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Avatar m tn I am just worried now, since I took pictures of my nose and throat and they still look red and bloody. I will have to wait until tomorrow to go see him. What do the pictures suggest? I know I may be overreacting, but I have panic attacks and become worried at the slightest hint of problems. Anyone? Here is a picture of the left nostril which blood came out of:
Avatar m tn No, I don't use herpes pictures for reference, as everyone's symptoms are a little different. If you want to see pictures, google it, but remember that the pictures you will see are the worse case scenarios. I've had herpes for 3 years, and haven't ever had symptoms like they show in the pictures. There is nothing valid about that article, and as we don't get into morality on this site, I won't discuss it any further.
3137213 tn?1392941406 Sometimes ‘cobblestoning’ or simple cysts in the throat can cause the appearance. Cobblestone throat is the appearance of a rough and pebble-like appearance of the throat. It is usually caused by allergies or irritation for instance by acid. It can also occur due to an infection. Discuss these options with your doctor when you happen to meet him next time. If needed he may refer you to an ENT specialist. Regards.
Avatar m tn Hi , in JAN2018 i had a throat infection after oral sex with another male. i am 25 Male. i got tested for HIV STDS all came back negative. i got antibiotics then which cured the infection. since then ive noticed a white layer on my tongue as well which caused me to think i might have candida. i have noticed these black spots on my penis, are they candida related? see pictures please. i have used terrasil Balanitis relief but i dont see any change.
Avatar f tn If the tonsil is enlarged and painful, it could be tonsillitis. Throat pain, difficulty swallowing, fever, scratchiness in the throat, post nasal drip, malaise and loss of appetite are the other symptoms of tonsillitis. It can be caused by bacteria like streptococcus or it could be a viral infection. Bacterial infections need antibiotics. Consult your primary care physician who will do blood tests and take a throat swab to determine the cause and prescribe appropriate medications.
Avatar m tn The white patches have a cottage cheese appearance. They can occur as a consequence to throat infection or sometimes steroid inhalers are known to promote their growth. You need to consult your doctor for proper assessment. In the meantime you can try warm salt water gargles and betadine mouth washes. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn I had unprotected oral sex a week ago and unprotected oral and vaginal sex a week before that with a different person. I have not felt any noticeable vaginal discomfort, but my throat looks similar to pictures of Gonorrhea I have found online. I was just wondering if these antibiotics will be enough to rid myself of the infection if it is Gonorrhea or if I should go back to be prescribed something else? Has anyone had a similar experience?
Avatar f tn Hi I have a few things going on in my mouth that are bothering me. I have about 4 or 5 canker sores, never had canker sores before. One of them is closer to my tonsils and is a bit bigger than the others. My throat looks horrible. It has red lumps on it. I have a mild sore throat and a scratchy cough. The first two canker sores started over a week ago and the rest of the symtopms have been there for 4 days. I went to a doctor and she took a swab for strep throat.
Avatar m tn Hi all, Beginning yesterday I've developed an allergic reaction, some sort of infection, herpes or candidiasis, I really have no idea. I first noticed it due to dry lips yesterday, but it looks like it may have been at the back of my throat already? About 6 weeks ago my girlfriend had a yeast infection which I also contracted off her, we both had it in the genital regions. We went to the doctors and were issued a cream to use.
Avatar n tn had no symptoms for a few days and then had a burning sensation in my urethra and an urgent desire to urinate along with a sore throat that felt like thrush (i have had it before) a couple of days after this i have had what look like pale spots around the rim of my penis...they have been irritated and little and seem to come and go...they are not really blisters and do not look like herpes sores....
Avatar f tn They can occur as a consequence to throat infection or sometimes steroid inhalers are known to promote their growth. Continue with your medications and you can try warm salt water gargles and betadine mouthwashes. If it does not respond your doctor may prescribe oral antifungals. Regards.
Avatar f tn Okay, lately [past 2 months] ive been having trouble with my throat, First it was just swallowing hurt but id just gotten over a cold so no big deal right. Then i started hearing clicking when i swallowed, and my neck started to hurt. I t feels like, theres more lumps then theres supposed to be going down the front of my neck, theyre bony and i dont like to touch them. Now its basically pain, sometimes it feels like my mouth is burning. Also my neck lately has been really hot to the touch.
Avatar f tn I suspect she had or may still have a sinus infection? I have attached 2 pictures, one before the antibiotics that she finished taking in early June and one that was taken today. Our insurance is not good and it is cery costly to keep going back to our doctor. A few more things to mention us night before last she said ger throat was itchy, and seems to bother ger mist when she wakes up. It is cery hot and 100% hunidity where we live. We have 2 dogs that sleep with us.
Avatar n tn Because you already have an oral infection, and you can't re-infect yourself. Its not a spreading issue with your own infection. The infection isn't just on your lips. Herpes infects nerve groups, and the nerve group that oral herpes infects actually covers most of the face. The most common location for outbreaks is the lips, which is why you've only had outbreaks there. You might just be having a severe ob, or its something entirely different, like a reaction to something.
Avatar m tn I have been having a sore throat and tingling in my lips. Have not been to dentist in about 6 months but went to a walk in clinic 2 weeks ago and the doctor said i may have a bacterial infection so o took zithromax. 2 months ago i went to dermatologist and she told me my skin looked fine on my lips. Could someone please take a look at my profile and pictures and tell me what you think. My concerns are an std such as hsv or hpv although I have tested negative for every std including hsv.
Avatar f tn Hi, On the 25th of August I experienced swollen nodes in neck (they were everywhere) and cobblestoning of throat. I had performed oral kn 21st and 22nd. Through all of the symptoms I've had my throat has remained painless yet itchy or sometimes felt a brung sensation without cough. I did take antibiotics on the 29th due to a separate possible infection that decreased the nodes in neck. My tongue looked white but after cleaning looked rather normal.
Avatar m tn Following that 3 weeks after i had a rash on the palms of my hands that were exact to pictures i have seen of HIV infection for 24-48 hrs. my exposure was HIV+ blood into my mouth. Please someone help, i Know I have older posts, but now I am really concerned since I read that rash is a sign/symptom in 90% of seroconversions of HIV..... :'(... Please... This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/246970'>HIV, OHL, Yeast - Typical Timeline of symptoms?</a>.
Avatar m tn Paul suggested, which is find out if you have a respiratory infection or throat infection of some kind, which might be causing the swelling. Also, he can prescribe medication to knock down that neck pain, which since you have pictures that prove cord compression, he shouldn't hesitate to provide pain meds you. I've been in a situation where I thought I was choking to death, and it was absolutely terrifying.
Avatar n tn And also I was on antibiotics for a staph infection in my throat a couple weeks ago. could it be thrush?
Avatar m tn Does anyone know how the ARS rash looks like? I'd like to compare mine with pictures. Thank you in advance for any help. Needless to say, I'm extremely worried.
Avatar n tn since three months i am having infection in my throat , i used erythromycin but no result then i took azithromycin ........250 mg but no results .. this infection does 'nt cause any type of pain or swelling but i find it irritant and psycologically bothering me .also i am getting cough which is transparent and thick .........