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Avatar f tn s prognosis, as throat cancers in certain locations are more aggressive than other throat cancers. The stage of the throat cancer is also important to recovery, as cancer is easiest to cure when it is caught in its early stages. You have not provided enough information regarding the type of throat cancer you are referring to for someone to try to give you an answer.
Avatar m tn hi everyone. on the right side of my neck next to my throat i get a kind of pulling sensation/feeling like something might be stuck in my throat on that side from time to time. i got this feeling once almost a year ago and went to the doctor for it. he said maybe it was allergies but didnt seem concerned because he felt around my neck and didnt feel any lumps. with him telling me there was nothing to worry about i put it out of my mind and it wasnt an issue anymore.
Avatar f tn Hi my name is Dawne and I am 48 years old. I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer Stage IV on August 21, 2007. My cancer has mets into my lung. I found out last week that my calcium levels are very high. I also suffer from severe rheumatoid arthritis and osteoperosis. My RA doc wanted me to take reclast for my RA. My cancer doc is concerned that my high calcium levels are indicators of my cancer spreading into my bones. I am having a bone scan on this Thursday coming up.
Avatar f tn Hello.... what is the time line for the last stages of ovarian cancer.. My mother is 77 has had it for 18 months now... the cancer is in the lymph nodes, she is 36 kgs her stomach is huge and she is taking a high dose of drugs for the pain,,, but my brother and i are so confused .. the docs tell us nothing, i am at the stage where i read her chats to get any info i can. i am a hands on person i like to know what there pumping into my mother.... god its hard and heart breaking to watch .
Avatar n tn The official stages for breast cancer are Stages 0 through Stage IV, and each stage and subcategory of the stages has clearly defined features. Another breast cancer Website had an article that mentioned Stage V in its title, but not in the article itself. After I pointed out the error to them, they indicated they would make a correction. (They also mentioned that some people "unofficially" talk about Stage V when there is nothing more that can be done except palliative treatment.
Avatar m tn In early stages of Thyroid cancer is it possible to have normal blood work? Normal hormone levels? Is it possible to alternate between hyper and hypo? Can thyroid disease cause spasms and twitching?
Avatar m tn There are actually only 4 stages that are used to describe the advancement of breast cancer. Stage 4 is when the cancer has spread to other organs and/or tissues such as the brain, bone, liver or lungs. It is stated that Stage 4 has a 5 year survival rate of only 16%. Please keep in mind that this varies according to the location of the metastisis. I personally know of survivors of many years with mets to the bone.
Avatar m tn Cancer originating in the salivary glands diagnosed as Adnocarsonoma Cancer was removed by surgery and has now spread to Lymph nodes on each side of the jaw of the 89 year old matriarch in our family. We understand it is terminal and are not pursuing further treatment for it, however, we do not understand how aggressive it is etc. Questions: How is it expected to progress? I.e.: Will it spread thru the Lymph node system or into the throat? How Quickly will it spread - i.e.
Avatar n tn Are you in the late stages of terminal cancer? Probably not, so no, you are conclusive move on!
Avatar m tn It is found in the mouth/throat of about 7-14% of sexually active adults and causes mouth/throat cancer. The vaccine does not prevent transmission of the virus and it does not treat the virus that is already acquired. It greatly reduces the chance of catching the strains of the virus most likely to cause cancer if given before exposure. HPV is spread through oral sex. It is found in the mouth/throat of about 7-14% of sexually active adults and causes mouth/throat cancer.
Avatar n tn I have an irregularly shaped white patch with dots of red on my soft palate. My GP said it's leukoplakia and needs to be checked for cancer. My throat was previously treated for lip cancer and my uncle died of throat cancer. As I'm a public patient I've been put on a waiting list to see the local ENT Dr's... is it likely that what I have is cancer? And if so, should I try to go private to get this seen to immediately? How long does it take for cancers like this to metasticize?
Avatar m tn Woke in a sweat this morning - new cold sore had funny throat feeling for a week not sore just aware(get them from time to time) now had diarroea feeling hot!!! keep looking for rashes. am I reading too much into it and all the symptoms are nerves!!!
Avatar f tn In your case, age 30 makes cancer very unlikely, but worth asking the question to the ENT - surely they are expert at spotting throat cancer. An Oncologist is expert at treatment, and in detecting the recurrence in people who he has treated with chemo (my wife is a close to me experience). The ENT is the right place to start I think.
675329 tn?1297288378 that you have cancer, second, there are different types and stages of cancer, all with differing prognosis, but usually once the thyroid is removed, the cancer is gone, too. Thyroid cancer is usually slow growing. Hard as it may be, you need to get through the biopsy to find out if you even have cancer, then take it step by step. I know it's easier said than done, but try to relax. Anxiety always makes things seem worse.
Avatar f tn Anyway times have changed and now weve learnt that Michael Douglas had throat cancer from hpv and are a bit worried for ourselves. Can you explain his chances of developing this cancer and what we can do to be proactive about it, such as oral screenings. Thanks.
Avatar m tn Fears like yours are not unusual these days, as a result of much media attention to throat cancer and its relation to HPV-16, one of the sexually transmitted HPV types. However, the problem is far less common than you might assume. That said, your concern about oral HPV is misplaced; you should not be at all worried. Oral HPV causes no symptoms; there is no chance such an infection explains the pain you are experiencing in your throat, lips, or anywhere else.
Avatar n tn my mother thinks she has throat cancer...i think barretts....since she was little she would always have her stomach acid flow through her throat.....( idon't know if that makes sense, like when she is laying down it flows back into her throat) and so over the years, her throat has suffered from the acid...she also feels pain in her throat...her throat burns everytime she talks and swallows (occasionally). her voice has became rough/scratchy. she also feels a lump in her throat. help me....
331673 tn?1199354285 I was given a choice to either quit smoking and hope that we were early enough to have caught it, and hope that my throat repairs itself, or end up with throat cancer and all that goes with it. I quit smoking. My following check ups have been all good. I am LUCKY, because I didnt wait, I have lost to many friends and family to cancer, (on my husbands side even non smokers). So please dont wait, get to a Doctor. I may not be here today if I didnt Jump to it.
Avatar f tn It helped to calm my fears and he talks about the same article I read which states high strain hpv (not the kind causing warts but the kind causing cervical cancer) is now a big factor in the rise of throat cancer. According to him less than 5% of people with high strain develop throat cancer. I can rest a little better now. Thanks again.
Avatar n tn My husband has/ had throat cancer. He went through kemo and radiation. He is going to tested Fri. to see if treatment worked. He still has very bad breath. Also 2 other spots have shown up too. He also has a large lump on his leg.