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Avatar n tn I also had my thyroid removed about 2 years ago. The lumps are both movable and not painful. Can this be some sort of cancer. Did anyone ever experience anything like this? Im a little concerned, I set up an appointment with the ENT that peformed my thyroid surgery. Can these lumps be lymph nodes?
Avatar f tn Can anxiety cause a lump feeling in your throat. I had this lump sensation in my throat for months then it went away. Now I have persistent mild nausea everyday for pass 7-8 weeks. My knee hurts too and it's been hurting go two weeks now. I worry alot like everyday. I went to doc for my throat and they mentioned it was related to anxiety. I'm getting blood done and don't what's with my stomach. What comes to mind is std, ulcer, cancer.
Avatar n tn I am new to this site. I just received the results of my MRI and of course it was not in "ordinary people language." I do have the white matter changes. Quote from the report: 'The differential diagnosis includes prior trauma, migrain, accelerated small vessel ischemic disease, or demyelinating disease of infectious or inflammatory etologies. Clinical correlatio is recommended." lI have nerve damage. I don't feel pain when I get cut or scratched.
Avatar n tn I noticed a pale white patch on the roof of my mouth today.When i drank water i felt a sharp pain down my throat as if something was stuck.I went to my doctor who dismissed it as cancer. But i am still worried sick as on the net,almost everything says white patches are highly likely to be cancer. i took some pictures of my mouth and pls advice! Oh dear i am so worried right now. For the first picture: At the back of my throat,there seem to be small red spots.anything unsual about those?
Avatar m tn Hi, I am HBV inactive carrier, and before my be three weeks I suffer from mild pain at my right throat with ear, I visit an ENT specialist and he prescribe a treatment for me ( Rino Clinil Spray ) which contain ( belomethasone dipropionate) twice daily for 15 days.. I am 42 years old, and I am follow HBV since 15 years and the latest analysis ( Feb 2012) was normal liver function and very low dna (12 IU/ml), and the quantitative ( 125 IU/ml)..
Avatar n tn I am so paranoid now that since I had oral with her that the virus particles are in my throat and will eventually give me throat cancer, or that her giving me oral will cause me to get cancer down there. I know I sound pathetic, but I don't know what else to do.
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Avatar f tn Hi there....I'm new to this post and was wondering...I found a lump behind my 4-year old son's ear....last week he had a sore throat in addition to him saying that a bug bit him in that same spot. It was red and swollen a week ago, now it's just a pea-sized bump. Since then he's had no symptoms of being sick, but the bump is still that a lymph node and are they reactive? I keep touching it to see if it's getting bigger.
Avatar n tn First off, I am 19, male, always been pretty healthy. Over last summer I began smoking cigarettes on occasion with friends and then smoked (maybe 3-5 a day but not every day) for two or three months in college. Since then I have quit then went back to occasional use and now really quit for good. I have seasonal allergy issues for which i take Allegra. About a week and a half ago I began having a lot of drainage and nasal congestion.
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Avatar n tn my mother thinks she has throat cancer...i think barretts....since she was little she would always have her stomach acid flow through her throat.....( idon't know if that makes sense, like when she is laying down it flows back into her throat) and so over the years, her throat has suffered from the acid...she also feels pain in her throat...her throat burns everytime she talks and swallows (occasionally). her voice has became rough/scratchy. she also feels a lump in her throat. help me....
331673 tn?1199354285 I was given a choice to either quit smoking and hope that we were early enough to have caught it, and hope that my throat repairs itself, or end up with throat cancer and all that goes with it. I quit smoking. My following check ups have been all good. I am LUCKY, because I didnt wait, I have lost to many friends and family to cancer, (on my husbands side even non smokers). So please dont wait, get to a Doctor. I may not be here today if I didnt Jump to it.
Avatar f tn It helped to calm my fears and he talks about the same article I read which states high strain hpv (not the kind causing warts but the kind causing cervical cancer) is now a big factor in the rise of throat cancer. According to him less than 5% of people with high strain develop throat cancer. I can rest a little better now. Thanks again.
Avatar n tn My husband has/ had throat cancer. He went through kemo and radiation. He is going to tested Fri. to see if treatment worked. He still has very bad breath. Also 2 other spots have shown up too. He also has a large lump on his leg.
Avatar f tn I went to see an ENT and he did a scope (went in through the nose and looked down at the throat), I had a CT of the throat, and an Ultrasound of my thryroid and a Upper GI Series (Barium Swallow). There was nothing he could see from the scoping, the CT came back negative, the Barium swallow showed mild to moderate acid reflux, and the ultrasound showed nodules (which the doc said was nothing to worry about). All in all everything that was done did not show any type of mass or obstruction.
Avatar n tn I suggest you see an Ear nose and throat specialist. They will be able to take a look in your nasal area as well as in your throat. So suggest to your family doctor you would like to see your local specialist.
Avatar m tn Hello I have been having some Throat Tightness, Its a feeling like a choking sensation, it doesn't bother me all of the time just every now and then. I am only 16 years old. Sometimes I have throat pain. I have had this a lot of my life, it comes and goes, sometimes it will stay away as long as a year or so, but somehow it manages to come back. Do you think that this could be some type of cancer of the throat? I did have a lot of sore throats when I was younger.
Avatar m tn I know a certain strain of hpv causes cervical cancer, so is it more likely to get penis cancer if your partner has/had cervical cancer? Is there any relation to cervical cancer in the amount of cases of penis cancer that occur each year in the US?
Avatar f tn I had a fever of around 103*F with nasal congestion, a sore throat, and swollen tonsils. Over the past few days, I started to have a pain in my left ear and I noticed that the left side of my neck is swollen and tender. Through all this, I have had a severe sore throat that makes it difficult to swallow. The pain changes daily, and is worst when I wake up in the morning. When I first became sick, I had trouble sleeping through the night because of the intense pain.