uncommon for people to cough and sometimes have breathing difficulty when they lie down. The cause of this problem can be from either the upper airways, where this is drainage coming from the sinuses irritating the back of the throat and even the lower airways, or from the lower airways from a variety of different causes. The best thing to do is to see your physician to determine if this is from the upper or lower airways. This is relatively easy to do.
Avatar n tn feeling of tightness or heaviness in stomach or sometimes around the throat while breathing
Avatar n tn Hello, Yes,it is true that sinusitis if chronic(for more than 12 weeks) can lead to fatigue and general aches and malaise. Chronic sinusitis can cause difficulty breathing through the nose, pressure-pain in the nose, thick nasal discharge, reduced sense of smell, aching in the upper jaw or teeth, bad breath, post-nasal drip, and persistent coughing. First of all, the diagnosis of sinusitis or sinus infection has to be confirmed.
Avatar f tn I have an occasional pain along both sides of my throat, not inside like a sore throat .
Avatar n tn I have severe breathing problem and ear blockage in morning time. i have cold, ear pain and throat pain as well. i cant breath properly.