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Avatar f tn It could be due to varied causes like upper respiratory tract infection like laryngitis or pharyingitis, head and neck cancer, oral cancer, reflux laryngitis in people who have acidity and GERD, muscle abnormality, voice box abnormality, polyps, tumors or weakness of voice box etc. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar n tn Throat cancer refers to cancerous tumors that develop in the throat, voice box or tonsils. After treatment, follow-up exams every few months during the first two years is done to allow your doctor to monitor recovery and check for a cancer recurrence. While such follow-up exams can increase anxiety around this time, it is recommended that you plan ahead by finding relaxing activities that can help redirect such fears.
Avatar m tn t smoke or drink but since I was so concerned he looked at my throat and voice box with a scope. He said every thing looked normal except for a little swelling in the back of my throat. I've started taking my medicine for reflux again but don't really see much improvement. I'm still scared I might have cancer. This is a fear I have had for many years not just in the throat area. Have I done all that should be done to check for this?
Avatar f tn I suspect that the source of your problem lies in your voice box. You may have laryngitis that is only being made worse by your occupation. Cancer would be very low on my list of concerns for you. I would be willing to bet that if you were able to rest your voice, this would get better. As far as what your doctor can do, I would start by simply looking at your voice box with either a flexible scope or a mirror.
Avatar m tn This can be caused by bacterial or viral infections, mucus coating due to post nasal drip, irritation of the throat and voice box by irritants. Irritants can be anything from dust, smoke, etc. Damage can also be caused if you suffer from acid reflux. You may have damage to the vocal chords by over use, or by straining the vocal chords. If you do sing, then do make sure you do vocal warm ups. The voice box needs to be looked after like any other part of your body.
Avatar f tn thyroid nodules can cause this problem, and so can a thyroid goitre, all benign, so can thyroid cancer, so can throat cancer, and so can just plain ol muscle spasm... the most common is muscle spasm under stress and dehydration also lack of magnesium.. hope this helps.
Avatar m tn Is post nasal drainage a sign of throat cancer? 5: Does the weight loss, that happened over a 2 week period look concerning? Thank you for your insight!
Avatar m tn Is post nasal drainage a sign of throat cancer? 5: Does the weight loss, that happened over a 2 week period look concerning? Thank you for your insight!
Avatar m tn Make sure that you drink plenty of fluids, especially water, 2-3 litres per day is recommended. The voice box (larynx) needs to be rested and lubricated. Misuse of the voice, either by shouting and exposure to irritants (in your case, smoking) can damage the vocal chords. Acid reflux can also cause damage to the vocal chords. You may have nodules on the chords, or have mucus coating them and that will cause crackling, hoarseness, etc.
Avatar m tn There was a tumour found in his throat. He went through a surgery to remove the tumour . He had to remove his voice box and some muscle from his throat which was replace by his chest muscles . He had to breathe through a hole made in his chest. He got fed through a tube in his stomach. After the surgery he was getting better and had to wait nearly 4 weeks for his radio and chemo therapy. During that period he developed an infection in his throat . There was a leakage found in his neck.
197575 tn?1215532624 That is so cool -- but kinda wierd ... I know the thyroid doesn't have anything to do with one's throat (other than its conventional physical location), but I just can't help imagining the woman with this spare throat & voice box inserted into her arm. I would be afraid of it saying something I might regret. Sorry -- I sometimes think of things that are funny in my head but then when I put them out on paper they're more wierd than funny. Please excuse me ...
Avatar n tn Acute pharyngitis and laryngitis is the commonest cause of loss of voice due to infection and inflammation of the voice box and throat. This active infection, coughing, and clearing throat can often result in break in small blood vessels. Usually these heal with treatment of laryngitis which involves antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic drugs along with maybe decongestants, warm saline gargles and throat elixirs.
Avatar f tn On some cases, the connective tissue forms between the scar and voice box, affecting the voice but in about 3 weeks it should disappear.
Avatar n tn With such a history it becomes rather important that you do see the ENT doctor and have your throat/voice box examined. In all likelihood you can be helped, but it's not something that can be done here (sorry)...
Avatar m tn I have been clearing my throat and getting a hoarse/raspy voice off and on for 8 mos. now. I went to my Dr. and he told me to take Claritin for allergies. That didn't seem to do anything so I went to an ENT who said my voice box was red from reflux and was prescribed Omeprazole 40 mg. I have been on it for 3 mos. and it hasn't done much. I was having some heartburn and seemed to help.
3848536 tn?1348421441 i am 18 year old girl my zodiac sign is pisces i am very sensitive person n emotional when i am preparing medical appttitude test people feel so jealose with me n they bark at me as a result i lose my voice when i speak i feel pain in my vocal cord voice box so i cant speak.
Avatar f tn Most patients with lung cancer who present with voice changes usually have tumor compressing on a nerve that descends into the chest before it rises up the neck to the voice box. If the location of the tumor is indeed close to the windpipe ( trachea - the single air tube that links both lungs and extends up to the back of the throat), we would need to consider that there may be compression.
Avatar n tn Hi about 1 month and a half ago i performed oral sex on a stripper right of the bat my tongue kinda felt weird after i did it and about a week later i started getting a sore throat but i also started feeling like something was stuck in the back of my throat around the voice box area now the sore throat comes and goes but the feeling of something being stuck never went away so i have a hard time even trying to swallow my saliva but no problems with eating or drinking so am i just paranoid?
Avatar f tn I have visited the ENT docs several times and all they do is prescribe me strong doses of PPIS to control the acid from going into my voice box/vocal chords. This seems to never work and my symptoms have been real;y debilitating in my life, especially the last two years the most. I even had a surgical biopsy to see if I had H pylori (strand of bacteria) in my stomach since a new ENT doctor was convinced this was the root to all my health issues and turns out he was wrong.
4661414 tn?1357777219 can feel lump one side of thyroid its tender to touch and voice real gruffy throat sore and side of neck on that side aches also been having hot sweats at night felt really up and down. Im 44 this year so could be my age. My thyroids levels came back normal i take levothyroxine 100mg. Seeing as i use voice box all time it could be gruffy due to this but lately its not recovering like it use to after rest . Years ago i had my voice box checked and was diagnosed with laryngeal reflux.
Avatar n tn I have to clear my throat constantly it gets worse after eat. My voice gets very hoarse at times from clearing/coughing my throat. It's been going on for 8 months and it's driving me nuts.When I lay down to go to sleep it totally goes away when I get up the clearing of the throat begins again. I've seen a lung specialist, an allergist, an ENT, I've had a chest x-ray, an upper GI series all normal. Anybody out there that can help me. I'm at the end of my rope.
Avatar n tn i have had problems with hper and hypo thyroid, my voice is very deep, are you having difficulty in swallowin, and did you feel a nodule which might be pressing against the voice box, i am glad your getting a us for thyroid or you have gerd and that also causes hoarseness and it back up in throat also