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Avatar f tn G at home with FULL time Care the last 10 years, recently due to wound his Diabetic condition has worsened and now needs injections rather than pills, Of course his sugar levels have risen shapely and his local NHS dietician says she cannot supply (diabetes-specific formulas) through the NHS, so please can you direct me to where I can purchase such Formulas High in M.U.F.
Avatar m tn The National Poisons Information Service does not accept enquiries from the public but supports NHS Direct and NHS24 to answer such queries. - 0845 4647 www.nhs24.
Avatar f tn HPV is almost always transfered from direct skin to skin contact. The chances of transmittig the virus through sharing a cig or drink is so slim, that it isn't worth worry about. Studies have linked HPV with oral and throat cancers, but the link isn't as direct as with cervical cancer. (Just about every case of cervical cancer is caused by HPV while oral and throat cancers, relatively rare diseases, are mostly caused by tobacco and alcohol use).
475973 tn?1207792046 See your doctor zoeb18, or at least phone NHS Direct and take their advice.
Avatar n tn Is the cold sore a sign of HIV - unfortunately whilst looking for info on cold sore treatment I read on the NHS direct web site that it may be! I am showing signs of OCD? Thanks Again and I look forward to hearing back from you shortly. Best regards..
Avatar m tn allergic reactions anaphylactic reactions certain types of dermatitis erythema multiforme gastrointestinal bleeding skin rash or rashes Stevens-Johnson syndrome If you experience any serious adverse effects, please contact your healthcare provider and/or poison centers and FDA-equivalent organizations. If you are in United Kingdom, there is NHS Direct on 0845 46 47.
Avatar f tn Hi, about 3 months ago i had a throat infection and as i result i got a pea sized lump in neck that has been on neck for 3 months. I have been to two ENT specialists and one said that i was a lymph node and the other one said that the lump was due to tonsillitis. Also for the past 3 weeks i have had lumps on the back of mouth and i went to the dentist and he said that it was the tonsils and that i just need to take them out.
Avatar f tn G at home with FULL time Care the last 10 years, recently due to wound his Diabetic condition has worsened and now needs injections rather than pills, Of course his sugar levels have risen shapely and his local NHS dietician says she cannot supply (diabetes-specific formulas) through the NHS, so please can you direct me to where I can purchase such Formulas High in M.U.F.
Avatar f tn funny enought ive been having headaches in my right side of my head, my mother rang nhs direct and called for and ambulance imediatly. But are you having back pain and difrent coloured uraine, if not dont worry take 2 paracetimols, then pop in and see your gp if the pain still continues. Take care.
Avatar n tn Hi, I understand your concern regarding your symptoms. Diagnosis of cancer usually warrants direct clinical examination and additional tests. At this point, it is difficult to give a definite diagnosis. Your medical history as well as family history are important considerations. Sore throat caused by strep usually resolves with medical management. If it persists, it is best that you go for follow-up with your attending physician for proper management. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn hi i'm a 28 year old none smoker, last year i had my tonsils removed as my right tonsil was enlarged. the past couple of months everytime i swallow i feel as if there's something stuck down my throat. or there's a lump. my doctor has checked felt my neck and throat but says it's fine... everytime i swallow my ears pop and it just feels weird hard to explain. it's not painful to swallow. mainly the right side of the neck.when i touch my neck it kinda hurts.
Avatar f tn I have found out I am expecting again. I am 5 weeks. On Christmas eve I started bleeding and getting cramps. Called nhs direct who advised me to go to hospital. I am booked in for an early scan on 6/1/2014. Im still losing brown blood and getting cramps. Because of my history, im worried its happening again or are my symptoms normal?
Avatar m tn Despite all the publicity in recent years about one HPV type (HPV 16) causing throat cancer, that remains a rare problem and even in people with oral HPV 16 infection, the large majority don't get cancer. Based on this question and the one you asked last month on the herpes expert forum, you seem somewhat overly concerned about STD transmission by mouth or through other non-sexual routes. Such infections are extremely rare if they occur at all. Don't worry about it.
Avatar f tn to do do you think i should fone nhs direct line for advise?
Avatar n tn I have some hard part growing inside my right psrt of inner lips, it is not painful, when i bite it it is little hard. What is this ? is it symptom of lips cancer? i am very afraid coz i use tobacco too.
Avatar f tn m still having GERD symptoms - burning abdomen, stomach tender to the touch when poked, acid reflux, lump in throat, burning up back of throat, excessive belching and gas..I've also had diarrhea since the symptoms started almost a year ago. I'm worrying that it's gastric cancer. Three months ago I had two ct scans of the abdomen. One with just iodine contrast and another with both iodine contrast and barium swallow. Both came back fine. Would gastric cancer show up on the ct scans?
Avatar f tn since feb 08 iv been complaining of stomach pains and being really tired as well as every so often having bad times with feeling ill, i just thought i was ill and didnt link any of it together. untill...
Avatar f tn I was reaciving oral sex on20/04/14, aftrt 4days i got sore throat and mild fever up to two weeks and still i have sore throat and i went NHS they did throat and urine and blood test at 26/04 and again on 01/04 they did test all are un detactive came..what these meaning..still i am full fearing..if get sorat throat is hiv comeing..
577395 tn?1277401364 Hello everybody, here I am back here. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2011. Right half of my thyroid was removed, and I am taking synthroid since then. Went for checkups and US every 6 months. For the last 3 months or so feel like something is stock in my throat from the left side. ENT doctor sent me to do soft tissue neck CT scan with contrast. Got my report back, and now I am completely puzzled - is it really bad?! Is my cancer back, should I worry or not?
Avatar m tn my husband has prostate cancer with secondary bone cancer he is 58,he has a zoladex implant every 28days but no other treatment,they have told him it cant be cured but they are trying to keep it under control.can it be kept under control for a number of years.
Avatar m tn . Its contracted by direct skin contact and would be more for someone giving oral to a male who has hpv on the penis. So the vaginal wart would have to come in contact with the back of your throat which is impossible unless the vaginal tissue were sucked back to that area.
Avatar f tn if you are than that could be why, but im guessing your not which is why your asking. could be a lot of things, some serious but most not.
Avatar f tn best advice I can give you if your really worried and can't wait until Monday is to ring NHS direct or your surgery and get their out of hours number.
9889855 tn?1412479178 But if it does stick around for more than an hour or it gets more painful id phone nhs direct for advice but im sure it will be fine I think its the muscles in your stomach that cause the main asthey actually contract when you orgasm x