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Avatar n tn I am now on my 4th day of 11 days of treatment and I no longer have pain by my lymph nodes are still very swollen and I still have patches of pus in my throat. Should I finish my treatment or return to the doctor?
Avatar m tn As per my previous post I had a throat infection and couple of skin infections for which my doc prescribed week course of erythromycin, seemed to clear the throat but then within days it was back 10 times worse accompanied by singular swollen pea sized node under left armpit and neck felt glandy, doctor has put me on another week course of erythromycin, 2 days in my throat still hurts like hell and myblegs fell like ive ran a marathon, also keep getting pains in armpits and left breast area (s
Avatar f tn I have been misdiagnosed in the past 7 months for vaginosis, yeast infection, fungal infection, and Urinary Tract Infection and took all the antibiotics that were prescribed to me. It came to my attention that it might be an STD instead of a simple infection once my boyfriend started having extreme testicular pain accompanied with discharge and mild burning while urinating.
Avatar m tn My doctor did a culture of my throat and penis to determine if I have chlamydia or gonorrhea. But he decided to go ahead and treat me for the above STDs. I was given a shot of an antibiotic yesterday and put on a regiment of doxycycline. How long will it before I start to feel better. I have had relief with the feeling of swollen testicles but my throat doesnt seem to be any better at all. I'm concerned for some reason that this isnt going to respond to treatment.
Avatar n tn I also got a bad reaction to Clindamycin a feeling of big lump in throat, sore throat and severe heartburn. In spite of the fact that I drank at least 10ounces of water with each pill. My question is since I'm allergic to penicillin. What antibiotic is effective for teeth and gum infections???? Thank you.
Avatar f tn about 3 weeks ago i developed a sore throat, cough and runny and stuffy nose. the symptoms have declined. but after two weeks of treatment i still have a slightly sore throat, facial pain. In your homest opinion, given the time frame and no other symptoms. how likely do you think it is that i have HIV?
Avatar n tn At the beggining I Thought it s him because every time I would see him and had intercourse with him I would get throat infection. He says he did his blood tests and that he doesn t have no std s. Now Tomorrow I m going for blood tests myself because the doctor told me I might have soemthing viral. I never seen the papers proving that my boyfriend is clean but he said he ll show them to me. I don t like accusing left and right but honestly I am very concerned about this.
Avatar m tn I am wondering what the likelihood of having the infection in my throat or eyes as well. I do not have any symptoms in my eyes, but i have had what feels like congestion in my throat. I was treated with a shot and oral antibiotics. My question is - how does treatment differ for infections of genitals vs throat or eyes. If I am infected in my throat, do I need additional treatment? Thanks.
Avatar m tn If there is a infection, you need empirical treatment with a course of broad spectrum antibiotic against prescription. Send blood or throat swab for culture and antibiotic sensitivity. Need to do antiseptic mouth gargle to take care of source of infection. At this point of time we cannot say for sure without medical finding. For above symptoms consult ENT specialist. Take care and regards.
Avatar n tn The doctor told me it was probably strep throat and prescribed me penecillin. My throat got better. Only 12 days off of the antibiotics, and I decided to get tested for a STD as the symptoms of painful urination and an itch in my penis worsened and became much more bothersome. Now I'm wondering, could this strep throat really have been gonorrhea or another STD.
Avatar f tn Or, are you going to see the doctor for treatment? It could be positive for bacteria, or parasitic infection or blood in the stool, or even a virus. So, you need to find out what is going on. Let me know what they say.
Avatar n tn White patches are common in many throat infections. The sore throat which you had may have contributed to it. In response to the infection the body produces soft white debris which collects in the tiny indentations in the tongue and throat. Repeated salt water gargles will help. Mix one teaspoon of salt in 1 cup of warm water and gargle. If the patches increase in size or become painful then consult your doctor. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
457438 tn?1302068407 Now she is having fever (103 degree) and throat infection for last couple of days. We consult a doctor on this Monday and she found a throat infection and prescribed Amoxilin and potassium clavulanate oral suspension (3.5 ml X 8 hours interval) for 3 days.Medicine started very same day noon and still continuing. But fever is continuing and also sometimes she has been vomiting and loosmotion. We again consulted Doctor yesterday and she adviced to continue medicine for another 2 days.
Avatar n tn But still have a bit of a tight feeling thorat and have heard throat gonorrea doesnt always clear up with first treatment. I have two worries. A friend of mine stayed over on Saturady night the 28th March and we shared a rolled up cigarette. In the morning he slept in the lounge on the floor and work up with an infected eye which has got worse over the last few days.
Avatar m tn I experienced a mild case of the Jarisch - Herxheimer reaction over 36 hours after treatment. The sore throat has not yet improved, the tonsils still have white mucous patches, and the rash does not appear to be improving. I'm also still getting headaches everyday, especially at night. My question is what should I expect in terms of resolution of these other symptoms? Weeks? Months?
Avatar m tn Dear All, I am having severe cough and throat infection during treatment ( don't know if it is reatment side effects). Can I take any medicine to cure it ; I mean anti-biotics or something.. I need to know as I didn't take yet due to on-going treatment. please advise?
Avatar n tn We got married 5 years back and she is struggling with Dry Cough regulary ( avg 25 to 30 times a day) and and Throat infection intermitantly( once in 6 to 8 weeks). She have this problem more than 6 or 7 years. Cough is neither very strong nor because of cold. She will go to the doctor when the throat infection is severe and get some antibiotic as a temperory solution. She undergone test for TB (Tubarclosis) and results were negative.
Avatar m tn I have been on Bi-Pap treatment for two weeks. I have a unit with a built-in humidifier. However, I am experiencing a lot of discomfort in my throat - it feels like it is tightening. Swallowing, coughing, sneezing are all painful. Tenderness in my upper neck. What is this? Can someone please help? Thank you.
Avatar n tn She started prednisone for treatment of sarcoidosis (3 weeks after TB treatment). She has been on Prednisone, vitamin D, septrin, ramipril and vitamin (for women over 50) for 15 months. She has regained her appetite and weighs 54-55kg. However, the mucous production has increased and it sometimes, appears that she has lost her voice. She reports that the mucous can be thick and long and she has to pull or cut it with paper towel.
Avatar m tn A couple of weeks ago I realized that i was having trouble hitting higher pitches when I was talking. It also feels like theirs something in my throat. I cant sing anymore except in a lower tone without going up. I find my self running short on breath as I talk at times. Im not in pain, just curious about whats going one.