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1095600 tn?1333823007 OK the past day or so I've had this issue with my ear and throat on my left side. Shortly after breakfast I noticed a very sharp pain in the left side of my throat. Sort of felt like I had something sharp (like a chip) stuck in my throat, yet whenever I ate/drank/coughed, nothing would happen. Shortly after that my left ear started getting painful as well. Often it is very itchy inside and doesn't stop.
Avatar f tn I woke up today with a itchy left ear and my left gland is swollen . Just wondering if it is a ear infection . Is there any way to treat it at home ?
Avatar f tn Hi, In late October I had a nasty cold which complicated into an ear and sinus infection. I had severe ear and facial pain (thick pale green nasal discharge, no fever, earaches, tooth and jaw pain, swollen lymph nodes in neck). I went to a doctor and she prescribed me three cycles of antibiotics through November and December to help clear it up (Zithromax, Ceftin, and Levaquin). It was a pretty tough infection. Strep test and X rays tested negative. White blood cell count was normal.
Avatar m tn Hi,my swollen left tonsil has white spots circular in shape,right one normal,with no pains,fever,sore throat but burning sensation on the left throat from outside little below,sometimes ear pain,left face burning like,headace for last 3months,medication as oratil500,enzoflam,smoked average 5to6 buts a day for 22yrs and alcohol twice a week,is it symptom of any cancer
Avatar m tn I went to my GP and he diagnosed me with an ear infection and prescribed the antibiotic Klaricid. Again, this took care of my sore throat and slowly eased the pain in my ear (though bloody pus discharges were coming from it). 2 weeks on, I still can't hear properly and recently the pain has returned a little, but my sore throat seems to have gone for good.
Avatar n tn This past Sunday I woke up with severe pain in my throat and ear. The ER physician diagnosed me with tonsillitis and an ear infection. I have been on Amoxicillin since as well as Pramoxine and Ciprodex. Today is my 4th day of meds and I am getting very little relief from the ear pain and the feeling of fluid in my ear which is decreasing my hearing. The sore throat has subsided with the exception of a little tenderness yesterday. The fatigue and lethargy have not subsided as well.
Avatar m tn Sounds like an infection. It could be a sinus infection, tooth infection, ear infection...all of these will cause the symptoms you are describing.
Avatar m tn I am a 21 year old non smoker, currently suffering a few days of neck pain, with occasional pain swallowing, sometimes minor ear ache (only on left side). I once had an inflamed lyph node (some months ago) but then nothing unil now. I have a history of hypochondria, and identifying pains with no cause, and was begining to worry about having pancreatic cancer or some bowl problems before, but this certainly seems real. Pain comes and goes.
Avatar f tn Sure. If the antibiotic doesn't work for whatever the infection he has in his ear, it's possible. Also, there's more and more research that shows that antibiotics we've been using to cure ear infections don't work any faster than the body itself would cure an infection.
Avatar f tn Neck lymph nodes can be the result of tonsillitis, pharyngitis (infection of upper throat), infection in mouth, caries in tooth, internal ear infection, outer ear infection, eczema, dermatitis, dandruff, breast cancer, fungal infection, other cancers like lymphoma etc. If you had flu like symptoms initially then it could be due to infectious mononucleosis too. A CT would give a clear picture of what the swelling is—a lymph node, a cyst or a neurofibroma or lipoma. Take care!
2072659 tn?1340597373 Looks like you have developed a nasal allergy which has progressed to a throat infection as well. There are tubes called 'Eustachian tubes' which connect the middle ear to the throat, this balances the air pressure in the ears. This tube can get blocked due to infections of the throat, which can give lead to a feeling of fullness in the ears and the resultant sounds. This can also result in infection of the ears.
Avatar f tn I have now been to the doctor 3 times within the last week for an ear infection that has gotten nothing but worst. It's now swollen in my face and caused my jaw to be really tight. I went to my ob first, she prescribed me antibiotics that hadn't helped. They suggested I go to the ER a couple days later so I did and that Doctor prescribed me antibiotic ear drops and hydrocodone. I went to a third doctor today that specializes in ear, throat, and nose and he suggested a wick.
1572016 tn?1295761959 i Had throat pain for like a month maybe its just a really bad infection. This might take time to heal.
Avatar n tn impacted wax, swimmer’s ear, middle ear infection, fungal infection of outer canal, boil in outer canal, pinched nerve, benign intracranial hypertension, blocked Eustachian tube as seen in cold and sinusitis etc. TMJ, sore throat and tooth ache can cause referred pain to ear. Mastoiditis is also a possibility. It is difficult to diagnose on net as most of these will also cause a muffled sound in your ear. Please consult an ENT specialist. Take care!
Avatar f tn so im 17 and every year i get this MASSIVE ear pain that runs into my jaw, and eating only makes it worse. my parents it just alleriges. so i took allergie medicing and that worked for 45 min, and the pain came back. this pain is so painful, i cant sleep, i cant do anything cause if the pain. this has been going on every year about. i know i might sound like a baby but this pain really needs to stop.. thanks for you time.
Avatar n tn A month ago i had sore throat with a low-graded fever, around 99F, then i had ear ache in the left ear. I was treated first with zithromax, my sore throat was gone, but i still had ear ache and hearing loss. then i was treated with amoxicilin for about a week, the earache is gone, but hearing loss is still here. at the end of the treatment, i started to feel nausea for about five days, and during the time i had trouble breathing, and felt my heartbeat increased occasionally.
Avatar f tn the infection consisits of swollen tonsils and glands in the neck, and some ear pain. No fever or coungh. I have been tested for strep throat and mono, both were negative. And i dont believe it is contagious as none of my faimy of friends have has this problem. the throat infection as accured five times now. . other than the antibiotics, i take advil for the pain (which helps somewhat) gargle with salt water, and sometimes use oil of oregeno.
Avatar n tn After a week he said he had STD. Now I have bilateral ear infection and some pain in the chest and sore throat which I can hear from very afar. Am afraid to go to the doctor for testing. We only had sex twice.
Avatar m tn Ive done this for my sons ear infections it helps the pain and stops the infection.
Avatar f tn I have had jaw pain for many days, only on one side, now i have ear and throat pain on the same side, and my jaw hurts so bad, like I had been punched (or so I assume) really har din the jaw. It hurts to eat, and I have pain in my ear and a sore throat.....can anyone give me advise? Bad sinuses? Time to go the Dr?
Avatar f tn Ear pain may be from the ear itself (ear infection behind or outside the eardrum), jaw joint pain, referred pain from the throat. Tenderness on the earlobe or back part of the ear suggests an outer ear infection. Likewise the ipod earbud problem suggests an outer ear infection. These can occur from local trauma along with bacterial superinfection. See your physician for a proper diagnosis and treatment. Hope this helps. Good luck!
373367 tn?1246402035 Back in January, I got extremely numb on my left side and lost feeling inside my throat on the left side. I also started having periodic ear pain. A few weeks ago, I got really numb on my right side and had a black dot in my vision briefly and lost feeling inside my throat on the right side. So, I went a few weeks without feeling in my throat. A few days ago, I got excited because I got feeling back in both sides.....then later that day it turned into pain on the left side and left ear.
Avatar f tn I'm 37 and had a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy 5 weeks ago due to constant tonsil infections and living on antibiotics. Before having the surgery I had sore throat pain, like a dry throat in the morning on the right side, and pain in the right ear for months but ear was always clear. After this horrific surgery, the ENT said I've recoved... but I still have the throat pain and the ear still hurts. He insists there is no infection or swelling in the ear. I am beyond frustrated!