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4859844 tn?1360130470 Hi, How are you? There are many cancer treatment centers present in Florida and several factors such as type and stage of cancer, its location and management styles are important considerations for finding the best center. A referral from the attending physician may help. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn 4 weeks ago he has a upper scope done where they removed several biopsys. about a week later he was told by his Dr. that he has cancer cells in his throat and they were sending the biopsy out for staging. He then goes in about a week later for a CT scan, the Dr.
Avatar f tn I'm not really familiar with a lot of cancer centers, but I did a little research and came up with an article showing that there were 4 cancer centers in Florida awarded the Governor's award for excellence in cancer treatment in 2015. I can't find anything any more recent. "The recipients include the H.
Avatar f tn I have a friend who is going to the Cancer Centers of America who has pancreatic, lung, and liver cancer that is still here after being given 3-6 months to live in 1997, he's still going, living with cancer. When cancers are advanced stage 3,4 some of the best places to go are the different specialty hospitals and treatment centers like this one as they treat the whole person, and they have clinical trials they can get you in pretty fast. Tony has done pretty good!
Avatar f tn My markers dropped to 13 after surgery in June, then 3 weeks a go they went up above 42. Oncologist at Cancer treatment centers of america said I would get the same treatment here so I really don't want to travel. Plus they only have one gyn oncologist for their 5 hospitals and they are back logged. I have read that the best results are from drs that specialize in gyn cancers.
Avatar n tn Dear Lisa - depending on where you live in Texas, I would go to MD Anderson Cancer Center! I took part of my training to be a medical librarian, at their library, prior to my husband being transferred to Iowa. If you live in North Texas, there are also good hospitals in the Dallas area. There are also wonderful resources online at sites such as Medline Plus, Mayo Clinic, and Cancer. org to name only a few.
Avatar n tn At age 57, I had a radical prostatectomy slightly more than one year ago as an apparently successful cancer treatment. Incontinence is still a significant problem and I am considering further treatment to control this problem. The incontinence condition is very slowly improving but also quite limiting. What is a reasonable amount of time to wait to see if full bladder control will be recovered without additional treatment?
167426 tn?1254086235 The trial follows a compassionate use trial conducted in Israel with a patient suffering from ovarian cancer characterized by intra-peritoneal distribution of metastases and ascites (liquid containing cancerous cells that builds up in the peritoneum as a result of the cancer), after the failure of conventional chemotherapy treatment.
Avatar n tn These are the cancer centers doing the latest cancer research. They are located all over the U.S. and are usually affiliated with universities. Even consulting with another oncologist unaffiliated with your current one is good. Different doctors bring different perspectives to situations. There may be a clinical trial for which your friend may qualify. Certainly, it is always useful to seek second opinions. In any case having an open and frank discussion with your medical team can be useful.
Avatar n tn Which breast care centers are most active in treatment of metaplastic carcinoma? How does one decide where to go for specialist opinions on less common cancers if local resources are limited? Are there any statistics on effectiveness of chemotherapy for this? Originally I was told that after a mastectomy for invasive ductal carcinoma, the next step would be chemotherapy.
Avatar n tn make sure to get a second and third opinion rergarding the best treatment possible for your daughters type of cancer. If you are in NYC you have the advantage of taking her to some of the best treatment centers in the world. I would suggest Memorial Sloan Kettering or Mt. Sinai Hosp.
Avatar n tn Also it takes a long time to get a call returned. I see Cancer Treatment Centers of America advertised all the time, but have never known anyone to go there. Good luck. I wish the best for your family.
Avatar n tn I have a friend who as had treatment for throat cancer and now his face as swollen, he was told he does not have any glands and this is the reason, he his in considerable pain, can anyone advise. This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Undiagnosed-Symptoms/facial-swelling-after-throat-cancer-surgery/show/492532">facial swelling after throat cancer surgery</a>.
287578 tn?1198549844 There is a promising new drug, Sunitinib, which has recently been demonstrated to be active for this type of cancer. Treatment for the hepatitis C in the form of interferon and lamivudine, may have to be given as well. Any of the big cancer centers (example: MD Anderson) have adequate facilities for handling these cases.
Avatar n tn My husband has/ had throat cancer. He went through kemo and radiation. He is going to tested Fri. to see if treatment worked. He still has very bad breath. Also 2 other spots have shown up too. He also has a large lump on his leg.
Avatar m tn There are now several Proton treatment centers around the country. Loma Linda pioneered it in this country about 20 years ago and due to their success many major hospitals now offer it.. Lots of doctors wont recommend it because the dont have the facilities and equipment and are not trained to use it...
Avatar m tn Can contact Dr. Mu Feng at Fuda Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. Hospital ad No. 167, West Xingang Road, Guangzhou, China. Telephone 86 20 84468003. Dr. Mu's mobile is 86 13189096673. My father is currently being treated there for Small Cell Lung Cancer, Extensive Stage. We are quite satisfied with the hospital. All the best to your Mom. God grant strength and hope to you and family.
Avatar m tn I believe that Johns Hopkins is a good choice for this since this is a specialized highly regarded cancer center. Fortunately, ALL is a treatable cancer with cure rates as high as 90% for specialized centers. I would also agree with you getting her to a specialized center in the US as data shows that US figures are still much better than that of developing nations but I believe that there are also good centers in India that can match US figures.
Avatar n tn My husband was diagnosed with throat cancer the end of October of 2008 and he is now more than 1/2 way through his treatment which is - 36 radiation and 3 chemo treatments. He has had a feeding tube (PEG) placed little over a week ago and now pain is so severe in his throat isn't eating at all and swallowing very little water. He is having the thick white mucous so bad that he is spitting in a cup all day long and at times is chocking. Does anyone have any suggestions for us?