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Avatar n tn She just came from the dr and the dr said that HPV never leaves the body and that she can transmit the virus to me through oral sex and I can get throat cancer. My GF says shes been tested throughout the years and there has been no sign of it for years. She also said she had something removed from her cervix a few years ago. 1-Can you please explain to me what the story is with HPV and my GF and also am I really at risk of throat cancer through oral sex?
1415711 tn?1286281354 HPV-related oral cancers typically occur in persons over 50 suggesting that as for cervical cancer in women, it takes years or even decades for an HPV to progress to cancer in those rare instances when this occurs. The cancers are typically looked for by dentists when they examine patients and if detected early can be treated. Little is known about oral HPV infections and the field is still growing as more and more research is done.
Avatar f tn In terms of the types of HPV that can cause throat cancer, does anyone know what the approximate clearance rate is in men? Most of the studies I've looked into just talk about the clearance rate over a relatively short period of time, such as 6 months or a year. But I'm wanting to know what percentage of men clear these types of HPV on their own at some point in their lives, whether it be 6 months, 5 years, 10 years, etc.
Avatar f tn Actor Michael Douglas arrives at the Oscars February 24, 2013 in Hollywood, Calif. The actor told The Guardian his throat cancer was caused by HPV, but a rep later denied the claim to USA Today. Experts however, say the link between the two diseases is more common than ever.
Avatar n tn There has been recent research (by Johns Hopkins University) that suggests that men with 6 or more oral sex partners have a "significantly" higher risk of getting oral cancer from HPV. I am a 39 year old male who has engaged in oral sex on many women (way more than 10) over the past 22 years. So I understand that I am now in a much higher risk category for oral cancer.
Avatar f tn The therapeutic vaccine developed by Transgene and later produced by Roche, are ONLY vaccines for woman with cancer of the cervix. Transgene is not planning to develop any vaccine for men in the future." Good news for woman, sadly enough it shows what researchers and the pharma industry have become: everything is in the perspective of generating MONEY! Nobody is spending effort in healing one.
Avatar n tn The risk is pretty low, with the vast amount of the sexually active population having hpv at some point (80%) and the low numbers of oral and throat cancers- it can be concluded that your chances are low, but no impossible another factor they are connecting with hpv and throat cancer is marijuana use-whether or not this is just a correlatio is still up for further research.
Avatar m tn one thing for oral cancer and HPV affects both men and women, the risk of infection and the presence of HPV in the throat has been shown to be the same, and I am quite convinced that giving oral sex is more common in women than men, in this perspective should both HPV infection and cancer is more common in women, but reality says that only 33% of women remaining men who suffer from cancer, yet another factor that suggests other factors are more common in men as alcohol, smoking, poor diet and hy
Avatar m tn Austrailia is working on a vaccine for low risk hpv warts...still in research phases.low numbers of men in US with penile and throat cancer from HPV.u don't say whether ur partner is a male or female!if female and under 26 and hasn't had hpv vet she should get the Gardisil....if she's had hpv once the shot will protect her from other strains plus vulval/vaginal cancers.
Avatar m tn Whereas in the past, the “face” of head and neck cancer was a man in his 60s with a history of heavy smoking and alcohol consumption, the men diagnosed with HPV oropharyngeal cancer do not smoke heavily and may still be in their 50s or younger, although older men are also affected. Dr. Wirth explains that HPV cancers show a specific pattern as to where they arise.
Avatar n tn m assuming from your nick name that you are a male so i proceed with this assumption... HPV 16 is a high risk strain (cancer causing)... usually, there is no symptom in men to diagnose high risk strain and the low risk strains those cause warts are diagnosed with visual inspection.. there is no fda approved test for men to diagnose hpv... further, oral hpv is extremely rare no matter you've one or more oral sex partners...
Avatar n tn There is a higher percentage of people who drive and die in automobile accidents than men who get penile/throat cancer from having sex with a woman who has hpv. But you still drive, don't you? Not only that, being that hpv is SO common and many many people never even know they have it, it's quite likely she isn't the first woman with hpv you've been with.
Avatar m tn s stating that straight men have little cancer risk from HPV. However, there has a been a lot of press about straight men getting throat cancer as a result of HPV (I presume from having oral with females who are infected). I just wanted further clarification.
Avatar n tn Is it possible for an H.I.V+ person to develop cancer of the throat or stomach from performing oral sex on different men/women? Another question related to it is, if it is possible to contract T.B. from oral sex?
Avatar m tn The news articles in the mainstream media said the increase in men getting oral HPV cancer is in the population of heterosexual men providing oral sex on women. The media did not mention gays. So perhaps HPV-16 on the penis is less likely to spread the virus than HPV-16 in the cervix. The gay population has far more to worry about than the heterosexual population...HIV, herpes, and so on. Gays do have issues of anal HPV though.
Avatar f tn My brother is in terrible pain since tonsillar cancer surgery. I am trying to find out fi if there are any new pain remedies that have come out with treatment of U.S. service men a women. I am hoping for a a delivery system that would pump pain meds into his system as he needs it. He can be a productive person if only his pain is managed. Please help. It's so sad. He lives in Hawaii. Can you tell me where to find this information out?
Avatar f tn I don't understand the whole "men can't be tested for HPV" thing. I have read this in several places on reputable STD websites. Is this referring to the strains that don't cause warts or cancer? If that is the case, then why can women be tested for those strains but men can't? If men get obvious warts, then this is the only time you can test a man for HPV?
1808540 tn?1320114860 Men with the high risk strains have no symptoms and no way to know if they are carriers. Penile, anus and throat cancers are rare for men but they are increasing in numbers every year due to this virus. Going to a dentist is a good idea. Oral cancer checkups are quick and inexpensive. Some dentists can use a new process to test for HPV orally. Cost is approx $150 and usually not covered by dental plans.
Avatar f tn Breast Cancer in men is not common although it does exist and I would advise you to make an appointment with your Dr. soon for a clinical breast exam and possibly an Ultrasound of this lump. You should never leave anything to chance even though this could be something as simple as some fatty tissue. I feel that anything that is not "normal" definitely deserves some investigation so make that appointment as soon as you can and find the cause of this lump. Regards ....
Avatar n tn t, it can cause serious problems, such as cervical cancer, anal cancer, and cancer in the mouth and throat. The virus is also known to cause genital warts, according to the CDC. The CDC says the vaccine can prevent infection with some of the strains of HPV that cause cancer. The goal of vaccination is to treat boys and girls before they become sexually active.