Throat infection after surgery

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847512 tn?1272567062 On top of that when I was in Washington state over the holiday I came down with a viral throat infection and had to be rushed to urgent care cus I could feel my throat swelling....well that turned into a infection. Today I called my NS who is out of the office for the week to get advice on what to do...His colleague said to get to urgent care and check the incision to make sure no injuries to that and check for Pnemonia just to be sure...
Avatar m tn My son had a septum surgery, after 7 weeks he had a fever with sinus and sore throat (Is this a matter of concern? as I doubt in the hygiene level of the hospital) frequently he has a back discharge from nose to throat (thick mucus) with headache. are there any specific advice?
Avatar f tn m 37 and had a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy 5 weeks ago due to constant tonsil infections and living on antibiotics. Before having the surgery I had sore throat pain, like a dry throat in the morning on the right side, and pain in the right ear for months but ear was always clear. After this horrific surgery, the ENT said I've recoved... but I still have the throat pain and the ear still hurts. He insists there is no infection or swelling in the ear. I am beyond frustrated!
Avatar m tn I am getting an infection on the left side of my throat a little next to the lingual tonsils.. I had my palatine tonsils removed about a month ago.. My lymph nodes are swelling up massively and im fatigued alot.. It feels like a scraping pain when i swallow on the left side of my throat and hurts a lot.. Is it normal to get infections like this after a tonsillectomy? I am taking the remaining penicillian i have from the tonsillectomy as well as vicodin to lower the pain..
Avatar m tn I went to my PCP who said it was a sinus infection but this sore throat happened the day after oral so I think it's from that. He insists it's not & gave me some medicine for the sinus infection. I have been taking the medicine (Flonase) for a month now but still have a sore throat on and off. He never swabbed my throat either. What could this be? The sore throat is there one day and the next day it's gone. The back of my throat is really red and looks swollen.
Avatar f tn It is normal to have a sore throat after surgery even days later. Mine was actually worse a few days after surgery and i also had a straining sensation in my chest that lasted a while. I'm sure that everyone recooperates differently, however you shall consult the surgeon if it gets worse....
Avatar n tn Now finnally i recently after about a month after my surgery developed an infection in my back molars near where my wisdom teeth were removed and there like this raised red area and my gum is infalted and when i push on it pus comes out. Why is it i keep getting these infections is this a symptom of candida or some kinda of viral infection.
Avatar f tn I had a culture done because of throat pain and infection, it was negative. This started up a month or so after using the drug Restasis (cyclosporine) for dry eyes. I have had cataract surgery and I'm 56 years old. The infection is only on one side of my throat. My Internal Doctor isn't familiar with Restasis. I'm going to visit my eye doctor in a few days. I'm currently on antibiotics and I'm using a nasal spray for my sinuses (from my Internal Doctor).
Avatar n tn ) There are a few possibilities, one -that she has an infection.....two, that if it is only still a few days since her spaying, she could still have some throat irrtation from where the breathing-tube went in for her anesthetic. A "chesty" cough always needs to be evaluated by the vet, I think. It may still be residual irritation from her anesthetic etc, (if that was fairly recent) or it may be something else which needs treatment. I would take her back to the vet to be checked.
Avatar n tn Is this normal or could this be a sign of an infection? After my surgery, I was prescribed penicillin for one week.
Avatar n tn I had several complications - I was given an antibiotic ointment for my cracked mouth which I was allergic to (hospital mistake) and I developed a severe infection in the left side after about a week. My face became very swollen (my eye was swollen shut) and I had excruciating pain. After several months, I began getting chronic ear infections and sinus infections, both of which I never had problems with before. Tubes were put in my ears in March 2007.
Avatar n tn My daughter had surgery to remove an arachnoid web - possibly the cause of a syrinxe (syringiomyelia). The surgery was Feb 1 2011. 3 weeks later we were in a minor car accident - my daughter was seatbelted, but had her eyes closed at the time our car was hit by another car running a stop sign. she refused to go to the hospital at the time of surgery, and although she was seen by our primary care doctor that afternoon, no MRI or further testing was done.
Avatar m tn Paul suggested, which is find out if you have a respiratory infection or throat infection of some kind, which might be causing the swelling. Also, he can prescribe medication to knock down that neck pain, which since you have pictures that prove cord compression, he shouldn't hesitate to provide pain meds you. I've been in a situation where I thought I was choking to death, and it was absolutely terrifying.
Avatar m tn 2 weeks after exposure I had an oral surgury and 6 weeks after exposure I had a complicated knee surgery and I was hospitalized for two weeks. I was taking 2, 10 days courses of antibiotics after each surgery. Symptoms: aside from normal flu symptoms that I assume are due to common cold, I developed mild but persistent sore throat 3 weeks after exposure which has been continious up to now. I got white tongue as well which I think is bacterial and perhaps the reason for my sore throat.
Avatar m tn After having dcr surgery there was problems with the recovery after local anaesthetic. After 6 weeks it was decided to take tube out. Unfortunately it had to be tried without local anaesthetic. Thed opthalmologist was unable to remove tube. It was released from the eyelid. I have been told to blow my nose repeatedly and hope the tube comes down..Also he said I may have swallowed it. I feel I would know if it had gone down tghe back of the throat. Has anyone any experience of this situation.
Avatar m tn I got a sinus infection after working under a house several years ago. I have been under a lot of houses but this was the first time I had any kind of ill health effects. I was coughing up A LOT of mucus. After about a month without it clearing up, I went to an ear, nose, and throat doctor. He gave me an allergy test and scanned my throat. He said I was allergic to everything. Most on the sheet were rated about a 3 whatever that number means.