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Avatar f tn What's some good exercises I can do at home to slim my stomach and tone my legs?
139792 tn?1498585650 I have suggested kegel exercises to number of male members for ED and PE. Recently I read one article. It says kegel is not for all . In stead, one is safe if they do anal peripheral prostate massage. One can google prostate massage and find 4 types of massage. Anal massage is indicated in PE and ED.Search for this massage.
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Avatar n tn Yes, I have seen this article and will try the exercises. Will let everyone know how it works out.
Avatar f tn // Be sure to get the OK from your doctor before doing any exercise program!
Avatar n tn My sore throat also comes after I eat or sit down for some time. Now it has been around 3 months but the sore throat continues. I am not sure if the exercises worsened the reflux or I contracted some other illness ( super bug or something ) that is affecting my throat.
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Avatar f tn However, a secondary problem is not being able to eat properly (my mouth and throat is sore), making it painful to eat. I have never had this problem before after a dental cleaning.
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Avatar m tn Hello, I am twenty one years old, male, and had a fever of 102 just a few days ago. It came with a sore throat and doctor diagnosed it as strep throat, and I have been on antibiotics ever since. Prior to getting sick, I was doing intense body weight exercises. Now that my fever is gone, some of my muscles are still feeling very weak, especially arms. I am having more difficult time shaving, driving, typing, and grooming.
Avatar f tn They are huge in comparison to the rest of me, and I need to know what exercises i can do to burn fat off my thighs, particularly. I eat as healthily as I can and walk 30 mins to and from school every day.
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Avatar n tn sometimes i feel cold, slight pain in chest and then light blood when i clear my throat. i don't know exactly whether it is from throat or teeth but i feel it is from throat as i feel chest pain before and after blood for hours.
Avatar f tn 12 foods that make you smarter: According to Fernando Gómez-Pinilla, PhD, a neurobiologist at UCLA who studies the impact of certain foods on the brain, the key is to avoid fried foods and add more omega 3 fatty acids to your diet. Omega 3s are essential for normal brain functioning because they are our primary source of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), the most abundant omega 3 fatty acid found in the cell membranes of brain cells.
Avatar n tn after reading an article from a Dr. Lin that said that Kegels make premature ejaculation worse and other exercises causes irreversible damage to your penis i got scared and decided to stop PE. But since ive stopped my erections are not as strong or as hard as they were while i was doing the exercises or as it was before i started...I have been away from my girl friend for the pass 2 months which is why i have been masturbating and watching porn etc...
Avatar f tn Stop sexual activity for some time.And do few exercises or some techniques as under. Google the word or phrase. Take general health care. male deer exercise female deer exercise, kegel exercises for both. breathing to orgasm,There types-simultaneous, alternate, circular breathing. Root chakrs, navel chakra, and throat chakra yogic locks.Difficult but good exercise. Anal breathing exercise Learn and practice whichever exercises you like.
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