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823318 tn?1238580907 i have had awful problums with my throats over the years but lately i got 1 tonsil taken out had to stop operation over bled too much... long story short after the operation i smoke when i go out for a few pints and only smoke when i go out.
823318 tn?1238580907 the smoke can irritate white blood cells that are actually on th outer layer of your throat and when the smoke kills them infection can enter easier not to mention it does BURN your throat causing an small open wound so there is your answer its just the smoke...
Avatar n tn ve had difficulty swallowing for 6 years knw havnt been to my doctor had operation bwt 6 years ago throat operation .
Avatar m tn My girlfriend had a throat operation on her left side and turned out to be a fatty tissue ( tumor) which was done like around May 2011 . Here it is Oct 2011 now she has another lump there but this time it feels like a hard mass same side .
Avatar n tn Hi Everyone, I joined this community because of my daughter. I consulted an ENT specialist because of my daughter's recurrent throat infection. The value of her ASO titer is 200. The doctor recommended a tonsillectomy but I am hesitant to have my 11 year old daughter undergo said operation. I was told that constant gargling of mouthwash and immediate medication of a strong antibiotics at the very onset of throat infection would lessen the risk of my daughter to acquire rheumatic fever.
Avatar m tn Hi all At times,say after every 3 to 4 months, I am suffering from Cold, throat infection & fever from past 6 years. first it starts with throat pain & then it starts with cold & then with fever. I have already undergone with tonsils operation a long time back, approx. 18 years ago. I didn't had any problem after the operation. it all started, when we moved to a new location within bangalore (nearby aprox. 5 km).
Avatar n tn I recently had appendicitus, it had not yet ruptured and the operation was done successfully 1 day later via Laparoscopic method. (Keyhole surgery, 3 incision holes). I felt OKAY after returning from hospital 2 days later and for the following week I was OK. The next 2 weeks however, were followed with a feeling in my sinus/throat area that made me feel like gagging, and it was accompanied by nauseated, ticklish feeling in the stomach that almost makes me feel like punching my stomach.
Avatar f tn my throat has been full of mucous after a chest infection i have had two courses of antibiotics and a steroid injection cough like a bark and sometimes feel like i can not breath if i laugh i choke and i feel very embarrased at the noise i make I am ashmatic and do suffer with nasal polyps had an operation to remove them about 8 years ago what do you feel is the problem my doctor said it was thrush in the esophagus due to too many antibiotics.
Avatar n tn hi.. last year a had an ear operation because i had eustachian tube was damaged maybe whn i was little... the surgeon cleaned out my ear from the infection and did nothing to fix eustachian tube because there is no treatment for that.. thats wht he said!... few months ago my nose got blocked.. i thought maybe it was just cold so didnt bother... its been over 6 months.. and still my nose is blocked left side of the nose.. i had operation in my left ear...
Avatar f tn She has been diagnosed with acute nasal infection and was told she needs an operation. She has been sick for several months and has lost her hearing in one ear. She is afraid to do the operation because she was told some have died from it. Is the operation really dangerous or is it just because of it being in a third world country. If I can get her to the states would there be a possibility of a low cost operation here.
Avatar n tn I am having a knee replacement operation on Monday 23rd and am concerned because I have for some time now suffered with a constant tickle at the back of my throat causing me to cough which in turn creates thick clear mucus which causes me to projectile vomit. I don't suffer from acid stomach and I have not lost any weight. Should I be concerned and should I make the hospital aware of this before my operation.
5856129 tn?1375518025 Your symptoms could be due to a post nasal drip, which can cause a chronic irritation in the throat. This could be due to a sinus infection, a cold or a chronic allergy. Also, repeated strep throat infections are an indication for tonsillectomy, as the tonsils may harbor the infection which keeps flaring up, or they may develop new infections. Check with your doctor regarding this. If there are persistent patches in the mouth or throat, consult a dentist. Regards.
Avatar n tn i got burn previously so docs did som surgery , now I have developed infection on ma chin and my doc said its hair infection on chin and gave medicines but it didnt covered so docs said i need operation so plzz temme if i can get rid of tht infection without any operation ? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/242994'>Face, chin, neck, irritation, infection..</a>.
Avatar m tn After many visits my doctor diagnosed that i have tonsil deposits and he took white coloured structure from throat. He suggested to either get tonsil operated or leave with throat infection due to deposits which is not harmful. But i was afraid of these surgery and delayed for one more year. Now i started getting throat problem more frequently and decided to get done with tonsillectomy.
Avatar n tn I had tonsils removed when Iwas young,now I feel that there is something lodged in the back of my throat and makes me feel I need to swollow ,otherwise there is a feeling that I will chock . I have no pain and I breath through my nose, If I keep my mouth closed I feel I need to swollew so I can get a breath . I have no pain swollowing .
616568 tn?1223243967 Hi, The infection under discussion is likely an infection in the throat. Infections within the lung may be promoted by lung conditions like emphysema, but they would not likely present with a lump in the throat. The odds of the cancer returning are best answered by her doctors. Depending on size of the original cancer and how extensive it was, the odds of recurrence can be estimated.
189372 tn?1219833358 On my first visit to the ENT he recommended a CT scan which showed inflammation and a deviated septum, no infection. I have had the operation and all went as well as it should have, unfortunately I don’t feel that great having recovered from the OP, which was a good few months ago now. I returned to the ENT due to having extremely thick mucus that I could not clear from my throat, he put me on a steroid, but unfortunately this has had no effect.
Avatar m tn I have done operation in my nose for tissue growth.(Fungal disease(Rhinous produces my doctor told me).Now i am feeling irritation in throat.Is this because of the same tissue growth in throat?
373137 tn?1208096683 The ENT said that he needs an operation to remove the floppy tissue in his throat area which is blocking his airway and that he might need a tracheostomy in the near future. Has anyone had that operation? What exactly is done? Doesn't one need the tissue in your throat????
Avatar n tn but two times i ruled bacterial infection through throat culture, during the past two month my ENT doctor suspects me sinusitis (india), for which i did operation, my doctors also gave me medicine for alergies and antibiotics for bacterial infection (azitromycin not sure about the name) and some NSAID. i am feeling well only when i am taking NSAID (non steriodal anti inflammatory drugs. on coming 20th i have an appointment with ENT speicalist in toronto.
Avatar m tn could a bacterial infection (such as a sinus infection) or consumption of any food or drink containing bacteria cause me to have seizures? In my case, I believe this to be true. Please help me to understand all of this.
Avatar m tn I am having liver infection and increased my esophagus can these be curable through using medicine inspite of operation?
Avatar n tn I am now 69 yeras old and certainly since I was 28 I have needed to scrape my throat to clear the irritating mucus at the back of it but now it is getting to the point where I can hardly bear it. If I get a severe cold, within a week or two it developes into a chest infection and I need to take antibiotics to clear it. Currently I have a cough which has hung on for almost two months.