Throat infection and vomiting

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Avatar m tn So, try to take a soft bland diet and include plenty of hot oral fluids, this will help with your symptoms also. Tonsillitis is unlikely to cause vomiting, that too with just soup. Throat pain, difficulty swallowing, fever, scratchiness in the throat, post nasal drip, malaise and loss of appetite are symptoms of tonsillitis. It can be caused by bacteria like streptococcus or it could be a viral infection. Bacterial infections need antibiotics.
Avatar f tn I have had a cold for a week now. Runny nose of chorse but was stuffy first couple days.This non stop dry cough seems to not want to go away. It seems worse when I eat. Right after I eat it gets so bad I throw up all that I've eaten. It's like I can feel the food hanging up in my throat and chest. What is this and what should I take? Would really love to keep something down for once. Oh and Musinex DM makes it worse.
Avatar f tn hey i am taking medicine but i feel vomiting which feels in throat but not come
Avatar f tn How can I stop my cat from vomiting? She is taking Clavamox drops and was vomiting after each use. I spoke to her Vet and was told that I should give her Metochlopramide 5 MG first and wait for 20 minutes and then give her Clavamox. She is not eating and Vet suggested to give her baby food with the Clavomox. I am doing what I was told but my cat is still vomiting.
457438 tn?1302068407 Now she is having fever (103 degree) and throat infection for last couple of days. We consult a doctor on this Monday and she found a throat infection and prescribed Amoxilin and potassium clavulanate oral suspension (3.5 ml X 8 hours interval) for 3 days.Medicine started very same day noon and still continuing. But fever is continuing and also sometimes she has been vomiting and loosmotion. We again consulted Doctor yesterday and she adviced to continue medicine for another 2 days.
Avatar f tn My throat has been dry and sore for the past 6 days and it hurts to eat and swallow, but also ive been having headaches. I've been drinking along of water and orange juice to see if it will help my throat but it hasnt and i just looked in my mirror and my tonsils had white stuff on them. I gargled with warm salt water but it didnt help at all.
Avatar f tn I went to bed that night and this sore throat woke me up several times. I woke up with a lot of mucus in my throat and soreness. I got up that morning and it seemed to move from my throat to my nose. I had a drippy nose that day along with headache and all around stuffy sick feeling. I went to bed early that night, and woke up 3 hours later with really bad facial pain. So bad that I was difficult for me to go back to sleep and I actually started vomiting.
Avatar m tn - For desk job you may start working in 7 to 10 days. Heavy physical work is to be avoided for 14 days after surgery. Call your surgeon if you experience any of the following: bleeding from the surgical site inability to eat or drink difficulty breathing fever over 101 degrees inability to urinate vomiting. No where does it say you may or may not get an I looked it up...getting an infection following ANY surgery is bad news...
Avatar m tn I had an episode of forceful vomiting 5 days ago, and my throat has been sore since. It's the top part of my throat, but I can't tell whether it's esophagus or trachea pain. Antacids and tylenol don't seem to help. It doesn't hurt with breathing or swallowing, but is more of a constant dull pain. I don't have any other symptoms at all. Any idea of what it could be? Does it sound like any kind of emergency?
Avatar f tn Last week it seems to be getting worst as i find myself coughing for no reason, pain in my throat, vomiting and shortness of breath some times with a bout of hot flash.. I now have to travel with a bottle of water. Everything does not subside until i clear my throat fully of mucus. During this time, i cannot speak until i clear my throat. Tonight while cooking, the smell of garlic mixed with curry overwhelmed me and i started coughing to the point of almost vomiting and shortness of breath.
Avatar f tn I have had ultra sounds of the galabladder, pancaris and liver. I saw an ENT specialist who check for sinus blockage and infection which included a brain scan. All of the vomiting is wrenching, bile and blood. All tests have come back negative but were done with dyes and/or contracts. I do have high cholestrol and triglycerides which I take Crestor and Trycor for. The symptons subsided for almost a year and has returned more chronically and severe.
1981214 tn?1327949140 Labyrinthitis is an ear disorder that involves irritation and swelling of the inner ear and may occur after an ear infection, upper respiratory infection, allergy, and medication side effect. Since the parts of the inner ear become irritated and inflamed., ability to have the balance, hearing, dizziness, hearing loss, nausea, or vomiting may be present. This condition usually goes away within a few weeks with the help of symptomatic relief.
Avatar f tn I got up this morning after only 1 hr of sleep to go to work and I had no voice and more intensified throat pain. I messaged my boss again and got no response so I went in. My husband says I should stay home and is worried my illness might hurt the baby. I don't want to lose my job but my boss is ignoring my need to stay home today.what would you do? Is my husband right? Could my illness hurt our little girl?
Avatar m tn The cough could be from post nasal drip, which happens when your nose gets clogged up, and the headaches happens from pressure in the sinus cavities, and the upset stomach is from infected mucous draining in there, and the swollen lymph is from the body trying to rid itself of the infection. People can have a bad sinus infection and not realize it, and a sinus infection would also explain why you've had this for so long.
1939530 tn?1323758027 What is clear that, whether one or the other of the preceding problems persists, you do need to see your doctor because, “the very stuffy nose and very itchy throat” may reflect a treatable infection that might also be effecting your lungs (bronchitis or pneumonia) or, if allergic may respond to a short course of prednisone and, if the vomiting persists, you may soon become dehydrated.
Avatar f tn After coupe of days i am having throat infection and slight fever. Could this be because of any STD ? What are the chances of me contacting any STD though this action ? Is it possible that I might have contacted any serious STDs like HIV etc. I am quite sure that she didnt have any rashes , sores or any kind in her anal, she was pretty clean. I don't have nausea , vomiting or stomach ache. Please advise me what i should be doing , i don't want to pass something serious to my family.
Avatar f tn I have come to the conclusion that I must have contracted it due to my symptom, and I know that HSV2 in the throat is very rare to specific AIDS and immuno compromised people. I would like an opinion on the matter. I will be tested on the 11th of May for those who will tell me to go get tested. 2. Is it possible to contract HSV2 and HIV at the same time from someone? Even though giving a blow job is technically considered low risk? 3.
Avatar f tn There are different pills the doc can prescribe you if the ones you have are not working. Personally i take zofran and must take them correctly or they will not work. Your throat is probably irrated therefore causing the blood in your vomit. Try ginger ale and crackers to settle your stomach.
Avatar f tn t remember which had occurred first, the vomiting or the hoarseness in the throat.) I took him home and he went to bed. The next day he was fine. About a month later, at about 8:30 pm, he came to me and asked me for some tablets for his throat. I assumed he had a sore throat from getting a cold so I told him you can't take tablets for that. A couple of seconds later his voice changed immediately and sounded very hoarse. Then the difficulty breathing began.
Avatar f tn If its bright red and isn't the only thing you are vomiting, then your throat is probably just irritated. If it is dark and looks like coffee grounds then go to the hospital asap.
Avatar n tn well i havebeen sick for the past five days with a headache sore throat vomiting and i havent eaten cause whatever goes down just comes backup and not only that idrink heaps of whatever and all but no matter how much water i drink it just comes back up as well and i do not no what to do please help me since ive been sick i have lost 10 kgs
Avatar m tn I am wondering if any of these actions could have led to an HIV infection. I am worried because i understand that throwing up can cause cuts and bleeding in the throat and/or stomach, which seems like a possible infection route. I looked at my mouth and face in the morning, and did not see any visible blood. If there was blood in the bowl with vodka in it, or blood on/in the glass of water I drank, would I be at risk? Would I be at risk if toilet water/vomit got into my eye or mouth?
Avatar n tn I have had a sore white spot on the side of my tongue in the back for about a week and now the spots are on my throat. I have also been vomiting for the last two days. first question is do the have any thing to do with each other and what could cause this?
Avatar n tn Eustachian tube dysfunction is something I have and have suffered this. An Ear Nose and Throat doctor helped me. My husband after a cold had an ear infection which caused this. It's cold and flu season. Not sure about the palpitations part as that is not related to ear issues that are our center for balance (and why we get dizzy often -- and extreme vertigo will make us nauseated and vomit). Does he have anxiety when he feels the fullness in his ear or the dizziness start?
Avatar m tn Hi. About 10 days ago I had sex with a female callgirl. She masturbated me in the shower, then gave me ******** (no ejaculation) and then we had brief protected sex. When she was masturbating me her fingers went from her vaginal area to my penis a few times. Over the past 10 days i have progressively had a sore groin at my lymph nodes (without swelling), sweats (day and night, but no fever), sore joints/muscles, continual headaches, nausea and now vomiting.
5362981 tn?1366909987 So, take precautions and treat the throat infections at the earliest. For now, continue with the medications and as the infection resolves, his appetite should improve. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn I am having a son of 2yrs and he has had a fever for the last 3 days we have gone to see the doctor and she says that we has a throat infection, but today my son started to have diarrhea and vomiting bile. what should I do?