Throat infection from kissing

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Avatar n tn Welcome back to the forum. No STDs are transmitted by kissing, regardless of either partner's recent exposures to other persons. Neither your kissing partner's methotrexate treatment nor her underlying health disorder would increase the chance she would have an oral STD infection or have any effect on transmission by kissing. As for your symptoms, the cause is obvious: you caught a cold.
Avatar n tn I was just wondering how common it is to get syphilis from french kissing? I recently went to singapore and kissed a bar girl. This happened about three weeks ago and now im worried sick. My throat is sore and there seems to be a sore spot in my esophagus that i cannot see. She did not have any visible sores on her lips, so im just wondering what the probability is that i could have contracted syphilis. Is a sore throat a symptom?
Avatar m tn Same with hsv2, it really infects the mouth area In conclustion getting oral hsv1 from kissing is much more a risk than getting it from a penis by giving oral and also having genital syphilis is much more rare than having genital hsv1 or even hsv2. Also syphilis is more of a country area risk like africa or even in the gay community here but new reports is the syphilis is getting a foot hold in the north east these days.
Avatar m tn can you get gonorrea or chlamydia from french kissing a girl?
Avatar m tn The best bet by far is a garden variety respiratory infection like viral pharyngitis or strep throat. You could have caught it from one of your CSW partners by kissing, or from any family member, friend or coworker you have been around recently. No STDs are transmitted by kissing. Performing cunnilingus is very low risk for any and all STDs. Among those uncommon possibilities, gonorrhea is the greatest likelihood -- but gonorrhea of the throat usually causes no symptoms.
Avatar f tn You can get bacterial infections just about anywhere - some are transmitted by water particles in air (someone coughing or sneezing on you), by touching something that has bacteria on it and then touching your mouth or nose, or kissing someone. The ways that bacterial infections can be transmitted are endless. Don't kiss anyone until you have taken the antibiotics for a few days and your lymph nodes are no longer swollen.
Avatar n tn if she had a hiv, and in her mouth she was bleeding, what is my risk? also, can i get anything else from kissing? something that would last this long?
Avatar m tn i know that somebody could get syphillis from kissing someone so heres my question. Back like 2 months ago me and my ex girlfriend kissed sometimes. not really any tongue kissing. well lately my throat has felt a little dry but not sore and now i can look in my throat and i see 1 bump. it doesnt hurt or anything it just feels like something is there and when i reach in the back of my throat i can feel the small bump. do you think that it is anything to worry about?
Avatar f tn I have read everywhere that there is no risk from kissing. However, what if there was slight blood present. This girl was from San Francisco mission area. I am worried to death I had an exposure.
Avatar m tn s behavior, I can tell you the there is virtually no risk from kissing and exchange of saliva. no one has EVER gotten HIV from kissing, even deep kissing and even when one or both persons involved in the kissing have cuts, sores, or blood in their mouths. This was a completely no risk event and there is no medical reason for you to seek testing.
Avatar m tn Activity consisted of french kissing, receiving unprotected oral from her, and then protected vaginal sex. Three days after the encounter my throat started to get rather sore, and that is the only symptom I have (no fever, no genital pain, etc). I've read that if it was an HIV infection, symptoms could include sore throat but would not occur that soon after infection, so I hope I don't have that.
Avatar n tn I recently found out I have genital gonorrhea and because I had oral sex with the person that gave it to me I understand I may also have the infection in my mouth although I have no symptoms of a bacterial throat infection. If I kissed someone else before I found out about the Gonorrhea but after the exposure, how likely is it that I gave that person oral Gonorrhea?
Avatar m tn can you get Pneumocystis jiroveci Pneumonia from from kissing a hiv postive person? she been having coughs some but nothing else she said.i know you cant get from french kissing but worried about Pneumocystis jiroveci Pneumonia. i went to the doctor last week and they said i had pneumonia they put in the hospital for 4 days on antibotics. i got out and two later i went back and they gave me different antibotics and still feeling a little bad.
Avatar f tn Also, I have read that leg pain is a common symptom with acute HIV. I have read everywhere that there is no risk from kissing. However, what if there was blood present. This girl was from San Francisco mission area which has a higher concentration of HIV. I am worried to death I had an exposure. Lastly, I did feel very tired during this period of time and I swore my neck, armpits and groin were hurting or achy. Could all of this be stress and anxiety or should I truly be worried?
Avatar m tn wondering if she has gonorrea of the throat can i get that from her or anything else? could my throat hurting come from her or is it something else?
Avatar f tn So there is basically no risk of acquiring an infection from me kissing her ythen her performing ooral on me? That will be my last question thanks.
Avatar m tn I been French kissing a girl for awhile. She have some bad teeth and a sore throat for about 3 weeks. She told me that she was HIV positive that is all we done was French kissing. I had a sore throat for a couple of weeks and feel like a swollen lymph node on one side of the neck. I had e rash on the front side of the neck just one spots. It went away after day. I did a 30 day antibody test and it came neg. Should I be worry and what is the accurate of the test?
Avatar n tn t flu like symptoms, sore throat and chills a symptoms of HSV infection, be it type 1 or 2??? Even without obvious lesions correct?
Avatar f tn Whilst I had the infection (but was unaware of it) I kissed a guy (deep kissing). Could I have spread the infection to his throat? I have a feeling I got the infection from kissing too because I always have protected oral sex. I am meeting up with him again and am afraid that if I kiss him again I will get the infection from him. Am I overthinking it?
Avatar m tn Face is red and itchy - maybe from exposure to the sun. I now 4 weeks post possible exposure. Sore throat. Could the pimple on lip be oral herpes or HPV? Could the acyclovir delay an outbreak by a few days or week? I was told to take on day 7-8 post possible exposure and stopped taking it after 6 days when I got the test result back.