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Avatar f tn When we got Harley he was with a group of cats that were living in the woods. I was able to capture him and two others. All three of them had such bad teeth problems that after a time they had all their teeth pulled except for one cat, they left him four. The vet was unable to determine how old they were because of the poor teeth. I would think it would take maybe four years to have them get so bad, guessing, so that would make Harley 12 now.
Avatar f tn My 8 year old daughter has a reoccuring throat infection that requires antibiotics. She took 7 or 8 rounds of it last year and again this year seems to be getting it again. I do not want her to build up antibodies or become allergic to it. I know antibiotics are good here and there, but too much isn't good for you and if I can find a way to help her avoid her throat infections, I'd like to eliminate the need for antibiotics.
Avatar n tn I know how worried you must be. The kitten needs to see a vet ASAP, when a cat coughs and sneezes it never just goes away. How long ago was he on the antibiotic? Maybe, you could call the vet and tell them that you need something else. And, one more thing, was the antibiotic liquid or pill? If it was liquid antibiotic, and you used a syringe, you have to be very very careful and give kitty a tiny bit at a time, otherwise there's a chance they can choke.
1206168 tn?1280367231 Feels like rice crispy pops in my head or ears on top of my head and side headaches with pressure. Throat feels like it is in dormant with on/off flare ups. Could it be a parasite in the brain. No medication has worked if it is a deep congestion issue.
Avatar n tn Hi Sissy and welcome. First, human tuna should not be given to kitty due to the mercury in least, not too much. Using it to get a pill down is one thing, but kitty needs cat food for the nutrients. My first thought is I wonder if your cat is eating out of a plastic bowl? This can cause feline acne. This could also be herpes. The info below is from an earlier thread that I copy and pasted. Hope it helps some.
Avatar m tn t itch, and they are nowhere else but in this photo I have been very sick this week, which is unusual for me. I had a sore throat, sinus infection, 100 fever with a bumpy acne like rash to my cheeks, chin, and throat that popped up then went away in a day or so. Bad, bad headache, and very thirsty. I didn't cough much, no stomach upset or diarreah.
Avatar f tn It was there for a few weeks and the dr cave me antibiotics cos he said it was sever throat infection. Its gone now but throat is still large ish.
Avatar n tn ve tried diet changes, no luck. I have two cats and have had cats all of my life and my symptons are not at all affected by theire presence or dismissa. it gets worse if I get a cold, which is maybe once a year at most. I dont take vitamins, eat a lot of meat. But I do eat a lot of carbs. Could this be psycho ssametic or stress induced. My life style is filled with constant worry and stress with no relief insight. taking Yoga is not an optin in my day.
850201 tn?1251510186 My three year old niece was just diagnosed with strep throat. She's allergic to cats, and she was playing with some kittens all weekend. Could this be the reason why she got strep throat?
Avatar f tn It could be a lot of things in otherwise normal cats (cats who don't have feline leukemia, or other immunosuppressive disease). 1. Not enough antibiotic. Are you sure that your cat received all of the antibiotic? Some cats are very good at hiding pills. 2. Not taking the antibiotic for a long enough period of time. 3. Inappropriate antibiotic. 4. Combination infection: more than one bacterial agent in the urine, or uroliths (stones in the bladder), or crystals. 5.
Avatar f tn 2 years ago she ate a decorative dried grain top (think of an ear of wheat) which became lodged in her throat, abscessed and had to be surgically removed/repaired. Is it possible that this could have created a polyp which has become infected and is affecting her sinuses? What would need to be done to check this? (Not another surgery I hope!) Would a different antibiotic be recommended if it's this type of infection verses an URI?
Avatar n tn It is most likely an allergic reaction at its peak. Call your vet to make an appointment ASAP just in case; but if it an allergic reaction, the doctor should not be overly worried as long as the cat keeps eating and doesn't seem lethargic. It may be a bug bite, plant, spider.... I also got this from a website. You might want to read it all. Viral infections - the most common one that causes mouth sores, drooling, and foul breath is a serious infection called calici.
Avatar n tn Its is now been maybe 3 months and again i got sick with a chest cold post having surgery getting my wisdom teeth removed the cold went away after about a week because i was on pennicilin for the surgery, still continiously i have the feeling like the kernal stuck in the back of my throat ive had the oral surgeon check ive had a dentist check all to no resolve.
Avatar f tn s a male and not neutered, he could be marking territory. OR it could be a Urinary Tract infection. Your vet would be the best one to ask. If it's behavior out of the ordinary, you should consult your vet.
Avatar m tn It probably is the chronic allergies that are causing a chronic inflammation and slight infection in your lungs. You never had a super long exposure to the cats before since you didn't live with them so the allergy response has changed. Many people can handle a short exposure to allergens but it is the chronic longterm exposure that causes problems.
Avatar n tn I know that happens sometimes with anesthesia. I also had two cats with a weird eye infection recently. None of the other 6 cats or the kitten has showed signs of that yet. Thank God. I get nervous when one gets sick. Have you heard of kittens having gag attacks or swallowing hard when purring hard? Thanks!
1494027 tn?1288686210 There are several types of worms that are common in cats. Hookworms, whipworms, and roundworms are the most damaging (for cats). Tapeworms are the only ones that come from fleas. The only way any of these can be transmitted to humans is through the ingestion of cat feces, or in the case of tapeworms, feces or fleas. Even so, they rarely cause any damage in humans. The greater concern would be coccidia and giardia, which are not worms, but internal parasites.
1512593 tn?1290266846 I washed her with an antimicrobial shampoo I had that the vet gave me for one of my other cats when he was a baby and had dermatitis. I put her in a kennel with a towel with food and water. I also noticed one of her ears on that same side is kinda dirty and whenever i used to scratch behind that one ear she would shake her head like it was really itchy and uncomfortable for her. So I dont know if it is an infection due to a puncture wound and had a high fever and maybe got brain damage?
Avatar m tn It is always constricted and dry feeling, and variates between feeling like someone is stabbing my throat, kneeing me in the throat, or has just spread poison oak oils down my throat. Swallowing does not offer me any form of relief, for either my ears or throat.
Avatar m tn Low WBC in cats can be caused by gingivitis especially if the gingivitis is caused by a Viral or Bartonella infection which has caused damage to WBC production in the bone marrow. Once the infection is cleared the bone marrow can recover. Other common causes for low WBC's include viral diseases (FELV, FIV, FIP, Feline Panleukopenia), Inflammatory disease, Cancer's such as Lymphoma, bone marrow disease, or immune mediated disease.
Avatar f tn I have had a cough and wheeze in my throat for about 2 years now! I have seen GP's, Consultants, had chest xrays, bloods, ENT scopes down my nose, endoscopy, steroid inhalers, asthma inhalers, allergy medication yet NOTHING stops this horrible tickle in my throat which makes me cough! My wheeze is like there is something stuck in my throat! I take my ventolin blue inhaler and the wheeze goes for about a day then the next morning its back again!
591069 tn?1219287990 All right, I'm a little stumped on this one. My first thought is your cat has a kidney issue (which is my way of saying, it's the kidney, but I don't know what exactly is causing it). It could be genetic or environmental toxicity. Usually with kidney issues infection tends to come up. Now, it is possible that the infection is so minor that it isn't picked up by the test...did they do a urine check for infection only or blood as well?