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Avatar n tn green phlegm, it does means an infection PLEASE drink lots of water too!! GET TO THE DR and drink water!!!!
Avatar n tn The infected mucus drains into the throat from your sinuses and makes you cough. Dark green and brown phlegm usually indicates infection, light green means it's getting better.
Avatar f tn Usually, if it's green it's an infection. Yellow can also be an infection, but usually you can still fight it off without an antibiotic if it's yellow. Green is a more advanced infection. You should see your doctor and get an antibiotic. If it were from COPD or CHF it would be clear or white.
Avatar n tn Hi, if your phlegm is green in colour it may be that you have an infection and sometimes with an infection there can be small amounts of blood and you should then see your doctor to perhaps get an antibiotic. If the phlegm is not green as long as it is not large amounts of blood then as jaja says it may be due to excessive coughing. Again i am not a doctor but i do work in the field of respiratory medicine. if you are concerned then speak to your doctor.
Avatar m tn I take tylenols to ease away my headache. I also had some dark green phlegm that I spit out when I wake up and sore throat too. I asked a doctor about it and she told me to take ambroxol (mucolytic) and some loratadine. She told me that I may be having some allergy attack. I finished taking the dosage and I felt a little better but I still have the same symptoms. Here are what I'm feeling the past week, I hope someone will take time to explain to me what possibly I have.
Avatar n tn Within two days both of those were replaced with chest congestion, tightness, and a wet cough producing green phlegm. Now its been about 5 days of wheezing and this cough i can feel the congestion deep down in my lungs. When i breathe i can feel the phlegm and mucus and i wheeze when i exhale. It is usually worse at night before i go to sleep. Im not quite sure If i should go see my doctor.
Avatar f tn follwed by 2 days of sore throat and now cough 1st day of had green phlem 2nd day yellow green...when coughing my chest felt burning and achiness then subsided until next cough. During the day my cough is feels irritated not to much acheing...almost dry cough. And not coughing at night. My toddler had same cold but seems to be getting better...mine is not . Do you think I have an infection now?
Avatar f tn After 8 weeks, I got a cold, fever, sore throat, cloudy nose and cough with lots of yellow and green phlegm. Since it is flu season in my place now, I want to be sure is this a possible sign of HIV infection? That guy did not ejaculate inside me. I am afraid of pre-ejaculation. We had unprotected sex.
Avatar n tn The cough was first dry and initiated by contraction of the throat. Slowly I started producing green phlegm. I went to see the ORL who confirmed my sore throat with strips of white infection. He gave me an antibiotic, Mucinex and Zantax and Tums for possible Acid reflux. 4 days later, sore throat is slightly bearable but the cough increased with white transparent sticky phlegm and is worse then I lie down. It is keeping me awake at nights.
Avatar n tn Throughout this course of my illness, I did have colored phlegm most notably green to sometimes grey that I would have to forcibly cough up to clear my throat. When one aquires ARS, do they have colored phlegm like a sign of an infection?
369994 tn?1225733799 I spent a week getting better being able to go to work, though still had congestion and phlegm in my chest, and a dry cough. Now 3rd week, I am feeling worse, NO fever, but chest congestion, dark green/yellow phlegm a constant dry crackly cough, itchy throat, and runny nose. Should I go to the doctor, since there is still some kind of infection in my upper respiratory system?
Avatar f tn Viral infection usually presents with cough, colds, sore throat and even sinusitis. This type of infection usually resolves after 4 to 5 days with rest and symptomatic management. If the symptoms persist for a week, iou have this checked by your doctor for proper evaluation. Bacterial cause may be considered and antibiotic management may be started. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar m tn I have been exposed to airborne asbestos for 7 hours at a building site. I use an inhaler to reduce inflammation. When I stop using it my lungs get in flamed and I usually cough up a long fibre as if its in my long and been striped off. The sensation is sore. When I go back to inhaler my lungs get up green phlegm. I d'ont understand all this~~? Can green phlegm remove asbestos fibres from lung or is it just white phlegm.
Avatar m tn t have the sinus headache anymore but the earache and sore throat are still there pretty strong. Finally, the phlegm in my throat stopped being so green/brown and recently went to a clear/white thick with bright red in it. Last night I brought up some that was all red. I only started coughing after the blood was found in my phlegm, so what could possibly cause this?
Avatar m tn I always awake with layers or lumps of green nose dirt (mucus ?) in my nose. Also I have a frequent need to clear my throat and I cough up phlegm which is often green. I have thought it was associated with a cold but it has been there now for months or even years and I do not think I have a cold. Or is it possible to have cold symptoms which linger for months? Can I do anything to help this condition ? Thanks for your help.
Avatar m tn So about 10 days ago, I started to have symptoms like runny nose, stuffed sinuses, productive cough (with green phlegm), a slightly sore throat, and a generally "sick feeling". i dont think i ever had a fever though, everytime i used my thermometer it was in the 97F range. the day after that it had spread to both my eyes so i had double mucopurulent pink eye. That night my eyes were dripping yellow mucus, it was like a cheese waterfall coming from my eyes!
Avatar n tn The fever went off in 3-4 days but i still had runny nose later resulted in Sinus. a week ago i had green phlegm with some blood in that. So i rushed to hospital and had a chest xray. prior to that the nurse and doctor at hospital checked my chest and said its a viral infection. But after observing my chest xray, i have been advised that i have caught a mild secondary infection so i was put on Augmentin 375 mg coruse for 7 days. today i have finsiehd teh course.
Avatar n tn ve been spitting white/clearless foamy phlegm for a week now and sometimes in the morning the phlegm is light green..i thought it was caused by allergy and took claritin but it does not help...what caused this? flu?
Avatar n tn What color is the phlegm you are coughing up? Green is infection. White or clear would not be infection. It could be allergies. Do you have trouble swallowing food and is food getting stuck? If so, it could be something more serious like a tumor. It also could be your thyroid. I would get a second opionion.
Avatar m tn I have alot of thick green phlegm in my throat every morning. How can I prevent this?? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/284230'>Excessive phlegm-sometimes clear, sometimes yellow</a>.
Avatar n tn I have been sick for 2 weeks with sore throat and a mostly non-productive cough that brings up thick green phlegm that tastes awful. I was starting to feel better, got voice back but then my sore throat has returned. I feel really fatigued and fuzzy headed today as well as some rib pain on the right hand side. I was running a temp in the evening around 101* but not running one currently. I just feel really sick all of the sudden. Should I be concerned about this or will it pass in time?
Avatar n tn Throughout the day, when I blow my nose, there will be occasional green mucous too. But phlegm that I cough out is colourless. My throat is only very slightly sore occasionally. In addition, the white in my eyes have red spidery streaks ever since, and I have eye discharge when I wake up in the morning. I am very troubled. Is this serious? Thanks for your patience with my long message.
Avatar n tn It could most probably be tonsillitis and a throat infection. Throat pain, difficulty swallowing, fever, scratchiness in the throat, post nasal drip, malaise and loss of appetite are symptoms of tonsillitis. It can be caused by bacteria like streptococcus or it could be a viral infection. Bacterial infections need antibiotics. Repeated strep throat infections are an indication for tonsillectomy.
Avatar f tn I have never spent any time clearing my throat before and I still don't do it a lot or do it compulsively. I do it in the morning because the mucus builds up in my sleep. And then one or two more times a day. And stuff does come out. And it's wads of green phlegm. Isn't the first possibility ruled out because of that? I'm not mistaken green phlegm mean I have some kind of bacterial infection or immune response.
Avatar f tn But about 2 weeks ago i started getting a scratchy throat, it doesnt hurt when i swallow, i dont have a fever, and its on and off, typically worse at night, and in the mornings. I also cough up green phlegm, which in my understanding is a infection of some kind. Well this morning while driving to work, i got a bad cough, and vomiting. Thosr are the only symptoms, its better now, but i know it will pick up again soon. I need to know what it may be, some insight would help.
Avatar f tn My phlegm is dark brown to green. Is it possible I have an HPV infection even if we have never been sexually active with anyone else before?
Avatar n tn If he/she is at all uncertain about the diagnosis or indicates that further evaluation is not warranted, I suggest that, if you believe it is coming from your lungs, that you see a lung specialist, also known as a pulmonologist, and if you decide the green phlegm is coming from your nose, throat or sinuses that you see an ENT specialist. At bare minimum, you should have a chest x-ray and examination of the sputum. Good luck.
Avatar n tn Sounds like you are really miserable. The green phlegm is almost certainly a sign of clinically significant infection, most likely acute bronchitis, but perhaps pneumonia, suggested by your extreme lethargy and high temperatures. The wheezing could be from the acute bronchitis or could be a reflection of underlying asthma, worsened due to the infection.