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Avatar f tn hey a week ago i had pain in my throat and next day i had sever pain in my throat and ears(while swallowing food) and mild fever. well now fever has gone and even throat pain have reduced by my ear pain persists while swallowing..can u tel me what might be the problem? and is ther a possibility of AIDS AS WELL?
Avatar n tn Flu / chest infection it sounds like.. Definately the time of year for it.. I've never heard of a nose bleed and fever being related to any heart conditions. To me, those symptoms sound a bit odd altogether and unrelated to eachother almost.. except for the throat pains and fever and chest pains.. which could all be flu-like symptoms. But i can't help you more than that.
Avatar n tn I recently had a cold, it started hurting in my ears and throat, then became a fever. soon a cough developed and the fever went away but the pain in my throat only worsened. after about 4 days, i felt better, but the cough remained. Now i feel fine but every now and then i cough and it hurts on the left side of my head, and sometimes there is a dull pain on the left side of my neck leading up into my ear. any idea what htis is, or what i can do?
Avatar f tn He was and still is experiencing a fever in the afternoon and late evning. He visited the dr. and was put on an antibiotic. Strep culture negative. after about another week he was no better. Went to the dr. again dr ordered ct scan and he was put on Z pak. ct scan showed no mass. enlarged and asymmetrical lymph nodes. recommendation was to finish antibiotic see dr. in one week repeat ct scan in 2 weeks My concern is that we may not be aggressive enough with what we are doing.
Avatar m tn even though she no longer has a fever, she still complains of the foot and knee pain. but everytime she has a fever, it will always be accompanied by knee and foot pain.. can somebody tell me what illness has she been having? thank you.
Avatar f tn Could be just what you say it is. A fever and nothing but a fever. Get some rest and see if it does away. If it doesn't go away in one or two days I would suggest seeing your doctor. My guess is that it could be a pretty bad cold that you just need a little attention for or maybe it could be the start of Mono. My mono started out as a fever for a few weeks to a month (I know! I had a fever for almost a month!
Avatar m tn as i had the initial exposure from her,that evening i had a severe pain in my testicles,sore penis and sticky penis...after week of exposure i had joint pains ,muscle pains sore throat and fever(continues till now).then after month i had hiv test came after 3 months i again had hiv tri dot test again came negative.but still now i am suffering from new problems such as throat pain ,joint and muscle pain.
Avatar m tn You do not say if you have pain. A fever is the way your body tries to heal itself. If you have arthritis pain, you will have a fever with the inflammation. There are too many diseases that cause fever to say what is happening to you. You did not give us very much information. You could also have an infection somewhere. Do you have a sore throat? A bug bite? Does your stomach hurt? Does your head hurt?
Avatar f tn So then again i wake up in the morning and i have a fever again this time it was very hard to get up i then again took my medicine and the fever went away but i still had the horrible throat pain and phlegm. But with the help of the 600mg ibuprofen my throat pain toned down a bit and i was able to finally spit out all that phlegm (sorry if thats gross to you) but then i take a look at the phlegm and i see little bits of what appears to be blood.
Avatar n tn I m having sever throat pain. Its all swollen inside. Joint pain is very minor. Can it be a rheumatic attack ? last rhematic fever showed up symptoms was 4 yrs back. When I had to do bed rest for a month. Is this sever? Or just the start?
1387175 tn?1326400997 Also, you usually should see some pus spots on the tonsils or throat. Get a flashlight and check again. If you have no other symptoms just a high fever and sore throat you may have strep throat and will have to go to a clinic to get antibiotics or pay for the office visit. Strep throat (caused by Group A Streptoccous pyogenes) and some other types of beta hemolytic streptoccous.They can do a throat culture and a rapid strep test to tell. 2.
5141429 tn?1379904822 I have horrible throat pain to where it hurts to breathe and i could throw up, but I don't wanna seem like I go to the hospital just to go... I was there yesterday over a bug bite that swelled up the side of my knee....
Avatar m tn No fever, cough, fatigue, or nasal congestion. Not a typical sore throat and no pain swallowing yet. Pain is worse when I sit at an awkward angle. What's going on?
Avatar m tn Still had phlegm in my throat but no fever, no pain, and no coughing. Week 4: Same symptoms. I went back to the doctor and he said as long as my phlegm is clear not to worry. Week 5: Went to another doctor for a second opinion. She said my throat is red and gave me some antibiotics called zithromax. Week 6: Less Phlegm but my ears started hurting and I had some pain under my jaw. Like 2 lines. Went back to the doctor and she gave me a nasal spray to reduce the phlegm in my throat.
Avatar m tn t have any symptom (open sore and) beside mild sore throat and mild fever (37.6 degree celsius). The fever is before I do the blood test. May I know how often the result can turn to positive after tested at day 42?
Avatar f tn Around 5pm I had no more fever and then I started to have neck pain,throat pain and upper arm pain. And today I have knees, hands, arms, neck, throat,everything hurts. Because of the knees I am having trouble to walk and the hands hurt so much that is hard to open and close. Is this normal after these exams? If so how long should it last?
Avatar m tn I felt fine until about September 5th where I experienced slight vaginal burning and discomfort on and off until the night of September 7th. I then developed a slight fever (99.2) and sore throat until September 9th (I also had a sore throat the same day as this encounter that could have gone away and come back). After reading online about symptoms and exposure times, I am very worried this might be herpes.
Avatar n tn My son 14 year old, is getting fever and throat pain every month for last 3 years. His doctors conducted all type of lab tests.His throat is fine, and recently referred to gastroenterologist, suspecting his acid levels. He has NO symptoms of GERD. Do you have any idea...any similar cases?? I would like to hear.
Avatar n tn my 6 year old son is complaing of sore throat and ear ache and it only hurts on the left side.
Avatar f tn The pain continues to migrate and is now is muscles and tendons as well. It remains in the wrist and hand joints, also in feet, with the rest of the pain mainly in muscles and tendons of my shoulders, knees and calves. One day my left mandibular joint was so sore I couldn't chew. Another day a molar was in pain and made eating on that side of my mouth impossible. But like most of these pains they migrate in 24 hours and new spot hurts more.
Avatar f tn It lasted 5 days along with coughing, extreme soar throat, headache, pain above eyes, and later couching up mucus and throat pain and muscle pain. I figured I maybe caught a virus from someone, and decided to not even go out of the house until I feel 100% ok. So I almost quit training, until my muscles feel usable. Yesterday I started feeling drowsy and tired, by 6 PM I already wanted to call it a day.
Avatar n tn disappeared in 5 days 7- one pimple on my neck (red one) disappeared in 4 days Now IN November 3 I felt a pain in the left side of my back throat and took a medicine then the pain disappeared 16-November. by the way I used to smoked for 5 years but stopped in october 1. also I have problems in my nose that I breath from my mouth. Please help me and tell me if that Hiv and why do I have this chronic sore throat????
Avatar f tn A few days ago I felt like I was coming down with the flu. I had a horrible fever, cold chills, back and neck ache, and a horrible sore throat. I couldn't swallow almost because it was so inflamed and painful. After a couple of days my fever and all the other symptoms went away, but the sore throat lingered. Yesterday it went away almost completely. I had just a touch of a sore throat, but it was almost gone to the point where I barely noticed.
Avatar m tn I initially got Acid Reflux followed by 100-101 Fever at the night. I have abdominal pain, fever after eating, gas for the last two days non-stop. I am not sure whether it is just indigestion or salmonella poisoning from eggs as I had kept them at room temperature for 2 weeks. Adding to that now I have soar throat and difficulty swallowing after going out in winter weather since today.
Avatar f tn I started to feel strange this morning with a sinus headache and throughout the day it's just progressed into a fever, chills and I feel extremely congested with a sore throat. I can't take tylenol because it messes up my stomach. I'm 12 weeks pregnant and seeing the doc tomorrow anyways for a check up, but don't know what to do to make the pain stop. I'm in tears, help!