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Avatar f tn See a Dr so he/she can look at your throat and give you some possible testing. STD symptoms of the throat rarely show so I doubt this is STD related.
Avatar f tn I had unprotected sex and performed oral the following day I received a throat infection. What are the chances that it could be hiv?
Avatar m tn Your throat would have nothing to do with a STD.
Avatar n tn My CBC was normal. He gave me Levaquin. Is it possible I have a trichomoniasis infection of the throat or some STD that won't be cured by the Levaquin or Z-pack or Rocephin. Is there an STD that would cause a sore throat and high fever.
Avatar n tn My CBC was normal. He gave me Levaquin. Is it possible I have a trichomoniasis infection of the throat or some STD that won't be cured by the Levaquin or Z-pack or Rocephin. Is there an STD that would cause a sore throat and high fever. My bf takes valtrex for HSV-1 outbreaks. But I don't think he was having an outbreak at the time.
Avatar f tn And this last time he was standing up and almost passed out, fell over twice before going into see a doctor, again its a throat infection, really bad. we hadnt put 2 and 2 together until recently, but maybe that fact that he was giving me oral is making him sick... is this possible? what could be the possible cuases? can having sex first maybe be cuaseing this? is there something we r doing wrong.. or? im not sure what to ask or how to get information on this.
Avatar f tn Symptoms are of a cold, not a STD. Your STD risk was low, and not to be really concerned about.
Avatar n tn lately ive been having milky white vaginal discharge and i have a soar throat that started with a small cold and now the soar throat goes and comes & its mainy on the right side very red no spots im wondering if the discharge and the throat are connected i took a home ph level test and the results came back at 5.5 maybe it could be a yeast infection but i just dont know. please help thank you.
Avatar m tn t sound like an STD related issue it is an infection or a cyst that is draining (regarding the labial area). If the throat or the labial area don't clear up and/or if you re-develop a fever see your doctor.
Avatar m tn An oral infection is an oral infection. A genital infection is a genital infection. One does not result because of the other. It has to be transmitted to that particular area from direct exposure. Oral std's are tested the same way as tonsillitis or strep in a throat culture. No, an oral std would not show if tested by urine. And it is not that likely to get an std from oral sex in general. Possible, but with no specific time frame.
Avatar n tn Most pharyngeal std infections are without symptoms, and its quite possible that you are getting sick from being exposed to your friends. Your doctor wouldn't be able to tell if you have gonorrhea just from looking, and would need to do a specific test. Its important to be honest with your doctor, or you are, in effect, tying his hands behind his back and he can't treat you with the best care possible. I know its not something you talk about, but you should be honest with your doctor.
Avatar n tn About a week ago I had protected sex with an escort and while having sex I used my fingers in her vagina. I was sucking on her breast at the same time and I touched her breast with my hands.
Avatar n tn After some more research I wonder if it could also be a yeast infection?
Avatar m tn The 4th time, which was in the 7th month after the 1st time, once again I got a sore throat the following morning. The sore throat felt the same as the 1st sore throat that I had, but this time the sore throat did not go away after 2-3 days. 3 weeks later, my throat was still just as sore. I had some amoxicillin tablets leftover from an ear infection so I took 500mg tablets three times a day as prescribed.
Avatar n tn He had went to the doctors for a sore throat and an ear infection while he was gone. Do you think I just have a sore throat or it may be something more seriouse. I am pregnant and I heard that you can pass it onto your child during birth. What should I do?
Avatar f tn I have read some where that it is a symptoms of STD. Is it so? Do I need to do test for STD or HIV ? Is there any chance for HIV or any other STD?
Avatar m tn well lately my throat has felt a little dry but not sore and now i can look in my throat and i see 1 bump. it doesnt hurt or anything it just feels like something is there and when i reach in the back of my throat i can feel the small bump. do you think that it is anything to worry about?
Avatar f tn It is unlikely to be a STD.
Avatar m tn I'm a male who perform oral sex on a male on 3/24 and another male on 4/5. Both were brief without any ejaculation. Both stated they were STD free, but were anonymous encounters. I had a STD screen for all testable stds on 4/11 that were negative. I also took Amoxicillin 500 mg BID 7 days for tonsillitis. I didn't have a sore throat, but had white spots in the throat. On 4/18 I had a tonsillectomy and adenoids removed. The biopsy came back negative, but showed chronic infection.