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Avatar f tn The person in question must have a very active throat infection with sores present. It is an incredibly rare occurrence, especially outside of sex workers. (Perhaps 2 - 5% of sex workers have an unknown throat chlamydia infection at any point of time. Way less in the general population.) It has been what we have been telling you, practically a zero chance of chlamydia infection.
Avatar f tn I have been experiencing a cyst like sensation on the right side of the root of my tongue. It has been going on for almost a week. I have no sore throat, nor lymphoid glands swollen which might indicate that I have a throat infection. I am really worried as I can't even reach it myself to see and investigate as you do. Ideal thing would be to have it properly examined by an ENT, but in the UK NHS it is really a nightmare!
Avatar f tn Just getting over yet another chest infection finished my 5th course of antibiotics since August last year. Dont feel like the infection has cleared so likes back to the doctors again. Had blood tests and chest xray all fine and asthma test also which was fine, oxygen levels also fine. The longest I have gone chest infection free since august is 7 weeks. Does anybody have any ideas as to what is causing this????
Avatar f tn i was panixk like anyyhig) I had ear infection, little soar throat...tightness in the throat and buring sensation in throat....i had 2 cource of antibiotics ... everything feels ok now but still have burning senation in throat (this geats worst towards the end of day and when i am stressed) My queetions is ...are my symptoms related th hiv and is my last test consluive (5 weeks after exposure- duo test) Thabks for your help.
Avatar n tn Is it possible to catch this infection from such patients? without any sexual contact? I have read on NHS website and pubmed that a good number of virginal females also present with genital warts.
Avatar f tn Hi, about 3 months ago i had a throat infection and as i result i got a pea sized lump in neck that has been on neck for 3 months. I have been to two ENT specialists and one said that i was a lymph node and the other one said that the lump was due to tonsillitis. Also for the past 3 weeks i have had lumps on the back of mouth and i went to the dentist and he said that it was the tonsils and that i just need to take them out.
Avatar m tn I would very much like just to stave off the infection until I get home and can get free dental treatment on the NHS. That means lasting another 3 days until Sunday. However, I don't want the problem to get worse because I'm already feeling a bit under the weather (I was a bit run down even before this trip). I am about to do and speak to a pharmacist. But if anyone has any extra advice for me, I'd be grateful.
Avatar f tn I was reaciving oral sex on20/04/14, aftrt 4days i got sore throat and mild fever up to two weeks and still i have sore throat and i went NHS they did throat and urine and blood test at 26/04 and again on 01/04 they did test all are un detactive came..what these meaning..still i am full fearing..if get sorat throat is hiv comeing..
Avatar m tn Two days ago I have developed a slight sore throat and some general aches and pains which may of course be completely unrelated but in my current state of heightened anxiety I'm worrying about them too. I have attended a GUM clinic and obviously have to go back for the 3 month test. I am considering paying privately for the DUO at 28 days which is currently not available on the NHS. Any thoughts or words of wisdom would be most welcome.
Avatar f tn mri scan to which i was told my glaands are swollen and have a pocket of fluid on the angle of my left jaw lower mandable - to which nothing has been done - the lack of care from the nhs is appaling! this infection or whatever is going on is causing me to be very anxious!!! i have a list of symptoms! - both my top jaws hurt to i have been given a mouth gard at night as i have been grinding my teeth in my sleep.
Avatar f tn My 3 year old daughter is constantly suffering from a soar throat with white ulcers and painful ears along with a fever. This has been going on for just over a year and we take her to doctors on average twice a month. Each time we are told that there is nothing wrong and that we are imagining the symptoms eventhough they never examine her. She now has started to get thrush in her mouth as she is so run down.
Avatar n tn i saw a GP and he said its an airbone viral infection. however now i noticed each time i visit an area that is throat starts to burn and feel funny and also my stomach has been making uncontrolable noise. what could be responsible for this? is it an infection or the same HIV stuff. my bones ache,my throat seems blocked and i have a bit difficulty in breathing and i feel pain at my back. i need confidence from you guys before my next visit to the GP from my result of the test i had.
Avatar f tn Ladies please help! Any of u ladies had or have a urine infection while pregnant? Does it affect the baby?
Avatar f tn My last exposure was exactly the end of may 2012. I caught genital thrush from her, which was cleared by antibiotics by the nhs. I was tested for all other stds. One month later the nurse said I had to return to cover the window period, which I did. So I was negative up to July 2012, the 28 day mark using 4th gen testing. I was relieved as I had a horrible feeling as of why would she have thrush? Does she have HIV?
Avatar m tn the doctor gave me antibiotics already and i have a bad throat infection ... it's the only way i could get it ... because i was safe other than orally ...
Avatar m tn I'm coughing and choking on whatever is in my throat sometimes I an move it by coughing and blowing my nose even though it comes back seconds after I'm also wrenching in between coughing, I've start choking and passing out I'm so scared I Carnot eat anything are drink anything without coughing and choking I have to sleep sat up on settee and that's after been awake for days with coughing Ian no quality of life at all I hate being alive its that bad!
Avatar n tn Are these symptoms consistent with HIV eight months post infection? As I mentioned before, my white cells indicated an infection 4 weeks after the event. Lastly, a swab taken on my throat in late November revealed that I had coronavirus. Could that be the root of my problems or do I have coronavirus and the other symptoms due to a suppressed immune system. I have always enjoyed good health prior to June of last year. Thanks for your time.
Avatar m tn Hi.I have just found out that my friend has been sleeping with prostitutes for 9 yrs, some black girls and mostly un protected!!!!!! He was apparently high risk for hiv. He has recently been tested at 3 months for HIV and sti's at the nhs GUM clinic and they were negative but is there any other diseases he could have caught such as hep b/c. I want to make sure he is in the clear before we have a child around him.
Avatar f tn My 16yr old daughter was ill with sore throat, joint pain, exhaustion, headaches and sweats Feb but we were constantly told viral (!) and blood test and throat swab did not show anything. She eventually had severe earache twice and ended up in hospital in June given antibiotics for a severe group a strep infection. We have been told she has post strep glomerulonephtitis and the palpitations and high heart rate she has is just due to GAS infection.
Avatar f tn My daughter is 1.5 and was diagnosed at 10 months old whole after having infection after infection. She has had so many ear infections, throat infections and chest infections over the last year and after going around and around circles with diff doctors we have finally seen a immuologist who has recommended having her take a preventive antibiotic during the colder months just wanting to know has this actually worked for any other kids?
Avatar f tn putting make up with a brush, washing hair, cold air, eating lunch, talking for long periods of time. The headache is burning pressure in nose root, with freezing burn sensation between nose root and uvula. Burning sensation is also bilateral behind the eyes and in the temples, and at the top of the face, following hairline. Nose tip gets very cold every time. Sometimes I get shooting "electric" pain in temples. Sometimes my throat also hurts during the headache.
Avatar m tn NHS docs did not X-rayed or scanned my skull). Eventually NHS docs in London diagnosed the problem as "sarcoidosis" which I think was a total BS, but anyways… (I can sit here and rant about NHS docs but that is pointless) In Dec-2010 I went to Delhi (Apollo Hospital, one of the best private places). They also did number of tests but they also did a skull x-ray and said I was suffering from allergic-rhinitis and sinusitis.
Avatar m tn NHS docs did not X-rayed or scanned my skull). Eventually NHS docs in London diagnosed the problem as "sarcoidosis" which I think was a total BS, but anyways… (I can sit here and rant about NHS docs but that is pointless) In Dec-2010 I went to Delhi (Apollo Hospital, one of the best private places). They also did number of tests but they also did a skull x-ray and said I was suffering from allergic-rhinitis and sinusitis.
Avatar m tn around second week i developed some discomfort in my throat, again 5th week. at 10th , 11th , 12th week I took biosure home test kit from uk(which is approved by nhs) and all negative. then I gave my blood for all std test including hiv test at 13th week. and again negative. now around 5 month after potential explorer and my tooth start pain , dr said infected , he gave me antibiotics. is there possible tooth pain related early hiv infection? I realy afraid if false negative possibility.