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Avatar n tn Do you think it can be throat cancer???Im not a smoker and im a social drinker ,every thing i read points to throat cancer which got me really concerned.I also read somthing called cricophargngeal spasms do you think it could be that. sorry doc, im just really nervous i have had this just to long. thank you.
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Avatar n tn I have pressure in my throat when I lay on my back or bend over also watery eyes, dry mouth, bad taste in my mouth. I had chemotherapy for breast cancer two years ago and all this started after that.
Avatar n tn I would say not to worry about oral hpv, the main reason being the high-risk strains those live on genital areas do not like the oral enviornment and they do not survive well in there... Further, the throat cancer due to hpv is extremely low to rare and hpv is not the major cause of throat cancer but it can be a causitive factor... the tobacco use is the major cause of throat cancer...
Avatar f tn Hi, Though the classic symptom of acid reflux is heartburn, it need not be present in all the patients. A few patients have symptoms like stickiness in the throat, swallowing difficulty, recurrent cough, hoarseness of voice etc. Esophageal cancer can be easily made out by endoscopy and as per the details provided by you, you dont have any growth made out in endoscopy. 24 hours pH monitoring test is confirmatory for acid reflux. PPI for 4-8 weeks and life style modifications can provide relief.
Avatar m tn In our study, the heterogeneity of case patients was minimized by restricting enrollment to patients with oropharyngeal cancer, 90% of whom had tumors on the tonsil or base of the tongue.
Avatar f tn I met a women she has throat cancer, she even had a operation and i saw the scars on her throat, i had a French kiss with her and just sucked her nipple for a second thats it so my question is does the cancer spreads like that and will i get any hpv or so?
Avatar f tn I went to see an ENT and he did a scope (went in through the nose and looked down at the throat), I had a CT of the throat, and an Ultrasound of my thryroid and a Upper GI Series (Barium Swallow). There was nothing he could see from the scoping, the CT came back negative, the Barium swallow showed mild to moderate acid reflux, and the ultrasound showed nodules (which the doc said was nothing to worry about). All in all everything that was done did not show any type of mass or obstruction.
356929 tn?1246389756 Is it just perhaps because older patients do not participate in forums such as this OR should doctors re evaluate their criteria for "age onset" of Ovarian Cancer ?? Maybe they should take more seriously those who come in with symptoms suggestive of Ovarian Cancer regardless of the age.. Which we've said all along but........ Just a ponder ....
Avatar n tn And for my throat i feel a lump in my throat no sore throat i just feel like if i have to swallow .I started smoking last july of 2011 and Quit right after my symptoms. So i get to the er i tell them all my symptoms and the doctor tells me you dont look sick, i also told them about a lump i have next to my throat and the dr said i cant feel anything. The doctor told me its impossible you to have cancer after a year of smoking. i forgot to mention i also lost 20 pounds.
168348 tn?1379357075 Thyroid cancer often affects young patients, more frequently women then men. Although papillary and follicular thyroid cancer is highly treatable and has an excellent prognosis, the diagnosis of cancer is frequently frightening and may have psychological consequences that persist even once the cancer has been successfully treated. Once previously healthy individuals are told that they have thyroid cancer, it is quite common to experience some degree of panic and become frightened.
Avatar n tn for over 2 weeks now i have had a feeling in my throat where it feels like something is stuck in it. the first 2 times i noticed it i thought i wouldn't be able to breath much longer. then i realised if i breath through my nose that helps. but in doing this it really hurts my throat. i have smoked for about 10yrs and i am worried it may be throat cancer, which is why i am here and not at the doc's getting it looked into!!
Avatar f tn In 2005, a research study at the College of Malmö in Sweden suggested that performing unprotected oral sex on a person infected with HPV might increase the risk of oral cancer. The study found that 36 percent of the cancer patients had HPV compared to only 1 percent of the healthy control group.Another recent study suggests a correlation between oral sex and head and neck cancer.
Avatar n tn 4 weeks ago he has a upper scope done where they removed several biopsys. about a week later he was told by his Dr. that he has cancer cells in his throat and they were sending the biopsy out for staging. He then goes in about a week later for a CT scan, the Dr.
Avatar m tn I worry about damage and cancer and the last 5 years I have had more throat pain and throat tightness when I do get a flare up. My GI seems very laid back about this and I wonder if my stuff just isn't that alarming or if my current situation doesn't really increase my risk of cancer or anything. My doctor has never warned me of any cancer risks and when I have asked she answers me with a very " your worrying for nothing" view point.
Avatar f tn The main reason of thyroid cancer is the low-dose radiation to the head and neck during infancy and childhood which is given for the treatment of many benign diseases. But later such patients are shown to have risk of thyroid cancer. The younger the patient was at time of exposure, the higher the risk of developing cancer. Another cause may be due to high-dose irradiation to the head and neck region. The following site has a lot of information about thyroid cancer-causes, symptoms and treatment.
Avatar n tn Signs include slurred speech and difficulty in balance. Is this common for cancer patients or something more. She is taking morphine for the pain, but they seem to think it isn't that. She didn't take any the last couple of days, yet the symptoms are still there. I know that every person is different when it comes to cancer, but what should we expect in the comming weeks as the chemo has stopped. Could she feasibly live for another few months in the amount of pain she's in?
Avatar f tn Thyroid cancer is the most common cancer of the endocrine gland cancers. Tumours are offen curable and the prognosis is good for patients identified with early stage disease. Some of them have bad prognosis. After you do a a Fine Needle aspiration cytology(FNAC) you would know the prognosis. Thyroid nodules are readily palpable and that is the reason they allow early diagnosis and detection by biopsy and FNAC. The lymph nodes are also enlarged.
Avatar n tn Lung abscesses commonly respond well to antibiotic therapy. In patients in whom conventional therapy fails, either percutaneous catheter drainage or surgical resection are usually considered, but are frequently problematic. This study describes our experience with endoscopic lung abscess drainage in patients in whom antibiotic therapy fails.