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Avatar n tn 7. Are you exposed to the public, work with children in class room, have small children in your house who may bring home bacterial and/or viral illnesses from school? 8. Do voice problems occur intermittently when you have an active infection, or constantly with greater voice quality problems when active infections occur? 9. What asthma medication do you take? How long? Is there myopathy (side effects) in the larynx from this? From these questions, a plan of action might be 1.
Avatar n tn Hello. Both my children and my mother have all been sick the last couple of weeks with the common cold virus. Their symptoms included sneezing, sore throat, coughing and body aches. I have none of these symptoms. For the last 3 days, I have experienced a sore and swollen neck, NOT throat. The pain is localized to one particular area which is painfully sore to touch, which is by the round lump...I believe is comparable to the Adam's Apple; however, I'm female.
Avatar n tn hi on satuday i started off with a dry cough and sore chest, sunday it was chesty, monday still chesty with a fiery sore throat, yesterday the same untill last night where the runny nose came and the temperature and today iv had diorea and can barely swollow, the pain in my throat is only on the left side?? and my chest feels like i been smoking cigerettes for 40 years although i dont smoke!
Avatar n tn You can try home remedies such as steam, decongestants, nasal drops, and cough elixirs, but they may or may not be effective. Also, it could be secondary to ear infection of EBV infection or infectious mononucleosis. Give your child plenty of warm fluids, keep his nose clean and consult his pediatrician immediately. Take care!
Avatar m tn Too many antibiotics and a reaction to them possibly. If you had strep throat you usually have a high fever and sometimes/usually pus in the throat. Then if you are not treated you can get other things. Have you retested the liver enzymes since all this happened? Did you take a lot of Tylenol to feel better or get a fever down? That would raise your liver blood enzymes a lot. Those will go back down if you go off it. It is possible you got hepatitis A from food poisoning or contaminated food.
Avatar n tn Hi there, My 3 year old daughter had her adnoides removed due to having three sets of ear tubes put in. They figured her adnoides were blocking the ear canal and might be of benefit. Since than she has had constant congestion problems and infections. The most recent, puss was found in her nostrils and spreading to her throat. I have yet to experience my daughter JUST having a cold or flu, she always comes down with an infection and needs to be put on antibiotics.
Avatar f tn (Stool ova microscopy will likely be negative at this phase). Because infection in the early phase is rarely serious, generally treatment is delayed until definitive diagnosis can be made. Established infection o Benzimidazoles are the mainstay of treatment of symptomatic and asymptomatic infections. They are poorly systemically absorbed and thus have low human toxicity and exert their action directly on worms.
Avatar f tn My friend told me the mass of tiny blisters that I thought was just a deveation of the cold sores I get after a highly stressful episode looked like empetigo. It is spreading up my nose and upper lip and further down my chin and on my neck today. Now I feel bumps on the roof of my mouth. Could this be the same thing? I've had a sore throat for 3 weeks and thought it was allergies. I also ate 2 mangos within the last week. Never eaten them before.
Avatar m tn Throat diseases caused by bacterial infection may indeed be managed with antibiotics such as penicillin. However, aside from infection, other issues or conditions may also be the cause and it is important that the underlying cause is determined. Treatment usually depends n the underlying cause. It is best that you have this checked by your child's attending physician for proper management. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn At the beggining I Thought it s him because every time I would see him and had intercourse with him I would get throat infection. He says he did his blood tests and that he doesn t have no std s. Now Tomorrow I m going for blood tests myself because the doctor told me I might have soemthing viral. I never seen the papers proving that my boyfriend is clean but he said he ll show them to me. I don t like accusing left and right but honestly I am very concerned about this.
Avatar n tn Sunday Morning I woke with a fever of about 102 degrees. My throat was soar, and my head hurt. i did not worry too much, just thought i was coming down with a cold, or sinus infection. since then, the fever never subsided, and my throat became more soar. i saw a nurse practitioner yesterday. i told her that i had frequent urinary tract infections, and several kidney infections. i had noticed an increase of trips to the restroom to urinate, and it seemed to have an odor.
Avatar n tn A week ago he had a throat culture taken and he has just been diagnosed with Staph Infection in the throat. In spite of being given a general antibiotic, his fever and sore throat has continued. I am concerned that this comes on top of a bad bout of hives (3 weeks ago)that covered his body. The hives seemed to go away after a few days of taking an antihistimine. Questions: 1. Could the hives be related to the staph infection? 2.
Avatar m tn My throat is tickly and occasionally I cough up yellow phlegm, but the symptoms are bearable and it is just the cough and a mild sore throat - no fever, chest pain etc. The doctor here in Tokyo took a look in my mouth and ruled out what that test indicates (viral infection?).
Avatar m tn t get better with antibiotics Fever Swollen lymph nodes in your neck and armpits Swollen tonsils Headache Skin rash Loss of appetite Soft, swollen spleen Night sweats The virus typically has an incubation period of four to eight weeks, although in young children this period may be shorter.
Avatar m tn Does he have a cold? Snot in his nose might be draining into his throat making him trying to clear it to comfort the uncomfortable sensation, and it might be hard to breath in that case. If you notice drainage in the nose give him some over the counter medicine. If it doesn't clear up bring him to the doctor.
Avatar m tn stomach virus/fever in december, sore throat/fever in feb., sore throat/fever in march, and today low fever w/scratchy throat. she seems otherwise healthy but i always think the worst. is this common w/kindergarden age kids? can fevers be that common? any insight would be great. thanks.
Avatar n tn strep throat and herpes have nothing to do with each other. strep throat is a bacterial infection, herpes is a viral infection. 1 out of every 2-3 adults has hsv1 orally whether they get obvious cold sores or not to know it. About 1/3 of us contract hsv1 orally before we ever set foot into public school. It's THAT common. Your grandchild could've contracted hsv1 orally from any adult who takes care of her or even from sharing toys, pacifiers etc with other children she's around.
Avatar m tn As per my previous post I had a throat infection and couple of skin infections for which my doc prescribed week course of erythromycin, seemed to clear the throat but then within days it was back 10 times worse accompanied by singular swollen pea sized node under left armpit and neck felt glandy, doctor has put me on another week course of erythromycin, 2 days in my throat still hurts like hell and myblegs fell like ive ran a marathon, also keep getting pains in armpits and left breast area (s
1875073 tn?1320454493 get some brown listerine an cotton swabs , wash your mouth an throat out with listerine spit it out the little that left swallow it .take a cotton swab an put it in the listerine an swab your ear with it .it kills 99% of germs do it three times a day for 3 days an it will go away .my grandmother did it to us i did it to my kids an my kids are doing it to there kids. it helps the pain as well.
Avatar m tn On Monday, I recorded a fever of around 100-101 and the swelling in my throat had gotten to the point where my tonsils were completely covered by exudate. Swallowing was painful and difficult. Started to experience a bit of fatigue/aching. Later in the afternoon I noticed a rash forming in my upper groin area, and at that point I decided I should probably return to an office for reevaluation.
Avatar n tn Hi, I had a bacterial throat infection: including sore throat, fever, headache and body aches.....This was before x-mas, I was given Augmentin, which pretty much cleared it up, except my cough and congestion.... After x-mas The cough got worse and fevers, tongue ulcers and head and body aches came again, my Dr. said this time it's viral, so it would have run its coarse, it's been almost a month and still hasn't cleared up at all.