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Avatar f tn Woke up with a bad sore throat, headache, body aching, maybe ear infection, and vomiting =( what can I take for my throat? I tried soup, warm tea, and Tylenol and got sick. Know of any meds you can take while pregnant? Besides Tylenol.
Avatar m tn Anything that irritates (cold, allergies, chemical irritants with long enough exposure) the sinus membranes to cause mucus production can initiate a sinus infection. For me, yes, extended cold weather would be on that list. It wouldn't affect everyone that way, but I have fussy lungs and sinuses. A lack of fluids will cause the mucus to be thicker and therefore not drain as well and be more likely to develop into a sinus infection.
Avatar f tn I recently started having this feeling of a lump in my throat, but I can tell it is really down just under my zyphoid process. (sp). Anyway, i have some fullness there and have a lot of indigestion. This has not been a problem until just very recently (in the last two weeks). If I take an antiacid, it seems to help some. I just normally do not have stomach trouble. THis all started after a couple of weeks where I'd have what felt like an intestinal bug, with a rousting case of diarrhea.
Avatar f tn If not any stomach pain? I think of two things one is an infection if you had a productive cough or sore throat. THe other is perhaps it is bile from the gallbladder or a stomach ulcer something along those lines might fit since you have a lack of appetite as well and constipation. You may be backed up due to the constipation. I would see a GI doctor and have them give you an exam as well as perhaps some scans.
Avatar f tn Hi, your symptoms could be due to chronic tonsillitis. Throat pain, difficulty swallowing, fever, scratchiness in the throat, post nasal drip, malaise and loss of appetite are symptoms of tonsillitis. It can be caused by bacteria like streptococcus or it could be a viral infection. Bacterial infections need antibiotics. What you are seeing could be chronic inflammatory changes. Your symptoms can also occur due to a chronic throat infection, which could be due to a post nasal drip.
5609044 tn?1383514943 If you think it might be strep throat, go to the hospital. Strep throat can harm your baby so you'll need meds for it. But if you think its just something small , then drink tea and suck on halls.
Avatar m tn i don't know why I am getting common cold so fast within month two times which mainly includes watery nose and throat infection or sore throat but doesn't include fever or any fatigue nothing . And this makes me feel so low and is affecting my daily works... I don't know what to do.... Can anyone tell me why it is coming and to whome should I consult. Thanks in advance.....
Avatar n tn That was alright until around last December, when I had a serious infection of strep and prescribed Pondocillin. (It had a lion on the pill) Now, I have throat pain all the time. I've went to the doctor and had a blood test for mono which came back negative, and have been tested numerous times for strep while not experiencing symptoms to see if I was a strep carrier. All have came back negative. In February 2008, the doctor felt my lymph nodes and they were quite swelled.
Avatar n tn Tonight I was just working n my laptop and all the sudden I got this intense burning sensation in my throat. I thought I was coming down with something. It felt like hot soup. It went away after 30 minutes, but keeps coming back. I also noticed this past week I had cancer sores in my mouth and my throat seemed sensitive when i would drink soda. I am kind of worried!
Avatar f tn Nothing is conclusive for those who are wondering but if those who have conclusive testing and for those who are still wondering feel free to list your previous or current symptoms. I realize everyone's reactions and outbreaks are different. 1. Inflamed throat (2 days after giving oral sex) 2. Fever 3. Face tingles (3 days after cotton swab and antibiotics and a shot were given for possible chlamydia and gonorrhea) 4. Itching and burning genitals and anal 5.
Avatar f tn You may not have CFS, but you have a successive infection and need help getting over this infection. For a list of physicians who frequently diagnose and treat CFS in your area.... google, "Co Cure's Good Doctor List". Keep me posted, okay ?
1448748 tn?1312956208 For instance, tightness in the throat or a sore throat can be just that........ a sore throat, as mine ended up being an acute infection that had nothing to do with my thyroid at all. I often suffer from severe fatigue that has nothing to do with my thyroid; it's pernicious anemia, which can also cause quite a few of the symptoms listed above. I also have several other symptoms that are attributable to other medical issues I have; I sure this would hold true for others,as well.........
Avatar n tn If I developed a sore throat and other symptoms 1 week before a 19 post exposure PCR DNA test, would the test detect the virus? Is there any research on this? I tested negative 19 days after the exposure with the DNA PCR test.
Avatar n tn since three months i am having infection in my throat , i used erythromycin but no result then i took azithromycin ........250 mg but no results .. this infection does 'nt cause any type of pain or swelling but i find it irritant and psycologically bothering me .also i am getting cough which is transparent and thick .........
Avatar n tn since three months i am having infection in my throat , i used erythromycin but no result then i took azithromycin ........250 mg but no results .. this infection does 'nt cause any type of pain or swelling but i find it irritant and psycologically bothering me .also i am getting cough which is transparent and thick .........
Avatar n tn Also, I had a an open cut at the side of my mouth at the time of the screen and since the doc and me put our hands down my throat I have had an infection of 2 spot like things at the corner of my mouth, that are circle in shape, that go away when I have used antibiotic and eumovate creme but then come back a couple of days later. I am scared that these are chancers.
Avatar m tn I'm a 24 year old male. For about the last year ive had a bit of a mystery going on with my throat, i started to notice my lymph nodes acting up, i could feel them, also my uvula was poking my tongue..VERY annoying and something ive dealt with on and off for a year, i had blood tests done, cultures ultra sounds of the nodes, nothing irregular found. Its been going on for so long its affecting my quality of life...