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Avatar n tn you did not need any std testing from just licking your fingers after fingering a prostitute. it depends on the type of swab they did as to if it looks for std's or not. Many just look for strep and nothing else. check with the clinic you were seen at for more info, posting on various message boards isn't going to give you the answers you are looking for since none of us work at that particular clinic you were seen at.
Avatar f tn I have been experiencing some short stabbing pains for the past few months and after tracking my cycle, I realized I feel them when I'm ovulating. But now in the past month and a half, I have weight gain, nausea and heartburn that lasts throughout the day. Sometimes the pain in my right hip area is unbearable but goes away after 10-15 seconds. I have been diagnosed with cysts in the past but this pain isn't a dull pulling pain like I felt when i was diagnosed with cysts.
Avatar n tn 4 weeks ago he has a upper scope done where they removed several biopsys. about a week later he was told by his Dr. that he has cancer cells in his throat and they were sending the biopsy out for staging. He then goes in about a week later for a CT scan, the Dr.
Avatar f tn Go to your doctor!!!
Avatar f tn I'm new to this app and I just realized there were message boards.. I'm wondering if the boards are designed to go By your weeks or age? Sorry If I sound like an idiot but I was just checking..
Avatar f tn Please stop by there is a TON of info there and message boards with tons of support!
21064 tn?1309308733 To those of you who I sent Welcomes to, I apologize if I sent a Welcome to the Heart Failure forum. I am on both message boards and must have forgotten to change the message. Regardless, we are glad you're here and are happy to do what we can to help!
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Avatar f tn t see Lyme as a truly serious illness may try to cause trouble for MDs who *do* take Lyme very seriously, and the result could be problems for the Lyme docs with the state medical boards. (The medical boards tend to hold to the old belief that Lyme is no big deal.) Over time, the medical profession will work itself out, but for now, please do NOT post names of any MDs here, in order to protect them.
101028 tn?1419603004 s very time consuming for Jess and I to keep up to date on the herpes and std boards. If you have a question or comment on a post you made - please make it to the boards and not a private message to either of us. Neither of us really read the pm's and we don't often respond to them. When you post to the board it benefits everyone else too so that they can read it too.
Avatar n tn Hi I have found this site to be very helpful in reading PFT tests. Also, message boards where you can ask questions
Avatar m tn I am a gay man of 20 years and recently I heard that people who practiced oral sex with more than 6 couples have 250% more likely to have throat cancer caused by HPV. I have had more or less the number of sexual partners, and I'm a little worried, because I want to be opera singer, I have the voice, I have everything to be, however, I worry a little that in the future I throat cancer develops implementing caused by HPV, and that makes me lose my voice.
Avatar f tn Also please feel free to let me know if I am not following the correct etiquette here. I am brand new to message/question boards.
Avatar n tn I have been having really bad headaches, dizzy feeling, feeling as I can not swallow, like things get stuck in my throat. I have also had my fingers tingling & some of my fingers even get really stiff. If I take the Xanax, in about 30-45 minutes I fell a little better. The headaches lighten up after I started on the Citalopram over 2 weeks ago. My main thing I am worried about is the throat. I feel like I am always choking no matter what I eat.
Avatar m tn Oh, and here is a message board for ALS. Maybe it will help you to hear other stories and see if they match yours. http://www.************.com/boards/forumdisplay.php?
Avatar f tn Well, we need to start somewhere. Feel free to message me, I have a decent amount of tips for you. First things first, IF you are in taking caffeine, stop. Using all caps tells me that you are really wanting, like I said, feel free to message me so I know you are still checking the boards.
Avatar f tn I had a modified neck dissection January 11 after diagnosis of papillary cancer. I had a long surgery (4 1/2 hours, surgeon says loss of blood flow to parathyroids over this length of time can cause permanent damage) and I lost one parathyroid during surgery. Since then, have been hypocalcemic and taking multiple daily doses of calcium and Calcitriol (1500 mg calcium, 3xdaily). Both endo and surgeon say it can take up to a year for normal calcium production to resume.
Avatar n tn Check out the message boards on these 2 websites for CPAP related questions. The boards here are very active. I think I've read this problem on those boards before. www.apneasupport.
Avatar f tn I guess all people care about on these message boards are their STDs.
Avatar m tn s your risk of getting it in the neck is very small, let us then reverse it and say that there are very many who have it then means of course the risk that get it in the neck or getting cancer of the throat is very small in relation to how common HPV is, we have found that many people who get cancer of the throat has HPV, it's a big difference to come up with how many people have oral sex who gets cancer, as I said, oral cancers linked to oral sex, oral sex, but can hardly be said to be link
101028 tn?1419603004 Please - do not send questions via private message to Jess or I. We honestly don't even read them. We barely have time to keep up on the boards let alone answer pm's. Please post all comments/quesions/updates on your situation in your post on the board and don't pm it to us.
Avatar n tn Another websight that has an anal cancer survivor/warrior board is at the cancer survivors network. When you go onto thier websight check their boards for the anal cancer board. They have about 15 active posters on there that are going thru and have finished treatment. Good Luck.
706165 tn?1228825747 i was worried at first b/c I had never knew this was possible ( sac no poles or yolk)... but after reading several different message boards about this it seems to be common and over half do end in successful pregnacies and healthy babies ( according to the postings on the message boards)... but when it's happening to you it can be very scary...
709686 tn?1277432159 t post on message boards.
Avatar f tn I'm 37 weeks pregnant 70% effaced and today I've been feeling really nauseous today. I also was experiencing a lot of weird stomach growling but I ate so I'm sure It wasn't because of hunger. I've also been experiencing diarrhea since last week. I am on antibiotics (amoxicillin) so I assumed the diarrhea was because of that but I've been reading a lot of message boards saying this could mean labor is coming?
Avatar f tn Your message is difficult to read due to all the abbreviations, like a text message. I don't know what "chvostek/troueauss" is. Your question is whether or not you should take ferrous sulfate to ease your throat? What kind of hypothyroid crisis were you having? Are you on thyroid replacement hormones? If so, what med, what dosage and how long have you been on them? Do you have current lab results you can post, so we can see what your levels are?