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Avatar n tn In the most common form of the condition - obstructive apnea (also called upper airway apnea) - air stops flowing through the nose and mouth, but throat and abdominal breathing efforts are uninterrupted. The snoring that results is produced when the upper rear of the mouth (the soft palate and the cone-shaped tissue - the uvula - that descends from it) relaxes and vibrates as air passes in and out. This sets up an air current between the palate and the base of the tongue, resulting in snoring.
Avatar f tn t have the typical sleep apnea characteristics with the exception that my jaw is very retracted and tongue restricted and my throat is very restricted. This he thinks would contribute to some apnea and that the sleep study should be able to determine some answers. In the meantime he told me to stop doing the jaw exercises the TMJ specialist had me doing which may have contributed to the throat and jaw restrictions.
Avatar n tn I have been diagnosed with sleep apnea and received one of those machines. Shortly afterwards I lost my insurance so I no longer can afford to go to the clinic. I was told I awake 120x a minute and snore so loudly the walls move inward and outward (nurse agreed with my wife). It went well for about 2-3 weeks when I realized I was removing my tube in my sleep. This went on for awhile till I was let go from my job and no longer had insurance. I could no longer afford to deal with the clinic.
Avatar n tn My throat feels tight constantly like my throat is dry with a lump in front and sometimes I wake up choking and gasping for air. What could it be?
Avatar f tn I suggest you follow-up with you sleep apnea team, and consider undergoing a formal or in-home sleep apnea test for more definitive diagnosis. The mandibular advancement device should help, as well as CPAP. The dental device pulls your lower jaw forward, which pulls your tongue forward. If you have a long wait, there are inexpensive low-tech boil and bite models that are sold over the internet for snoring, which does the same thing, but not as well as the formal device.
1185315 tn?1288907489 I was at work one night and I drank like 3 cups of hot herbal tea, well I was leaving work and It felt like something was poking the back of my throat and I stuck my finger in the back of my throat to feel it and it felt just like a hard bone. So I waited for a couple days and thought I would wait and see if it went away. Well it didnt so I called my dr. I went in and he felt it, then he had another Dr come in that worked with an oral surgeon.
Avatar n tn I have been having cramping in my throat it feels like a charlie horse and it seems to be more on the right side. it last around 30 seconds and even happens in my sleep it wakes me up. it dose not happen when i am eating or swallowing my doctor has no idea what is causing this. i have sleepapnea and this is very scary. i know i have not pulled a muscle or yawn to make this happen. i hope you can help me or tell me where to look for help.
Avatar m tn I wake up every night, sometimes half a dozen times with a parched mouth, throat, tongue, roof, even high up on my gums. First I tried to increase saliva, although I have plenty during the day, by drinking more, using an alcohol free mouth wash, chewing gum, artifical saliva, but I don't think saliva shortage is the problem. Whilst my wife tells me I'm a quiet sleeper, she says my mouth is wide open when I'm asleep, even though my nose is clear.
Avatar n tn what can i do now to be safe fromsleep apnea, until i see a doctor on monday,
Avatar m tn for 9 days I wake and my throat feels all caked up. if lay flat my face swells. so I don't lay flat now. lol I've been to the dr twice. one said sinus bacteria and the other said no sign of sinus maybe viral. I have no runny nose or ear problems headaches nor stomach aches. I do have swollen lymph nodes. I'm pretty much having to guess at everything. tried multiple things to help. as the day progresses it gets somewhat better but returns at night and worse by morning..
Avatar n tn I suppose it could have an effect, but not as in negligence. But while there is healing and swelling is there after surgery, the voice can be hoarse due to pressure on the throat. Over time, swelling goes down and that improves. But since the neck is fused, perhaps there is muscle atrophy from decreased motion, and the atrophied muscles might allow a bit more collapse of the windpipe than normal when lying down. That's just speculation.
Avatar m tn I suspected a dry mouth or throat and I started using Oasis Mouthwash to moisten my throat and use the Oasis spray down my throat before bed, ....which does seem to help. Could this be from a dry throat or the reflux, apnea, or all????? Note: One side of my nose is blocked and will open if I change sides (deviated septum / have tried nasal strips and saline before bed). In short, I mostly get my rest okay, ......but I am tired of not having the freedom to sleep "anytime" I want.
Avatar f tn You are probably experiencing sleep apnea. The muscles in the throat relax during sleep and if there is enough pressure around the throat this may lead to an obstruction of the respiratory pathway. This causes snoring or even pauses in breathing. This form of sleep apnea is called obstructive sleep apnea. People may experience this occationally, for example if they have an infection in the throat such as a cold.
Avatar f tn Some meds can make one more prone to obstructive sleep apnea by relaxing the throat muscles, or by making one too sedated to respond promptly to reduced or stopped breathing. Some meds can make one at risk for central sleep apnea. So a change in medications between the two studies could theoretically affect the outcomes. Maybe a talk with your doctor could clarify some things for you in view of your case and study details.
Avatar m tn I would love nothing more than to just stop snoring, but am fearful that it is something major like Sleep Apnea. Can anyone share their thoughts and experiences with me? I have decided that I will keep a sleep journal until my appointment on Tuesday.
539750 tn?1226521677 Hi, from your history it suggests that you are having Sleep-disordered breathing. It is important to rule out type of sleep apnea like Obstructive apnea, Central apnea and Mixed apnea. You need to undergo tests to rule out the type of apnea. Few of the tests include Apnea index, Apnea-hypopnea index, Respiratory disturbance index, Desaturation and Arousal index.
Avatar f tn In the last couple of months I've been noticing that as I fall asleep, always right when I start to dream I wake up suddenly because of shortness of breath, it feels like I've slowed down breathing or have stopped breathing. It's a little concerning because it intereferes with me trying to get to sleep lately but it's not like there are any other worrying symptoms going on.
Avatar n tn The ENT was likely trying to rule out an acoustic neuroma, which can cause dramatic hearing loss in the affected ear. While the CT scan radiologist was looking specifically at your sinuses, I suspect they also took pictures of the brain at the same scan, so you might ask the radiology department if they did. If they say yes, ask if you can get a copy of the MRI on disc. Then, since you are concerned about tumor, get a referral and take the disc to a neurosurgeon or neurologist.
1173247 tn?1504594662 Older people, say 65+ in my experience, suffer from spinal cord deterioration which give a intermittent (not all the time) clicking and pop in the back of the neck, not throat. Obstructive (sleep) apnea would also be suspect for the breathing problem, I think.. especially when lying down. But that problem foo is more common with senior age and overweight people.
287996 tn?1312023682 // his website is listed there if this link doesn't show up: he has quite a few web seminars like this one coming up: Expert Interview: Dr.
397460 tn?1268533736 hi,please consult the doctor to rule out sleep apnoea syndrome.There can be number of causes for snoring like deviated nasal septum,throat weakness causing the throat to close during sleep,Mispositioned jaw, often caused by tension in muscles,Fat gathering in and around the throat or Obstruction in the nasal passageway.
Avatar n tn i felt much better for a few weeks but then i began to feel terrible. It appears to have exacerbated my sleep apnea terribly, and moods are up and down. I have been slowly trying to wean from it but I wonder if i will ever get back to producing T normally. Weaning seems to be really tough, i've been very tired, a lot of back pain, and other symptoms. Is there anything I can do to help these symptoms?