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Avatar f tn Hi my dad has just had a pet scan the results came back with 10mm right nodule low grade up take in lung SUV 3.5 but also high tonsil results intense 11/12 SUV . Does this mean he has throat cancer and would the one in the lung be secondary. He has to go to see a ENT specialist ASAP. Hopefully you will be able to explain these results to me.
Avatar f tn Hi. You are right when you say that a more definite diagnosis can be arrived at by means of a biopsy rather than a PET scan. The PET scan measures the amount of fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG) taken up by tissues. FDG is a form of radioactive glucose. The assumption is that cancer cells are metabolically more active than normal cells (since they are rapidly dividing), hence they would take up more glucose to fuel their rapid growth.
Avatar m tn After being diagnosed with Breast Cancer, my mom had a PET SCAN done. The scan showed "lesions" on the ribs, pelvis, tail bone, lumbar spine, shoulder, femur and liver. Does this necassarily mean these areas are cancerous?
Avatar f tn If a person has a full body pet scan for lung nodules, would it pick up other problems, such as heart blockages, etc.
Avatar f tn Can a pet scan pick up any problems with the bone? Or do I need a bone scan for that. I had non-hodgins lymphoma over the summer of 2010. Latest pet scan was done in late november, 2010. Everything was fine. Having muscular pain mostly in legs and bones crack everytime I get dressed or move in bed. Can anything be developing from the lymphoma even though I had the pet scan not that long ago? My calcium and alkaline levels are elevated also.
395182 tn?1204909299 on the lower part of her left lung but before the oncologist says what might be best for her she wants her to go for a PET Scan. Surgery is not an option for her as they say she can't afford to lose ant part of her lung as her lung function test was quite poor, she is 78 and has been a smoker for over 60 years continous. Can anyone please tell me what a PET Scan is?
Avatar n tn It seems to me that I have a metabolic imbalance and a PET scan would be more appropriate that a CT scan to detect active disease. I understand there is scientific data that supports that PET scans are more sensitive than either the CA125 and CT scan and can detect disease before either of the other tests. Therefore, how do I get my health care provider to approve this test for me. Thanking you in advance for your help my battle.
Avatar f tn s basically a sugar laced tracer that gets injected into you. Cancer looooves sugar so the PET scan picks up 'areas of activity' where this sugar tracer is concentrating. So, if you have a tumor for example, it will show up because tumors are h-u-n-g-r-y for sugar. The PETs main goal is identifying areas of activity before they become big tumors (ones that cannot be seen by CT or ultrasound alone). So a clear PET scan is very good news, but it is one tool out of the toolbox.
Avatar f tn My doctor said I have two places in my throat that she wants to do a Pet scan and then biopsy, because it looks as if the cells are turning over. Is cancer the only reason for this to be happening or could it be from infection?
Avatar f tn I also had x-rays of the rib and the bone scan was compared with the one I had a year ago. Which one is right? Do I need a pet scan? Does this mean I have stage 4 breast cancer?
Avatar n tn t sure as of now what it is. Can hot spots in a PET scan be something other than active cancer cells?
Avatar m tn My father had a pet scan because a spot in his lung became larger than his cat scan in 5/07. The spot "lit up" so according to the pulmonologist that meant an 80% chance of lung cancer. My father has COPD, Emphysema, chronic bronchitis, he smoked for over 40 years. He quit for 14 years. He is now going to be 75 next month. The pulmonologist said his options were to do a needle biopsy-but that would not be good because it may produce a false negative.
Avatar f tn My boyfriend was diagnosed with Malignant Melanoma and just had a PET SCAN done, he is not willing to do other treatments at this time because they have proven to be ineffective on this type of cancer. does anyone have resource information to financial help on treatments, he completed one experimental treatment and is not eligible for another for whatever reason. The bills are pilling up and i don't want to loose him because of not being able to cover the cost.
Avatar f tn Hi, I hope I'm not to late. I also had a PET scan and I have had MRIs. The PET is easier. It's not as long and the enclosure is less confining. I think the fear of more cancer is so scary. I hope all goes well.
Avatar f tn My husband's doctor told us this morning that the results of his PET scan showed 1- "activity" at a left mass in his upper left lobe (which measures 2.4 x 2.7 cm), 2- "activity" at a lump on the right side of his neck (though his CT scan on this lump showed "unremarkable" with no abnormal soft tissue thcikening or stranding), and 3- "activity" in the adrenal area.
Avatar m tn Hi Wilson. I am not an expert in prostate cancer or PET scan imaging. I can tell you that I have seen PET scans be too sensitive and over-read findings. The fact that your father had an MRI scan of the areas that 'lit up' on PET scan makes me suspect that the findings on PET scan were artifactual. I encourage you to discuss your concerns further with your father's doctors. I hope this helps.
Avatar f tn An MRI or Cat scan just covers a certain part of your body. A Pet scan covers your whole body and I think the cancer shows up better due to the contrast they use. If there is cancer anywhere in your body it will light up. It gives me more peace of mind. There are other things that can cause your ca 125 to go up and you are still in the normal range. I hope you get good news with whichever scan you choose.
Avatar f tn I just recently had a PET scan this week. I was able to get results from online medical records but i have no idea what I'm reading. Can you please help??
Avatar n tn says the Pet Scan shows her cancer has metastized in her lungs. Is that PET Scan the most accurate to determine if it is cancer or should she get a second opinion.If she should get a second opinion would it be on what kind of treatment or the reading of the PET Scan. Also her breast cancer was a triple negative. How will this affect her treatment and recovery?
Avatar n tn I had a PET scan today for possible lung cancer; this was all clear, but my thyroid had a high uptake value and was highlighted on the scan. Is this likely cancer on my thyroid?