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Avatar m tn my throat has been hurting and now i looked in it and deep in there i see a pink lump its not my tonsils i know what they look like its more in the middle everytime i eat i vomit it back up i feel i have cold sweats at night and im only 17 so im not thinking cancer but i do smoke and have smoked for a while now someone please just give me an answer
Avatar f tn It could be due to varied causes like upper respiratory tract infection like laryngitis or pharyingitis, head and neck cancer, oral cancer, reflux laryngitis in people who have acidity and GERD, muscle abnormality, voice box abnormality, polyps, tumors or weakness of voice box etc. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar n tn my mother thinks she has throat cancer...i think barretts....since she was little she would always have her stomach acid flow through her throat.....( idon't know if that makes sense, like when she is laying down it flows back into her throat) and so over the years, her throat has suffered from the acid...she also feels pain in her throat...her throat burns everytime she talks and swallows (occasionally). her voice has became rough/scratchy. she also feels a lump in her throat. help me....
Avatar n tn i just yesterday had a colonostomy done and had 2 polyps one was 4 mm sessile in the descending colon and the other was 30mm at the splenic flexure of which they were unabe to get all of it but he said looked very suspicious for cancer. he used the term frank cancer and high grade dysplasia. can you inlighten me on your thoughts. I am not afraid of having cancer i can deal with this i have a strong family network and i am a strong person but would like some outside input on this .
805622 tn?1238083014 hi have had polyps in my throat 4 about 6 years need to have them out cause r starting to hurt alot cant swallow properly feels like something stuck in my throat and ears hurting alot but to scared to have op any 1 here had the op if so how was it i also have depression and anixty
Avatar n tn Polyps unfortunately elevate the risk of GI cancer. Not sure if these are cancerous or not; have to wait for the biopsy.
Avatar m tn ve had two colonscopies since age 50, my first colonoscopy found a pre-cancerous polyp (had a more dangerous figure, I was told) along with other benign polyps that was which was removed (had no side effects after) I did a follow up colonscopy the year after and another pre-cancerous polyp (except to a lesser degree) was found and removed along with other benign polyps around the same area, the 2nd colonoscopy from a different surgeon I had a lot of stomach pain after.
Avatar n tn And does the earlier the age that polyps are found mean anything as far as cancer percentages? Will I have more of a chance of developing more polyps? How often should I have a colonscopy done on a regular basis? If the doctor says that the polyp is non cancerous then why do they send it away for testing? Thanks again for your reply. ___________________________ Dear Stefanos, A colon polyp is tissue that protrudes into the bowel lumen. A polyp can be made of different types of cells.
Avatar f tn I have a red polyp like bump on my tonsil and it won't go away. It started with a sore throat but now the sore throat is gone and it's still there. I also get throat pain sporadically through my throat but it isn't sore. I do get really bad tonsil stones so a couple of weeks ago I took a q-tip and tried to pick them all out. I'm not sure if it's related to that incident at all. The red spot is painless and I'm not sure if it's cancerous.
Avatar f tn re going to see a Gastroenterologist who can do a colonoscopy and see exactly what is going on, and even remove the polyp. Polyps are common after 50 and this is why they tell us to start getting colonoscopies at 50. Polyps can bleed, and are usually benign in nature. You're doing the right thing. I wish you all the best!
Avatar f tn Hi, it may not be related the polyps and throat irritation. Polyps are very common and occur in 30-50% of adults. Not all polyps become cancerous. It takes many years for a polyp to become cancerous and polyps can be safely removed. The symptoms described could be due to a throat infection, most probably streptococcal or a viral infection. Strep sore throat needs to be treated with an antibiotic as strep is a bacteria.
Avatar f tn my daughter is 7 yrs old has been diagnosed with juvenile polyps and suffers from anal bleeding,what are the chances of cancer?
Avatar f tn do all polyps turn into cancer? and are there different types of colon polyps?
Avatar n tn I have a half brother that died from colon cancer. My family has a history of polyps, thus I had my first colonoscopy at 37 (2 polyps) then at 46 (2 polyps) All benign thankfully. I've had complete annual physicals for the past 5 years and all good thankfully. I am due for a colonoscopy and am stressing about more polyps. Also have anxiety and that's flaring up because of the colonoscopy. Should I be concerned? Thank you!
Avatar n tn I've just heard from my friend a 44 year old male, his doctor has discovered over 50 polyps in his bladder & wants to remove them the following day. I am at my wits end as he mentioned cancer! How bad is it when that many are found. Thank you.
Avatar n tn First, you are young to have polyps. Is there a family history of colon polyps or cancer? SEcond, how many polyps were removed and how big were they? Third, did you have a follow-up colonoscopy and what were the findings of that study? This information is important to estimate your risk for colon cancer and to determine the type of follow-up that you need. If you are at higher than normal risk for colon cancer, then you will require frequent colonscopy.
Avatar m tn It may be time to seek a second opinion at an institution where clinical research on nasal polyps, throat clearing and chronic inflammation of the nose and sinuses has been conducted. The following are two such places. If neither is close to where you live, I suggest that you call the first one, Case Western Reserve University and ask if they can refer you to specialists closer to home.
1506428 tn?1290113504 People who develop colon cancer at a young age like yourself usually have an hereditary colon disease in the family like FAP ( Familial Adenomatous Polyposis). There are two forms, one is where thousands of polyps develop in the colon between the age of 8 and the teen years. With the attenuated form, polyps develop slowly and just a few at a time. With one cancer develops by their late 30's, the other by their 40's. It is very rare for one your age to develop polyps.
Avatar m tn Multiple adenomatous polyps often result in familial polyposis coli or familial adenomatous polyposis, a condition that carries a very high risk of colon cancer. Colorectal cancer is preventable if precancerous polyps (ie, adenomas) are detected and removed before they become malignant (cancerous). Over time, small polyps can change their structure and become cancerous. so it is advisable to take the opinion of a GI surgeon and get it removed.
Avatar f tn t get me wrong, not anxious to have another (except he sd next w/be under general anesthesia, but am wondering (I had to sign a waiver of possible missed polyps, cancer, etc.) DO POLYPS disappear?
Avatar n tn My son is 9 years old and has had a problem with breathing through his nose since birth. I have taken him to so many ETN specialists and he has had tubes 3 times, tonsilectomy, adenoids, and has had polyps in his nose cut out once. We finally found some medicine that has tremendously helped him with allergies and snoring. I had him tested for obstructive sleep apnea and they said there was no sleep disorder..but he had nasal polyps.
1064271 tn?1385618926 If you do not have a family member with colon cancer, then there really are no good tests to determine your risk. A colonoscopy is a diagnostic test to screen for colon polyps and colon cancer. if you have a colonoscopy and are found to have precancerous polyps, then your risk of developing colon cancer is increased and it would be advised that you have a colonoscopy every several years depending upon the number and type of polyps. I hope this helps.