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999780 tn?1263675571 Strep throat is a bacterial infection, so what ever anti-biotics they put him on didn't work. It's not that he keeps getting a new infection, it's just that the one he has isn't going away. Azithromycin tends to be a good anti-biotic, though he may need a stronger dose as he seems to be resistant. I would wait on the surgery, personally, as I don't think it'd be worth the risk.
Avatar f tn Hi. I have a toddler(will be 2 in July) who seems to have throat infections very often. It started when he was about 7 monthsold or so. The symptoms would start when he didnt want to eat or drink very much. Then he will run a fever. Sometimes the fever will be low grade and sometimes it will be quite high 103.5 degrees. Sometimes he will have a runny nose as well but most of the time it is just the fever and lack of appetite that is present.
Avatar f tn Try giving some pedialite just make sure he is not dehydrated. As long as his fluid intake is good I wouldn't worry. My toddler son stops eating & drinking right before he gets strep throat, try asking him if his throat hurts. It's hard to get a definite answer when they are so little but watch for that.
Avatar m tn Hi all, our daughter is 3 years and three months. She never went to daycare and was never ill a lot the first two year and a half. Since september she is going to school (kindergarten). From 26th of September 2011, she almost have been sick the whole time.
209987 tn?1451939065 If your toddler is normally a loving, caring, sweetie...and then suddenly turns into something you want to throw to the lions...could this be an allergic reaction? And no, I don't mean that I think I have an allergy to him lol! He's normally well behaved, knows his p's and q's, but lately things have changed. He's always been "stuffy" and a little wheezy when he's sleeping. His ped gave him a nose spray for that. The allergy tests he had done last year were only done by blood...
Avatar f tn She most likely has a kidney infection, which can come from the bloodstream as in flu, or is a result of a urinary tract infection from pool water, or possibly losing her balance and bumping her back where the kidneys are. I think, tho, since she had a fever, it's most likely a kidney infection. The docs at the ER would have noticed, by the way, if she had a bruising on her back, so I do not think she has ruptured her kidneys or anything.
Avatar n tn I know strep and allergies are definitely two different things, but it could be that if he has an allergy issue, his nasal passages and throat get irritated from that and then an infection occurs - the strep throat. This past winter I, myself, got strep throat twice and pneumonia once - the first bout of strep actually landed me in the hospital for 4 days.
Avatar n tn Recently she had a fever without any other symptoms, i took her to her doctor, he checked her ears, throat, everything was fine, tooks a urine sample and found some blood in it under the microscope (red and white cells), so he suspected UTI, decided to check it for bacteria in the lab and told me to start her on antibiotics right away. In the lab they found a trace of multiple bacterias, so the doctor told me to continue giving her antibiotics.
Avatar n tn At the time he said he wanted to leave, but later he said he had fun. He also clears his throat a lot. He has been sick, but I am beginning to wonder if it is illness or behavior. He also has been picking his lips a lot. Again, I don't know if it is dry skin during the winter, or yet another behavior. He has never liked large social gatherings with lots of people. Just today we went to church and he cried because he didn't want to set up front close to the musicians and vocalists.
377493 tn?1356505749 He has been having a bit of a rough time of late with a throat infection (it came back unfortunately) combined with working on yet another 2 year molar. He is waking in the middle of the night yelling "owie owie", so I have been pulling him into bed with me. Even in his sleep he just doesn't stop moving. For short periods of time, yes, but most of the time a leg is kicking out or an arm or he is adjusting his position.
Avatar n tn I took her to the doctor to find out she has a strept throat. She is being treated ... we will see if this stops the complaints of back pain. It is interesting to hear some of you say that your little ones acting as if the diaper is too tight. My girl has been taking her diaper off and saying "owwy" since the summer. I never put the back pain and diaper together. She has not had problems with her car seat. I will see if her back pain resolves....
Avatar n tn When she developed this acrid mouth stench I took her in figuring a sinus infection. Well she had a barely red throat and the PA decided to check for strep which was positive. Never having dealt with strep I assumed the smell was from the bacteria of strep. The Amoxicillan they gave her did not work so we went back for Omnicef and after 2 doses of meds the smell was gone. Two weeks after meds the smell came back... back to the Dr. no strep... no answers....
1265027 tn?1284843551 at the end of june beginning of july of this year my 2 and a half year old son was diagnosed with coxsackie virus. He had an outbreak of Herpangina and had several ulcers in his throat. He had fevers of 102-104 and had a double ear infection on top of all that. After an allergic reaction to the first antiboitic he was switched to another which cleared the ear infection. My questionis this...I noticed a swollen lymphnode on the backof his neckbut more near the side in the area below his ear.
Avatar f tn Follow up with Pulm realized no coughing at night and diagnosed with Protracted Bronchitis. Treated 3 weeks of Augmentin 500mg BID x three weeks. Nasal and throat cultures test negative except for rhinovirus. Albuterol (qid) Combivent (BID) combined treatment resolved shortness of breath finally so dropped albuterol and combivent... but cough still persists. Follow up again with Pulm increased dosage of Flovent to 110.
377493 tn?1356505749 This also happens whenever we are getting new teeth (again, normal I know). He is just getting over a throat infection and bronchitis combined with the arrival of his first two year molar, and at 2 is down to just over 22 lbs. He also is a picky eater. And trust me, he does flat out refuse to eat if he doesn't like something. I have been referred to a nutritionist and also have a great list of high calorie foods and tips. Fortunately, he will eat some of them.
Avatar n tn It started with a virus with inside both ears being red and swollen and blisters in the back of the throat and the most conserning lumps on the neck (lymph nodes). the doc didn't perscribe anything. the lumps went down slowly and the blisters went away but the ears did't clear up but a common cold followed then a cough now back to the docs for antibiotics the cold is gone but a week later this stomach flu started he was throwing up every half hour now matter what we gave him (poor thing).
702091 tn?1228423719 it is true that a cold/viral infection can ultimately lead to a bacterial infection like ear infection. but prescribing an antibiotic preemptively would be reckless. so the best we can do as parents is wait it out, and return to the doctor for checks if sysmptoms persist or get worse. it's horrible to watch- trust me, i know. dd is just recovering from being like that for a week. but we need to consider their long-term welfare as well as their immediate comfort.
Avatar n tn Under his nose is also red with some bleeding and crusting, maybe just from being dry, but could be related. He was sick last week with a head cold and sore throat, but seems fine now. Is this simply the same hormone related acne of teenagers? And if so, will it go away? How to care for it? Or is it something more? Thank you in advance!
Avatar n tn My seven-and-a-half year old son has always had a high number of upper respiratory infections since toddler. Asthmatic symptoms include cough and sometimes wheezing when coming down with viral infection, and when exercising in cold weather. Infections resolve on own, but I'm concerned about high susceptibility to viral infection. Since school began in September, he has been ill with URI seven times, as well as with H1N1. Pediatrician did CBC and seems unconcerned, should I be?
Avatar n tn It is not severely low, so he is not treated for it specifically - just for each infection. He continued to have numerous viral and bacterial infections. This past year, he had strep throat 5 times which finally ended with his tonsils and adenoids being removed. He has never been in day care. He rarely has a normal BM. They are always soft and mushy and often very foul smelling. Since Christmas, he has had a bloody nose three times. He also had a fever of 102.
Avatar f tn at first I was just having shortness of breath, then after awhile I started having pain in my ribs, now my chest, throat, and breath feels really cold, like frozen keeps me from doing just about anything and I have a toddler and a baby so I can't have that, I have been to the dr and er several times and it just keeps getting worse...does anybody have any ideas of what this could be or any advice?
1265027 tn?1284843551 at the end of june beginning of july of this year my 2 and a half year old son was diagnosed with coxsackie virus. He had an outbreak of Herpangina and had several ulcers in his throat. He had fevers of 102-104 and had a double ear infection on top of all that. After an allergic reaction to the first antiboitic he was switched to another which cleared the ear infection. My questionis this...I noticed a swollen lymphnode on the backof his neckbut more near the side in the area below his ear.
Avatar f tn Possibly a bronchial infection or even pneumonia--at any rate, quite likely an infection of some sort, given the color phlegm. See a doctor.
Avatar m tn When I took him to the dr he had a double ear infection plus a sore throat. He was put on antibiotics but it still took about a week for him to get back to being into everything. He also cut 5 teeth. Freaked me out to say the least lol. The dr said that she thought the ear infection caused the sore throat because of the drainage and that the ear infection was more than likely due to the teeth. I hope yours is better soon I hate when little ones are sick.
689528 tn?1364139441 My throat hurts and my head is killing me. What's the worst is how much Brady is driving me crazy. He is SOOO clingy. All he wants me to do is hold him. He cries for every little fall he has and just screams most of the day. He was at the doctor 2 days ear infection. He has no other symptoms so it's left down to teething. He isn't better with Advil or anything. He won't bother with teethers or cold cloths. I'm at my wits end with it.
Avatar n tn my toddler has a foul smell in her nose. Please let me know what this is from?
Avatar f tn In the last 10-12 months (ever since she stopped receiving Synagis) she has had croup 8x, she's had several sinus/upper respiratory infections, 3 or 4 ear infections, a throat infection, a couple 24 hour fevers, and now, just this past week, all in one week she developed: ear infection, oral thrush, a vaginal yeast infection, and then a viral rash. The virus then prompted a thrombocytopenia reaction (her platelets dropped). Thankfully they came back up on their own after a few days.
Avatar n tn He has been xrayed with no finds and has had a camera scope his throat, also with no abnormalities. Do you have any suggestions as to what may be causing this? He has not eaten solid food for about 3 to 4 weeks. We are having him examined further with blood and bowel samples.