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Avatar f tn I have had a reaccuring throat infection now for the past three months, that will go away with antibiotics only to return a few weeks later. the infection consisits of swollen tonsils and glands in the neck, and some ear pain. No fever or coungh. I have been tested for strep throat and mono, both were negative. And i dont believe it is contagious as none of my faimy of friends have has this problem. the throat infection as accured five times now. .
Avatar m tn Hubby had some allergy symptoms a few days ago.  He said it started as a sore throat, but switched to sneezing and runny nose a day or so later.  I've been taking my quercetin supplement almost every night because it keeps my allergy symptoms away.  Yet here I am, a few days after he started having symptoms and now I suddenly got a sore throat a few hours ago.  I know allergy symptoms aren't contagious, so this doesn't make sense.
Avatar m tn Hubby had some allergy symptoms a few days ago. He said it started as a sore throat, but switched to sneezing and runny nose a day or so later. I've been taking my quercetin supplement almost every night because it keeps my allergy symptoms away. Yet here I am, a few days after he started having symptoms and now I suddenly got a sore throat a few hours ago. I know allergy symptoms aren't contagious, so this doesn't make sense.
Avatar m tn All those times that I got sick I wanted it to last for weeks just so I would miss school or work and now that I need to get better it seems to be lasting ages. I got my first sore throat monday evening, and tuesday morning I went doctors and got diagnosed with upper respiratory infection and prescribed me with medicines. Symptoms included runny and blocked nose, fatigue, cough and sore throat. It is currently day 5and I just have a blocked nose and a bit of a cough.
Avatar n tn Hello, Strep throat, also called acute streptococcal pharyngitis, is an infection with group A streptococcus bacteria that causes a sore throat. In addition to throat soreness, signs and symptoms typically include a fever plus tender and swollen lymph glands (nodes) in the neck. Strep throat is highly contagious. It is spread by direct, close contact with an infected person via air-based germs.
Avatar n tn what lung disease can linger for 6 months or more.cause labored breathing,sweating & bouts of sneezing,runny nose &eyes.also a highly's not TB.i was infected by a cough onto the right side of my face.i've been treated for sinus infection,eye,ear,nose & throat inflamed.been treated w/3 antibiotics-z-pak,augumentin & quinolin(finished 3/16/08)symtoms are starting to come back,to the right side of head,eye,ear nose & throat.
Avatar n tn No HIV is not contagious, one can't obtain HIV infection by kissing or being in close with some one experiencing ARS. However, he /she might pick up common cold or other discomforts caused by general (common) bacteria and virus causing cold and cough.
Avatar m tn is acute hiv infection contagious? e.g. if I have flu symptoms which could be acute HIV infection (sore throat, headache etc.), could someone else catch a “regular” flu/cold from social contact with me? Or does that mean that it is only some other virus (I don’t have fever)?
Avatar m tn Strep Throat Strep throat is an infection caused by group A streptococcus bacteria and is the most common bacterial infection of the throat, according to MedlinePlus. The infection is contagious and can be spread from direct contact with saliva or nasal secretions of an infected individual. The most common symptom of strep throat includes a sore, burning throat that may be red in color and covered with white patches.
Avatar m tn Two weeks ago from today I noticed I had lesions/bumps of a red color on the back of my tongue and on the back of my throat. Three days ago I went to a FastMed center, and the nurse practitioner diagnosed me with HSV-1. She gave me some medication and sent me off. I had a sore throat in the beginning, but that's it. I do not know if this is my primary infection or if it is a recurring infection. How long will I be contagious for/ should I abstain from kissing and sex?
Avatar n tn I had a throat infection in mid January and I got antibiotics. It was contagious and my wife got it the next week and she also got antibiotics. My throat infection went away but my cough didn't and my wifes cough hasn't gone away either. I constantly clear my throat and my cough is dry. It's been almost two months. The cough and clearing of my throat is ruining my singing voice. Can someone give me some advice?
Avatar n tn Ever since his return I have noticed that he clears his throat a lot. In addition whenever he wakes up in the morning, there is a foul smell in the air and everyone in the house begins clearing their throat and blowing their nose. I have even experienced a burning sensation in my lungs when this occurs. Lastly, whenever he blows his nose, his nasal discharge has an extremely foul ordor. What does all this mean? Is it contagious?
Avatar m tn Hi, contracting std,s that would infect your urethra from such a brief unprotected exposure would be extremely low. Urethra std are more from a "deep throat" prolonged oral where your penis was incontact with the back of her throat. If this did not happen, you could still contact an NGU from mouth saliva. Most often with std's like gono, there would be a white puss urethra discharge and painful urination at day 5 or so.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with Strep Throat Wednesday and began antibiotics that night. When is the soonest I can kiss my boyfriend without getting him sick (long distance relationship and he arrives Friday night)?
Avatar f tn Other things like strep throat is contagious. Strep and staph are two contagious bacterias. Hope you feel better.
Avatar f tn So my bf has bronchitis and the nurse at the hospital told us it wasn't contagious but I woke up with a soreish throat and a mild cough but it doesn't sound crackly or anything, I'm 33weeks pregnant and wanted o know if the nurse could have been wrong and if so how bad could it be for my baby?
Avatar f tn I know viral infections are not contagious, but I'm pretty sure bacterial infections are.
Avatar n tn Your wife (and you) should practice good handwashing techniques, and be sure to encourage your daughter to cover her face when coughing or sneezing (if she is) and encourage good handwashing with her, too. Usually if someone has been on antibiotics for 24 hours or more, they are not contagious. Did she have strep throat, diagnosed by culture or rapid strep test?
Avatar n tn A doctor does a throat culture for strep throat (which while bacterial, IS contagious---- wash your hands. Viruses are contagious as well, so no matter what, wash your hands a lot). Might be a good idea to take him to see your doctor. The coughing and wretching may be his gag reflex. My kids AND I have this response . . . but we actually throw up. Maybe go get him checked soon.
5780797 tn?1374128448 About a year ago I got a sore throat out of nowhere and about 3 hours later I started feeling sick so I went to sleep. When my mother woke me up about 5 hours later I was extremely sore, could barely move, I was really weak, throat hurt to the point I couldn't swallow without tears instantly coming to my eye and I was running a fever. My mother took me to the doctors the next day and the doctor said my throat was almost closed off.
Avatar f tn Hello, Such peeling of fingertips after a sore throat can be due to infection like fungal or bacterial infection. Scarlet fever is also characterized by a sore throat and peeling of the fingers after a rash. It is caused by streptococcal infection. Nonprescription over the counter drugs of ibuprofen and paracetamol (acetaminophen) both help relieve throat pain and reduce fever. The symptoms usually improve even without treatment in five days, but the patient is contagious for several weeks.
Avatar f tn Oh man. No. Just be careful and don't swap spit or get too close. I had strep throat twice and an ear infection while pregnant with my daughter. I'm a strep magnet. If it's tonsilitis that he has just keep a good space and lysol when he leaves.