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11933135 tn?1422220588 What is the color ribbon for Hep C? What is the color for Cirrhosis of the Liver?
Avatar f tn Does PNH have an awareness ribbon? I can't find one anywhere or on any lists of ribbon colors. I'd like to make an awareness ribbon and some bumper stickers. If no one knows of any awareness ribbon color(s), I'd like to nominate pale yellow as the awareness ribbon color peripheral nerve hyperexcitability disorders in general, since nerves are a very pale yellow. That cool with everyone?
1759188 tn?1324678308 i just wanted to share this with all of you.... i have been wearing purple finger nail polish for about 4 months now, i have been asked numerous times why i don't change the color, my answer, "it is the chiari malformation color " wow do i get strange looks !!
624074 tn?1263873807 Just wondering. Is the Chiari awareness ribbon color a lavener or a royal purple color? I've seen them both. The one with the zipper on it that says Chiari is lavender, so I'm assuming that the "official" awareness ribbon for Chiari is lavender. Just wondering. I would like to start raising awareness in my area and make some bracelets, but don't know what color charms to buy. Also, sorry to flood the board with my questions.
Avatar f tn t have abdominal pain or blood in my stool aswell as none on the toilet paper so what could this be I am a worry wart and my worst fear is getting cancer is this an early stage of colon cancer or prostate cancer if anyone has any info I'm sure it would help oh one more thing sometimes i find my poo has little white type fibers on the ends is it related ?
543518 tn?1245322027 I was checking out some of the sites where you can donote to liver disease, and I know there are organized walks, etc., but do we have ribbons like cancer patients or AIDs patients, etc. Do we have a logo to help inform others of this disease?
Avatar m tn Thin, or ribbon like, stools are usually indicative of some sort of obstructive issue within the colon, or within the abdominal cavity pressing on the wall of the colon, therefore obstructing passage of normal sized, or normal shaped stool. If it is also accompanied by blood, of ANY quantity or color, SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION IMMEDIATELY!
Avatar n tn It actually angered me when I opened Sundays paper to see a target add in the month of Sept covered with Breast Cancer awareness items (all in pink). While I am not knocking breast cancer by anyyyyyy means ( my mother had it) but just the fact that there is all this for breast cancer and nothing for ovarian cancer... here is the site http://www.lorealcolorofhope.
Avatar f tn I would love to purchase a Chiari the Cancer Ribbon....but I don't know where to purchase them at....If anyone knows let me know...
200220 tn?1361951554 There is a thyroid awareness symbol just as the pink ribbon for breast cancer, this is a blue paisley ribbon for thyroid awareness. I haven't checked this site out yet. I would like to get one of the ribbons. They are beautiful and would help to make the world a little more aware of the disease.
1823499 tn?1370090289 Hey does anyone know the exact color of the chiari ribbon? I know its purple, light purple or dark? Im goin thurs for a tattoo and i want the correct color. Dont wanna mess it up.
107366 tn?1305680375 This Sunday, August 9th, Boris Said has offered to drive with a teal ribbon on his car! Boris is part of the #8 RCM/No Fear Racing team. The race is in Watkins Glen, NY. He will also be interviewed on "Trackside" on the SPEED Network Friday evening (7 p.m. ET), and may have a chance to talk about the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition sponsorship. Race coverage begins Sunday at 1 p.m. Eastern on ESPN.
168348 tn?1379357075 The Ovarian Cancer is there ... a bit to the left of the new additions ..a new release came out yesterday .. it's Nat'l Breast Cancer Awareness Month .. it's pink!
414018 tn?1268611672 My mum talked about seeing silver ribbons everywhere in sydney. I found this confusing but doing a internet search through google au for "Silver Ribbon Ovarian Cancer" shows over 9000 hits with emphasis on Silver Ribbon campaign by the Ovarian Cancer Research foundation ( so perhaps this is why she has seen silver. Do a general search and there is lots of teal. Very odd that OCRF wold go silver instead of teal.........
Avatar f tn I feel the same way. I got some babyfood jars and am going to put a ribbon around them and put like 3 fake flowers in them thats matching my color skem. Amma have 2 spread out on each table and also a lil confetti on the table.
Avatar m tn Nausea , Abdominal pain and discomfort , Lympnodes , Weight loss 16 lbs in a month or so , Thin ribbon stool for a month or so , Chest tightness almost tickels all over chest area . Achne like rash on forhead and temples . Im due for a doctor apointment with My specialist Aug 6th .. But i wanted to get some ideas on tests she should run ...
1208572 tn?1276142543 I have read that some symptoms of colon cancer are blood in stool and pencil/ribbon stools. My question is, how often would a person have this issue? Would it be daily, weekly, monthly? I assume it also depends on the stage of the cancer, from polyp to tumor,etc. Just curious on the persistancy of this issue.
Avatar f tn So I have been worrying about colon cancer off and on for over 3 months right now. From what I've been hearing getting symtoms with colon cancer usually doesn't happen later on right? So let's assume ribbon/penceil thin stool is a symtom of colon cancer like everyone else says it it. If I had colon cancer since I started worrying about it, wouldn' things have gotten a lot worse for me by now and I would have a lot of the other symtoms by now too?
Avatar f tn This time it was 3 weeks with nothing coming out so i took miralax for a couple days and then had a lot of diarreha so i stopped the miralax and 2 days layer every morning i wld go to the bathroom but it wld be long very thin or flat ribbon like. I still feel bloated and uncomfortable. Im so scared about the ribbon stool because everything online says cancer or blockage. Im a 38 yr old female. Also i started the miralax again last night but havent went to the bathroom yet.
Avatar n tn I examined my mouth several days ago and noticed a lump below but very close to my tonsil on the right side of my throat. Its the same color as the rest of my mouth and the only thing thats abnormal about it is that i dont have a similiar lump on the other side of my throat. There is some mucus build up in my throat and theres a slight pressure on both of my ears that occurs occassionally. It also seems my breath has been alot worse lately.
Avatar m tn Cost is $20, half of which will go to Lineberger Cancer Center at UNC. Plate will have the teal ribbon of Ovarian Cancer on it. Email ***@**** to sign up. We need 300 paid applications by the end of March or the plate will have to wait one more year for state approval……so don’t wait!
136849 tn?1327321510 I just went to a donation website and found that they have every type of cancer ribbon color on there including clothes, magnets, jewelry, etc. I just ordered a car magnet and bracelet for myself and my mother who is currently dealing with this disease. I hope I get it in time for her to wear her "strength", "courage", "love" teal bracelet to her Doc apt on Friday.
Avatar f tn I would like to know if bleeding from the throat due to severe coughing or brushing your tongue can be associated with Throat Cancer or Emphysema? For about 4 months now I have this problem. Sometimes it feels as if I have a Sore throat, but it hurts alot. When I eat and swallow I feel like the food going down is scraping on my throat or esophagus. When I cough severely and spit the phlegm there is a streak of blood, not red red but like an orange-red color.