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Avatar m tn How long the sore throat due to hiv infection lasts? And how painful it be? Whether the sore throat is constant through uot the day or going after some time and reappearing? How to identify a sore throat due to hiv infection?
Avatar m tn I do not know if this is my primary infection or if it is a recurring infection. How long will I be contagious for/ should I abstain from kissing and sex? How long could these bumps last? Very worried!
Avatar n tn After my research on internet, I believe, I got infected by Gonorrhea after receiving unprotected oral sex from my partner who had Tonsil throat infection. The symptoms (penile discharge, burning sensation, frequent need to urine) started about 3 days after the act and upon describing the symptoms to my Dr. he gave me i) Ciprofloxacin 500mg ii) Doxycycline Monohydrate 100mg twice a day for 2 weeks whilst refraining from doing any lab tests as he is not a specialist in STDs etc.
1873691 tn?1320350220 So, it can be possible to have a strep throat not group A or not large colony group C or G and not have an invasive strain or a strain that may not go beyond the throat and become a more serious infection. There is another bacteria called Arcanobacterium haemolyticum, that causes pharyngitis (sore throat) and also can become endocarditis. However, you haven't had a culture done. So, I am giving you what I know and it is up to you to decide here.
Avatar m tn Also, before we get to issues raised in your questions, another important point is that HPV is extraordinarily common and for this reason, few, if any major sources of health testing resources recommend routine HPV testing since a positive test really tells little about how long the infection has been present or where it came from. With this as background, let's briefly work through your questions: 1. I suppose that this is a possibility although the chance is quite low.
Avatar m tn He said he was clean, but today (monday)- my throat hurts. Is this a sign that I caught something? I know i am at a huge risk of hiv. How long does it take for std infections to appear and distinguish from an actual std infection to a cold.
Avatar n tn Hello, After my research on internet (01/11/09), I learned that I got infected by Gonorrhea after receiving unprotected oral sex from my partner who had Tonsil throat infection. The symptoms (penile discharge, burning sensation, frequent need to urine) started about 3 days after the act and upon describing the symptoms to my Dr.
Avatar f tn Dormant is not the right term to use as the infection would be active. You can't tell how long you have had it. I will say that symptoms show in men about 90+% of the time at about 2-5 days, shows in women about 60+% at that same time frame. So could you have had it for 6 months...yes. But more likely this would be a newer infection but can't say for certain.
973741 tn?1342342773 If you want the best info about this, watch CNN with Chris Cuomo. He has it, and talks about it with experts almost every night. Nobody quite understands it yet, and some of it sounds a bit psychological -- he's got depression all of a sudden. He's a body builder for years who is often still out of breath months after "recovery." His wife also had it, and had a milder case, but she now has the hair loss.
Avatar m tn As per my previous post I had a throat infection and couple of skin infections for which my doc prescribed week course of erythromycin, seemed to clear the throat but then within days it was back 10 times worse accompanied by singular swollen pea sized node under left armpit and neck felt glandy, doctor has put me on another week course of erythromycin, 2 days in my throat still hurts like hell and myblegs fell like ive ran a marathon, also keep getting pains in armpits and left breast area (s
Avatar m tn Hi, welcome to the forum, the commonest cause of sore throat or irritation is infection like chronic pharyngitis or chronic tonsillitis. If infection present, you need empirical treatment with a course of broad spectrum antibiotic against prescription. Send blood or throat swab for culture and antibiotic sensitivity. Need to do antiseptic mouth gargle to take care of source of infection.
Avatar f tn If your not sure how you got infected can the doctor tell you how long you've had hepc?
Avatar m tn An oral infection is an oral infection. A genital infection is a genital infection. One does not result because of the other. It has to be transmitted to that particular area from direct exposure. Oral std's are tested the same way as tonsillitis or strep in a throat culture. No, an oral std would not show if tested by urine. And it is not that likely to get an std from oral sex in general. Possible, but with no specific time frame.
Avatar f tn How long does the yeast infection medicine fluconazole take to take affect? I took it wednesday and still having the white discharge and smell?
535822 tn?1443976780 My daughter told me she has read that the tick has to be inside for 24 hoiurs for you to get any infection is this correct, I cant remember how long the tick was stuck in my leg until we pulled it out, .Do you have any information about the time frame.
314276 tn?1235081223 How long does it take for your meds to take effect on your hair loss symptoms, I 've been on them since late October.
Avatar f tn Are you asking how long a UTI can last for? It cannot get better without the help of an antibiotic from your doctor and drinking ALOT of cranberry juice. A UTI can quickly spread to a very painful kidney infection.
Avatar n tn I have had a very unusual sore throat for THREE weeks now. I don't feel bad, I'm not sick. Haven't had a cold, no sinus infection. Nothing. Just a continuous sore throat. Also, it is almost unbearable to yawn because it hurts in my ear so bad. It's my throat majority of the time, but when I yawn it is very painful in my ear. Not both ears at the same time, sometimes just one, but it goes back and forth. I want to know what's causing this.
Avatar f tn My 8 year old daughter has a reoccuring throat infection that requires antibiotics. She took 7 or 8 rounds of it last year and again this year seems to be getting it again. I do not want her to build up antibodies or become allergic to it. I know antibiotics are good here and there, but too much isn't good for you and if I can find a way to help her avoid her throat infections, I'd like to eliminate the need for antibiotics.
Avatar n tn I had an cath done last year and had 10% blockage, I have no chest pain. Is this still thought to be an infection? How long does it take to clear and how do you get them?
Avatar f tn How long can can the virus be in your body before you start to show signs and symptoms of HIV or AIDS?