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Avatar m tn hello sometime last year i had a protected sex with a csw, i kissed her on her lips and i caught up with some kind of infection. i developed an ulcer inside my mouth within a weeks time, experienced on and off tingling for a month. i have white patches at the back of my throat and few white spots on my tonsil for an year now. it is not causing any discomfort though. I have tested negative for hiv, hsv 1,2 igg at 6 months mark, hep b and syphilis.. my question is: 1. what is this infection?
Avatar n tn 7. Are you exposed to the public, work with children in class room, have small children in your house who may bring home bacterial and/or viral illnesses from school? 8. Do voice problems occur intermittently when you have an active infection, or constantly with greater voice quality problems when active infections occur? 9. What asthma medication do you take? How long? Is there myopathy (side effects) in the larynx from this? From these questions, a plan of action might be 1.
Avatar m tn At some point after the Doxycycline incident, my throat got way worse and I noticed veins and red patches all over my sore throat. Cultured at ENT and came back with Klebsiella and Serratia. Prescribed Bactrim. Took for two weeks - most bodily symptoms went away (flank pain, episodes of increased pulse and headache, occasional left leg pain). Still left with occasional lung/heart pain, though its better. So seems like a Klebsiella/Serratia infection that disseminated through my body?
Avatar n tn The most recent, puss was found in her nostrils and spreading to her throat. I have yet to experience my daughter JUST having a cold or flu, she always comes down with an infection and needs to be put on antibiotics. I am very concerned and want to know a few answers: 1. Is there the possibility the adnoid removal and puss formation are connected and should be looked into? 2. Is there an answer to her always having infections in the throat ear and nose? 3.
Avatar m tn Throat diseases caused by bacterial infection may indeed be managed with antibiotics such as penicillin. However, aside from infection, other issues or conditions may also be the cause and it is important that the underlying cause is determined. Treatment usually depends n the underlying cause. It is best that you have this checked by your child's attending physician for proper management. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn At the beggining I Thought it s him because every time I would see him and had intercourse with him I would get throat infection. He says he did his blood tests and that he doesn t have no std s. Now Tomorrow I m going for blood tests myself because the doctor told me I might have soemthing viral. I never seen the papers proving that my boyfriend is clean but he said he ll show them to me. I don t like accusing left and right but honestly I am very concerned about this.
Avatar n tn strep throat and herpes have nothing to do with each other. strep throat is a bacterial infection, herpes is a viral infection. 1 out of every 2-3 adults has hsv1 orally whether they get obvious cold sores or not to know it. About 1/3 of us contract hsv1 orally before we ever set foot into public school. It's THAT common. Your grandchild could've contracted hsv1 orally from any adult who takes care of her or even from sharing toys, pacifiers etc with other children she's around.
Avatar m tn It could be any number of things, the most likely being post-nasal drip due to sinus infection, a cold, virus, allergies etc... Trying giving him an antihistamine and see if that helps. Or an age-appropriate child's cold medicine. The air could be dry and irritating this throat. Try having him suck on children's throat lozenges, or drink something when it happens.
Avatar m tn The swollen neck glands are secondary to the throat infection. It can go away after the infection is treated. Sometimes, the glands persist to be enlarged even after treatment. Please do give us updates. Good luck.
1875073 tn?1320454493 get some brown listerine an cotton swabs , wash your mouth an throat out with listerine spit it out the little that left swallow it .take a cotton swab an put it in the listerine an swab your ear with it .it kills 99% of germs do it three times a day for 3 days an it will go away .my grandmother did it to us i did it to my kids an my kids are doing it to there kids. it helps the pain as well.
Avatar n tn Hi, I had a bacterial throat infection: including sore throat, fever, headache and body aches.....This was before x-mas, I was given Augmentin, which pretty much cleared it up, except my cough and congestion.... After x-mas The cough got worse and fevers, tongue ulcers and head and body aches came again, my Dr. said this time it's viral, so it would have run its coarse, it's been almost a month and still hasn't cleared up at all.
Avatar n tn since three months i am having infection in my throat , i used erythromycin but no result then i took azithromycin ........250 mg but no results .. this infection does 'nt cause any type of pain or swelling but i find it irritant and psycologically bothering me .also i am getting cough which is transparent and thick .........
Avatar n tn since three months i am having infection in my throat , i used erythromycin but no result then i took azithromycin ........250 mg but no results .. this infection does 'nt cause any type of pain or swelling but i find it irritant and psycologically bothering me .also i am getting cough which is transparent and thick .........
Avatar n tn Also, I had a an open cut at the side of my mouth at the time of the screen and since the doc and me put our hands down my throat I have had an infection of 2 spot like things at the corner of my mouth, that are circle in shape, that go away when I have used antibiotic and eumovate creme but then come back a couple of days later. I am scared that these are chancers.
Avatar m tn I'm a 24 year old male. For about the last year ive had a bit of a mystery going on with my throat, i started to notice my lymph nodes acting up, i could feel them, also my uvula was poking my tongue..VERY annoying and something ive dealt with on and off for a year, i had blood tests done, cultures ultra sounds of the nodes, nothing irregular found. Its been going on for so long its affecting my quality of life...
Avatar f tn I had unprotected sex and performed oral the following day I received a throat infection. What are the chances that it could be hiv?
Avatar m tn Hi I have been snorting a subutex pill 6-7times a day for 7 years I know how very stupid it is this year it finaly get to me a i had 5 times a throat infection my doc. tells me i have caught it elsewhere but i didnt tel him about my addiction,so i just want to verify if it is because of my pill take?If yes then i have to try the other way to use id under my tounge is a proper way.I dont think i can give up yet.Thank you very much.