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Avatar n tn Sounds like a yeast infection. See your doctor or ask your pharmacist for something to treat it.
Avatar m tn if you never had sex wit any1 do got to worry about std's and vd can vd lead up to hiv
Avatar m tn After 3 months of that contact I feared of any HIV transmission so i tested HIV Negative by Western Blot 3 months back. But i didnt test for VD or STD. Now its been 3 months after that. Now since am getting frequent diarrhea today I tested both HIV and VD...I am HIV negative but VDRL positive. Am very feared that whether the HIV test using Western blot was done properly 3 months back or not. If am VDRL positive will i be HIV positive by any missed chances of test?
Avatar n tn i've pimple like substances at my balls. is it vd?
Avatar n tn The short answer is that there are no serious worries. STDs are not commonly carried in the mouth or throat and therefore are not generally transmitted by kissing. The risk probably is no higher in the presence of oral sores or ulcers. The concept of an STD (originally "venereal diseases" or VD -- "venereal" comes from Venus, Greek goddes of love -- was developed to mean those infections that are transmitted almost exclusively by genital contact.
Avatar m tn This cured the throat ache for a short period of time. However, I am still suffering from throat inflammation yet again. My ENT surgeon performed a Fibreoptic Laryngoscopy on my nasal cavity and throat. He diagnosed it as Grade II LPRD, granular allergic pharyngitis and BITH. I have been put on medication for a month. 1.What is the chance/likelihood that this is a late herpetic pharyngitis attack?
Avatar n tn 2 exposures which i have mentioned, one on HIV & other STD forum (answered by HHH). The 1 st one was related open sore on testicle which was noticed by me post the protected sex & unprotected oral. I am at 7 week on that exposure. 2 nd exposure was related to condom slip on withdrawal which was 4 weeks ago. Both these questions were answered respectively.
2104507 tn?1333752737 hello, please I need a help I'm not that great in medical vocabulary but I will try my best to explain my situation. In my relatives they got thyroid even mom few months ago she had surgery and she got removed them all and now she has hypothyroidism, I used to take blood tests many times and my thyroid was most of the times ok or in the borders..
630047 tn?1289248521 Hope that everyone has a nice quite VD tomorrow, and that there are no flare ups. Enjoy.....And for those that will spend VD on thier computers...Always remember, never put your disk in other peoples drives without protection.
Avatar m tn watch the type of soaps you use while you have this problem,
Avatar m tn Does any VD or STD cause diarrhea? I so far involved in insertive oral sex anal sex or vaginal sex unprotected so far...Please throw some light on that...
Avatar n tn 4 years before i had homo sex ,after one year i tested for hiv and vd came negative. but for the past 1 and half year iam having irritation and pain sometimes in my penis tip and middle.
Avatar f tn I hope this is the right place to ppst this and not a waste of time but when i woke up this morning my testicle was ichy, sore, red, quite rough and looks like sunburn (there is also a small rough patch on my penis). I didnt notice what it looked like until now, after I came home from school. I searched the internet and it said that it's like an STD or VD but I'm only 13 so I don't think it's that. Some people say that it's a fungus infection from sweat or something.
Avatar m tn Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is the most common hepatopathy and is closely associated with metabolic abnormalities. Patients with advanced liver disease exhibit vitamin-D (VD) deficiency. Our aim was to assess if VD influences primary hepatic stellate cells (HSC) phenotype and function, and possibly modulates NASH-associated fibrogenesis. Methods: Primary human HSCs and the immortal HSC cell line LX2 were treated with VD2 (10-6M) for 24h.
Avatar f tn Hello Doctor, I got a itching in my inner thigh side to my penis, and its spread and oozing.. one got dried and other came on other side and watery... is it a fungus or VD? i had sex with my girl 3 weeks back.
Avatar n tn Am I still exposed to the danger of HIV infection as well as other VD? When can I go to CDC for examin? I hope you guys can advise on what to do next .
Avatar m tn dear grace i m ur regular reader i m facing this problem since from last 9 months after a protected encounter in may i fall ill in june having penile irritation after several tests doctors find its typhoid since then problem continue i went toa vd specialist for my penile irritation he tells me its a fungal infection gives me medition it subsides in a week then i feel irritation on penis with a red spot i go to vd specialist on august 28 he runs a vdrl test on me and it is non reactive then he c
Avatar n tn La ligera dilatacion de VD es de valor incierto y caracter inespecifico (se observa en personas jovenes y deportitas). y me preocupado lo de la VD y mas con el trauma que coji con lo de la muerte subita.gracias doctor que opina.
Avatar n tn my perods are normally 40 plus 2 or 3 days . married vd no kids.. had occasionaly contra ceptive pills. iam totaly from stressed fly bck ground vd a mother a mental related problems and father no more ew up alone, and self made person... labrotery test doen vd the fluid.camean result as no brest cancer signs kily let me no more in this wethr in am risk factor of brest caner, ?f so plz guid in further steps in this regards...
Avatar n tn 2 exposures which i have mentioned on this & STD forum (answered by HHH). The 1 st one was related open sore on testicle which was noticed by me post the protected sex & unprotected oral. I am at 7 week on that exposure. Second exposure was related to condom slip on withdrawal which was 4 weeks ago. Both these questions were answered respectively.
484844 tn?1253968693 t take me until July and I am getting very nervous because this does not seem normal at all. I can assure you it is NOT VD and I am not pregnant.