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Avatar f tn everything's going around. i have a high fever (probably viral) and that's going around my school. a stomach virus is also going around. this all in addition to the typical colds, ear infections, etc... that are constantly present. it's not your fault, there's nothing you can do other than keep them home when they are sick. if all parents did that then maybe there'd be less stuff going around.
Avatar n tn There is so much going around at bthe moment colds coughs chicken pox,you sound like you have had the flu and a virul infection maybe a throat infection which causes high fever,take paracetamol for temp and drink plenty of fluids
Avatar f tn Seems that there is a cold going around New York now. Starts with a sore throat and then makes you tired and acheu/sore all over. Some people also develop a cough. Seems to last a few days. Anybody else have this one?
Avatar n tn Posted By karen on April 02, 1999 at 09:36:03: Hi, I am trying to find out if I should be alarmed or not. I was diagnosed by a doctor as having an upper respiratory infection, although I don't agree with the diagnosis. A week before I started feeling ill, I got something like a rash on my chest. I am going to see a dermatologist today about it. When I started feeling ill, I was having muscle and slight joint aches and muscle burning.
Avatar f tn For about four months now my tongue has been a yellow color with indents around it looking like prints from my teeth? I'm so scared that it may me tounge or throat cancer also about a month ago I noticed that my tonsils on both sides have holes in them. What could this be causing the tongue indentations, yellow color and BIG holes in my tonsils and there is no white stuff coming out one even looks like its split.
Avatar f tn And this last time he was standing up and almost passed out, fell over twice before going into see a doctor, again its a throat infection, really bad. we hadnt put 2 and 2 together until recently, but maybe that fact that he was giving me oral is making him sick... is this possible? what could be the possible cuases? can having sex first maybe be cuaseing this? is there something we r doing wrong.. or? im not sure what to ask or how to get information on this.
Avatar n tn I could feel like a little lump under my throat when I touch it. I also failed to mention that I also had a sore throat(lasting 15 minutes), which comes and goes during this ill period. I also had a recurring soar throat during the year... maybe twice which seemed to only last about twenty minutes. Recently, I had a lot of clear white mucos in my throat that may have lasted a good month or month and a half. I appreciate your help in answering other people's questions as well as mine.
Avatar n tn 5 weeks after exposure, I got a slight sore throat with some congestion after a weekend of going to the beach and water getting in my nose. The next day it felt like a sinus infection (congestion, headache caused by pain in bridge of nose/forehead which worsened when i bent over, some phlegm, sore throat only in the morning). Also, ever since my exposure I've been checking my groin, armpits, and neck constantly for swollen nodes. I have yet to feel any swollen nodes in my armpits and neck.
Avatar m tn And with this crazy weather that has been going on, there are lots of viruses going around still. These symptoms are not related to any std. They aren't even symptoms of std's. Here is a website you can visit to better educate yourself on they symptoms of std's and risks, etc. www.ashastd.
Avatar n tn For about the last nine months my throat around the tonsil area I'm guessing, there has been balls of infection shooting out. I have been to the doctor several times they give me antibiotics and send me on my way. It takes several days for the medicine to start to work, the infection returns around 3 to 4 days after the end of the antibiotics. It helps but I know I can't stay on these forever.
Avatar f tn I live in germany and it is going around here too,. I have been miserably sick for a wekk and a hlf I knwo i caought mine at church as I am pretty much on bedrest the rest of the week...but everyone is sick and this is my second time this season...first time while preggos though so it made it worse.
Avatar n tn since three months i am having infection in my throat , i used erythromycin but no result then i took azithromycin ........250 mg but no results .. this infection does 'nt cause any type of pain or swelling but i find it irritant and psycologically bothering me .also i am getting cough which is transparent and thick .........
Avatar m tn As per my previous post I had a throat infection and couple of skin infections for which my doc prescribed week course of erythromycin, seemed to clear the throat but then within days it was back 10 times worse accompanied by singular swollen pea sized node under left armpit and neck felt glandy, doctor has put me on another week course of erythromycin, 2 days in my throat still hurts like hell and myblegs fell like ive ran a marathon, also keep getting pains in armpits and left breast area (s
Avatar m tn I'm a 24 year old male. For about the last year ive had a bit of a mystery going on with my throat, i started to notice my lymph nodes acting up, i could feel them, also my uvula was poking my tongue..VERY annoying and something ive dealt with on and off for a year, i had blood tests done, cultures ultra sounds of the nodes, nothing irregular found. Its been going on for so long its affecting my quality of life...
Avatar m tn On Monday, I recorded a fever of around 100-101 and the swelling in my throat had gotten to the point where my tonsils were completely covered by exudate. Swallowing was painful and difficult. Started to experience a bit of fatigue/aching. Later in the afternoon I noticed a rash forming in my upper groin area, and at that point I decided I should probably return to an office for reevaluation.
Avatar n tn Except for the tooth pain, everything is transient and also moves around my body. My sore throat only lasted a few days. It is getting better tho. Best of luck!
Avatar n tn Also, 4 weeks after the incidient i developed a sore throat which 5 weeks on has developed into an itchy throat with lumps spreading around the inside of my mouth towards the back of my throat. They are not painful but are itchy. My doc says my throat is red and the spots are ulcers. But I thought ulcers were painful and not itchy. Is this a symptom of gonnarea, chlymadia or warts in my mouth.
Avatar m tn 3 weeks after my exposure i had a bad sore throat, cough, runny nose, headache. 3 months later i had a bad sore throat again with a runny nose. I became parranoid so i had the following test. at 4 weeks: Naat and antibody both negative. at 8 weeks: Antibody test: neg at 14 weeks: hiv screen test: neg at 6 months : naat test + antibody test.: both neg.
Avatar m tn Going to the Doc tomorrow. I still have this sore throat which as I read is a symptom of something. I hope its not HIV. this is my third day with it. My throat is red in the back. Mild one though. I hope he checks it for gonorrhea Sorry but getting nervous.
Avatar n tn I have a big lymph gland infection on the side of my throat and the drs. think that it is possible it is from my tuberculosis and I think it is from my tooth being infected what do you think?
Avatar m tn Hi all, I am here again. After exact two week of possible exposure, I am having sore throat on one side ( right side), I am not on any medication to treat sore throat since it is mild painful. Yesterday night, I just found out I have one swollen lymph nod on the neck ( painless, same side with the sore throat ). which drive me going crazy again. It's been 3 days for all those symptoms going on. it seems like all symptoms are neither getting worse nor getting better.....
Avatar n tn m not sure what the typical time frame is for symptoms to appear, and I read that gonorrhea of the throat is typically asymptomatic. If I went to the doctor and just told them I was having a sore throat and headaches, would they be able to tell the difference between gonorrhea and strep throat?
Avatar f tn it started before he got the antibiotic though, and before the MRSA throat infection was diagnosed. And this all started with what I thought was a virus. Do you think he should get a sputum culture, and is that even possible when he's not coughing? Thanks again for all your advice, you've been very helpful, which is very much appreciated.. it makes this a lot harder that he's in another country and I can't talk to the doctors there.
Avatar f tn I'm 26 weeks ftm and I'm not feeling good at all. I'm dizzy my belly hurts alittle and I feel like I might puke. Its not morning sickness I've been alittle sick with sore throat and a sinus infection. I'm out of ideas Plz give any advice idk wheat her I should go to the hospital or not...
Avatar n tn I just got over strep throat about two weeks ago but its going around my work. My throat feels like I'm getting it again. Is it possible to get it again this soon?
Avatar m tn I have a sudden swelling in the gums around my wisdom tooth. This is happening around only one tooth and another sympton is that my throat glands seemed swollen on the same side as i experience sharp pains when ingesting food. Not sure what is the cause of this it started hurting on say like last sat but i could still eat then by monday night it had double the size. i want to know what remedies there is that might counteract the swelling other than prescribe medicine.