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Avatar n tn She had a machine put in her chest and the doctor is taking it out in january. He said the cyst has grown and she would not need the machine any more but she will still have heart problems.
Avatar m tn Hi there! Sore throat for 2 weeks is a short duration of symptoms and does not categorize as a risk factor for malignancy. This sounds more like a regular throat infection/ inflammation. You may consider an evaluation by an ENT doctor for the stuffy feeling in your ears as well as the throat irritation. Hope this is helpful. Take care!
757973 tn?1234458769 He was very concerned because my mother had thyroid cancer when she was 19 and my sister had thyroid cancer when she was 35. I was wondering if there was any chance I could have thyroid cancer. If I don't have it already, and if there is a chance I could get it in the future, should I remove my thyroid anyway? I going to a new endocrinologist on Feb. 23 and I am hoping that we can get this figured out.
Avatar n tn Hi, my dad uses oxygen at night and he used to have dry throat as a result. When he gets up in the morning he used to cough a lot to clear his throat as he used to say the mucus builds up in the back of his throat. When he used to cough so much he used to get blood in his mucus/phylegm. He used to say that is the only time he used to get that. However, yesterday around 3:30pm he went to just spit without a cough and he had blood in his mucus. He says he spit three times and all three had blood.
Avatar n tn it has been 2 months i have had liver cancer half my liver has been removed and free so far of the tumor but when stapels came out the wound opened had a vac machine on for three weeks its getting better but alot of pain and the wound has another small hole that has opened further down what is happining?
Avatar n tn hi i had liver operation and then a vac machine on its been 2 months and wound is not healing can u help?
757973 tn?1234458769 He was very concerned because my mother had thyroid cancer when she was 19 and my sister had thyroid cancer when she was 35. I was wondering if there was any chance I could have thyroid cancer. If I don't have it already, and if there is a chance I could get it in the future, should I remove my thyroid anyway? I going to a new endocrinologist on Feb. 23 and I am hoping that we can get this figured out.
771990 tn?1341779376 30 am with a very sore throat and the pressure from the machine was making my throat burn, so I had to take it off. Night Two- I woke up at 2:00 am (last night) with uncontrollable sneezing.The amount of stuff I was blowing out of my nose was ridiculous! I was very congested in my nose and head and it has not stopped. Am I having an allergic reaction to something? Or is this something else? Not sure what to do. I also have a pressure headache!
Avatar n tn I am a new CPAP machine user. I have a humidifier on my machine. I am doing very well after only one week with the air pressure but I awake a couple of times each night because the steam condenses in the hose and water drips in my nose! So I have to get up and empty water out of the hose and back into the humidifier. My throat gets really dry without the humidifier. Also, my headgear slips off. So I think I need a different one. Any suggestions for either issue? Thanks!
Avatar n tn My husband has been on a cpap machine for a year now. In the past three or four months he has developed a large amount of mucus and slime in his throat and head. To the point that it makes him vomit every morning and now it is getting to happening sometimes in the course of the day. He has had tests to try to find the problem but have come up with nothing so was wondering if it could be from the cpap machine. Has anyone else had this problem ? We are desperate so please help if you can.
Avatar n tn I had surgery for Stage IIIB Colon cancer (5 out of 17 lymph nodes tested positive), a liver biopsy at the time was clear and 18 inches of colon removed. I did all 12 tx's of FOLFOX. I'm now 61 and 3 years 2 months post surgery. My onc ordered my 'final' CT scan and something undetermined showed on my liver. It's an oval shaped 1.75 cm.This CT was done in the hospital bldg because I reacted to the dye.
525545 tn?1293181194 I'm assuming you had a second sleep study done with CPAP to determine the correct pressure and type of mask--did your doctor's report state that your sleep quality significantly improved with CPAP? Typically, companies that provide you with the CPAP machine have a card with a microchip in it that monitors how often the machine is being used, for what period of time, and whether or not it is being properly used (via pressure measurements and recordings).
Avatar m tn I feel tightening in my throat. Could it be the downside of using a CPAP machine? How can I get rid of the feeling? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/283774'>Throat Irritation, Feeling like something is stuck</a>.
Avatar f tn Feel like little bubbles of air continually coming up from the back of my throat. I also opted for the throat surgery 12 years ago as could not wear a cpap machine. They said as I get older and gain weight that it can still block off my breathing and did wear a cpap last night and and rested a lot better. I wonder if I need the throat surger again since it happens throughout the day. Any throughts?
331673 tn?1199354285 I was given a choice to either quit smoking and hope that we were early enough to have caught it, and hope that my throat repairs itself, or end up with throat cancer and all that goes with it. I quit smoking. My following check ups have been all good. I am LUCKY, because I didnt wait, I have lost to many friends and family to cancer, (on my husbands side even non smokers). So please dont wait, get to a Doctor. I may not be here today if I didnt Jump to it.
Avatar f tn My dad has been fighting throat cancer for the last year or so and has been told he has 6 months. He has been very strong and we are still praying for God to work his magic. Until then my question is he has been swelling in his face and has been taking a steroid to help with the swelling, but this past week it has gotten worse. Would the cancer cause his face to swell including his lips and nose? He goes to a VA hospital and I sometimes worry they have given up when we haven't.
Avatar n tn Its the same color as the rest of my mouth and the only thing thats abnormal about it is that i dont have a similiar lump on the other side of my throat. There is some mucus build up in my throat and theres a slight pressure on both of my ears that occurs occassionally. It also seems my breath has been alot worse lately. Another thing i noticed is when my roomate told me it wasnt cancer and actually had a good argument the symptoms seemed to dim a little bit.
Avatar f tn what do the first signs of throat or thyroid cancer look like. I have a lump at the under side of mouth. between my chin and throat. my jaw is sore and i feel like i have a lump in my throat when i swallow.
Avatar f tn It helped to calm my fears and he talks about the same article I read which states high strain hpv (not the kind causing warts but the kind causing cervical cancer) is now a big factor in the rise of throat cancer. According to him less than 5% of people with high strain develop throat cancer. I can rest a little better now. Thanks again.
Avatar n tn I feel like i am having difficulty swallowing, but i have no problems at all downing any food or drink i want. I cannot stop thinking about throat cancer... though almost 20 hrs ago i had no premonition of any physical swallowing difficulty: this seems irrational even to me. I have been diagnosed with 'general anxiety' which i have heard can sometimes give one difficulty swallowing. Should i consult a doctor anyway?
Avatar n tn My husband was diagnosed with throat cancer the end of October of 2008 and he is now more than 1/2 way through his treatment which is - 36 radiation and 3 chemo treatments. He has had a feeding tube (PEG) placed little over a week ago and now pain is so severe in his throat isn't eating at all and swallowing very little water. He is having the thick white mucous so bad that he is spitting in a cup all day long and at times is chocking. Does anyone have any suggestions for us?
Avatar f tn There are many medical articles that demonstrate a link between HPV in the throat and throat cancer. I have had a large number of unprotected oral sex partners, and I wonder if there is a chance that I have developed cancer in my throat. The first doctor assured me that I didn't have cancer, since my symptoms have been going on for so long and I haven't developed night sweats or weight loss.