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Avatar f tn Sounds like you have irritated your vocal cords/laryngitis secondary to smoking and the excessive talking.
Avatar f tn anumber of years ago i was struck on the neck and shoulders by an 800pd ceiling gate, it did extensive damage, one of the things i suffered was damaged vocal cords, spent nearly a year learning to speak again, seems like i remember that they wanted to take body fat and fill in/around cords, don't remember my doing it, but i have been better for several years now here we go again, what is it and why?????????
Avatar f tn Ofcourse I am worried that I have cancer of the vocal cords, and am worried if it has spread if I do. My Dad had cancer and once it landed in the lymph node, he basically went down hill from there and within months, his cancer had spread all over and he died (that was last year), so you see why I am concerned. Any help/information would be great if you have it.. thank you in advance Stitch.
Avatar n tn I am noticing that as soon as I talk to friends for an evening for example in a restaurant or even just visiting at someone's house my vocal cords or throat starts getting sore. I experience a tightness in the throat area and my voice becomes hoarse. As soon as I stop talking, for example, go to bed - the next morning my voice and vocal cords feel fine and the hoarsness is gone. I never experience it at work but don't talk as much at work.
Avatar m tn Mine is from acid reflux and starts on the rear left vocal cord and extends to between the vocal cords remaining on the left vocal cord. In your practice have many of these turned up cancerous? I am a nonsmoker. I am scheduled for a bispsy and endoscopy on July 21 if it doesnt improve. I am very upset about this ulcer.
Avatar m tn Hmmmm..... interesting question. I would think that the risk would be increased for developing throat cancer, because there would be turbulent flow of smoke-filled air, and that would lay down deposits of tar and carcinogenic chemicals in the areas around the vocal cords. With two functioning VCs, the flow of air is more streamlined and there would be less deposition of cancerous substances.
Avatar f tn thought ther was a lump and I went back to my Endo she put a scope down my nose and found my Vocal Cords wew a mess, I have since seen an ENT and he will be doing laser surgery on my vocal cords. He said the build up on my cords has been for a long time and this surgery will help the hoarseness and the swallowing as well as breathing, all symptons blamed on thyroid. Perhaps you should your Endo to check you out.
Avatar n tn s secret is a basic lubricant for your throat (no medication) it has honey and apple in it and kind of coats the throat. if you sing with dry vocal cords you are more prone to damage them. i don't know how serious singing is for you but warming up and learning the correct breathing techniques is vital. my dr said even if i develop nodules and have them removed if i keep putting the strain on my vocal cords in possibly 6 more months i'd be having surgery again.
Avatar m tn I would see an ENT (ear-nose-throat) specialist - particularly one with a subspecialty in voice. If the vocal cords were paralyzed, you would know it by now - but there may have been some damage to the cords or the nerve leading to the cords.
Avatar m tn Can this also be a symptom of Vocal Cord Dysfunction? My throat usually gets tight just before, and suddenly my throat (vocal cords) close up for a short moment. I can there after breath normally. It isn't something that scares me, but it's very irritating and frustrating not knowing what it is and what causes it. Thank you! God bless!
437165 tn?1204604061 Ok. I'm not sure how to describe this but it feels like only one side of my vocal cords will vibrate when I sing or talk. Today its my right side. The left side just feels stationary. I don't know what could be causing it but when I usually feel like I'm on breathing out of one nostril but today its just my throat. Could it be the extensive amount of dust here in Iraq? Since I have recently tried to improve my singing i feel like there's a gap in octaves or whatever they call it.
Avatar n tn My husband is 65 years old and is a survivor of cancer in his vocal cords. My husband has been treated for cancer of the larynx since 2001. He is free of cancer and still has his vocal cords, but has developed a cough. It appears to be a side affect from all the laser treatments he had. The doctor prescribed Hydromet syrup to help with the cough. He is also taking 80 mgs of Lipitor. He enjoys having a few beers a day and finds he cannot finish one without stomach pains.
Avatar m tn My question is this though--has anyone ever had any surgery to help open up their throat from their vocal cords being paralyzed? I've heard doctors can remove your tonsils or open up a partially deviated septum(which I have) to help alleviate the feeling in the throat. I'm telling you, it feels like someone is constantly pushing on the right side of my throat.
Avatar n tn But much of what you describe suggests that the problem may reside in your throat; specifically in the voice box and probably involving your vocal cords.
Avatar m tn I am 22 year old man. Last year , i started to learn basic singing techniques on my own without any guidance. I rashly did vocal exercises, did singing exercises extremely loud for many months . I did it for fun and to improve my voice also. But now i am facing serious "inability to speak words" . My voice pause specially on vowels and many other words, cant start a word, vocal cords feel tight and locked and i am unable to start and sentence without putting pressure on throat.
Avatar m tn In Ayurveda or Naturopathy, is any medicine available specifically for vocal cords thickening or voice hoarseness? If not then, is any medicine available for larynx or throat? What is the name of the medicine and from where I can get it? I also need to know answer to one more question posted at If you have some pharmacological knowledge, please answer it.
Avatar f tn I have thyroid nodules and my ENT had no inkling, even through 2 surgeries on my vocal cords and complaints that I felt like I had something in my throat. ENT looked down my throat about 4 times to make sure there was nothing there, but of course, he couldn't see my thyroid. Wasn't until my pcp didn't treat my hypothyroidism properly and I got sent back to ENT (after hypo dx) and explained what was happening. ENT ended up sending me for the u/s and antibody tests.
Avatar m tn This can lead to disorders like laryngitis, vocal nodules, vocal polyp and sometimes contact ulcers on the vocal cords. But these changes are reversible if the causative factors are dealt with. And sometimes voice therapy is helpful. You will need to consult your primary care physician for further evaluation, who may then refer you to an ENT specialist. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn No other symptom, and will not go away, had a couple of throat scan, to show that my vocal cords do not close. Last week had a CT scan to show scar tissue from the procedure causing pressure on the nerves that go to my vocal cords. Has this happened to anyone else that has had this procedure done?
Avatar n tn I am suppose to get a Barrium Swallow in a week but i am so scared that i have sometype of throat cancer esp esophogeal cancer. I think about it all day every day esp when i am at work like i am now, it feels like my throat is closing and it just wont go away. Somebody help.
1208572 tn?1276142543 About 3 days later, everything cleared up. I mean everything. No more sore throat, no more vocal cord pain, no more throat pain. Nothing. Cured. Then about 4 days ago my vocal cords started feeling hoarse again. This was brought on by some bad hacking one morning(trying to get some morning phlem up) and now Im back to a sore vocal cord. Im not sure what my issue is. I dont know if I damaged the vocal cord area when I vomitted a few months ago. It seems all the pain has been since then.
Avatar m tn You should ask your doctors if pulmonary function tests showed any obstruction to airflow. You should request direct examination of your vocal cords by a doctor trained in the use of what is called a fiberoptic laryngoscope. A problem with the vocal cords would also be consistent with your symptom of hoarseness.
Avatar n tn When I freaked out he told me that it was not cancer that cancer is white and that this polyp looks nothing like cancer. First I would like to know if anyone else has had this type of polyp and what they were. My dr says that they are just extra tissue. If that is the case why do a biopsy? How can I deal with this until the ENT appt. I can't function through my day. I really need some reeassuance and help.