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Avatar n tn I am 30 years old.I have had acid reflux for about 10 years on and off.I have kept it pretty managed, with OTC acid reducers.I have never been tested for Barretts , but I am so afraid I have it and it will turn into cancer.I haven't been sick in about 8 years, not even a cold or even a fever.In good shape,skinny,don't drink,smoke,or ever eat spicy food.I never have any trouble swallowing . I don't have any throat pain at all.
Avatar f tn If kitty is 10 or older, she is at risk for cancer since oral and throat cancer are *potential* problems with gagging. Gagging can sometimes be a sign of a problem in the esophagus, too. I would suggest your vet examine the inside of your kittys mouth just to be on the safe side. She would need to be mildly sedated so the vet can examine the throat as well as all the teeth and gums. An xray of the throat is also suggested.
Avatar n tn 60 yr old female RN--healthy- that has been recently diagnosed with a paralyzed vocal cord--causes occassional hoarseness (strained voice), occassional dry cough, marked shortness of breath on exertion. Symptoms began following a sore throat and respiratory infection in July. Workup uncluded a chest CT that showed single 3mm nodule with scarring at the apices. Due to have MRI of head and U/S of thyroid; seeing a pulmonologist next week Father (non smoker) died at 80 of lung cancer.
Avatar f tn I have had a cough and wheeze in my throat for about 2 years now! I have seen GP's, Consultants, had chest xrays, bloods, ENT scopes down my nose, endoscopy, steroid inhalers, asthma inhalers, allergy medication yet NOTHING stops this horrible tickle in my throat which makes me cough! My wheeze is like there is something stuck in my throat! I take my ventolin blue inhaler and the wheeze goes for about a day then the next morning its back again!
Avatar n tn The good news is the prognosis for cats with Squamous cell carcinoma is much better than it is for other types of cancer. If the cancer is treated early enough, squamous cell carcinoma in cats is usually treatable. In most cats with skin Squamous cell carcinoma, the prognosis following surgery is excellent. It is promising that the affected area is small. It is a much better prognosis than for nose, ears or mouth!
Avatar n tn Most sites about cancer in cats (lymphoma) talk about life expectancies of around less than 2 years after remission. My cat is 4 and was diagnosed with lymphoma, is FeLV negative, and had no symptoms other than 1 tumor in a lymph node on the neck. Abdominal tumors weren't detected, there could be a hidden one in the head (nasal?), but without symptoms we didn't actually check.
Avatar f tn neoplasene or blood root extract, Chinese cancer herbal remedies for cats, and cancer supplements for cats.
Avatar n tn Pet Diet plays a major role in influencing the effectiveness, pet response and ultimate outcome of chemotherapy in dogs and cats diagnosed with cancer. Cancer cells alter your pets body’s ability to metabolize dietary nutrients, including carbohydrates, fats and proteins. The effect of cancer on dog and cat glucose or "blood" sugar metabolism is most dramatic in pets.
Avatar m tn In terms of cancer if its the case, I would be concerned with brain or spinal cancer. Unlike stated above, cancer is NOT contagious, not even to other cats. There is a condition called Feline Leukemia which is confusing because humans have a cancer called Leukemia. However, Feline Leukemia is NOT a cancer. It is a retrovirus that attacks lymphocytes. Due to the attack on lymphcytes is ACTS like a cancer...but the point is it is a retrovirus. Being a virus is why it is contagious to other cats.
Avatar n tn I know how worried you must be. The kitten needs to see a vet ASAP, when a cat coughs and sneezes it never just goes away. How long ago was he on the antibiotic? Maybe, you could call the vet and tell them that you need something else. And, one more thing, was the antibiotic liquid or pill? If it was liquid antibiotic, and you used a syringe, you have to be very very careful and give kitty a tiny bit at a time, otherwise there's a chance they can choke.
Avatar f tn Unfortunately I have had two cats that had cancer. You said the vet felt a large lump on Rosie. Where is the lump located ? So the vet said Rosie could have cancer and that it was quite advanced. Did the vet share with you what kind of cancer he or she thinks it is. So the vet recommended an x-ray and a blood test which you said you had done straight away. What did the x-ray reveal ? Is this your regular vet by the way or is this a new vet ?
794335 tn?1238037723 However, I have had chemo twice in the past 2 years, and lost 2 cats so far, do I really need to worry about my cats and the chemotherapy? Plus my older cat also fights with my sons younger ones, constantly jumping them and biting them. Is this what may be giving my oldest cat behavior problems with the other 2 cats?
Avatar n tn The problem with cats is that cats are very difficult to medicate with herbs, supplements, and holistic chemotherapy agents, since the products are not very palatable. Also, cats with cancer tend to have poor appetites, or are totally anorexia. Many of the supplements must utilized under the care of a veterinarian, however I will list all as follows: (Most are available online) www.polymva.
Avatar f tn Ok growing up I had many cats and I was always fine around them and it wasnt even four years ago that out of no where and allergy to them came out of no where its progressed severly fast to the point I can barely go around them at all My throat closes and eyes gets really red and water my skin becomes irratated and my breathing Becomes Labored.
14980423 tn?1437690929 That will increase your cats appetite and decrease inflammation that cancer causes. And, a good pain medication is very important to have on hand. You'll be able to tell he's in pain by the way he sits, sitting in unusual places or in an unusual position. You might also be able to "read" your cat's facial expressions. I hope that I've helped you. Please, come on back if you want any help or advice-no matter how big or small.
Avatar n tn Hello, Cat allergen, the allergy causing material from cats, is not cat hair, but rather a protein present in the dander and saliva of cats. These allergens become airborne as microscopic particles, which when inhaled into the nose or lungs can produce allergic symptoms. If you are allergic to cats but you have to be around cats,then take some antihistaminic like Benadryl or Claritin.
Avatar m tn My throat problem has been increasing over the past few years. Currently, my throat is super sensative to fragrances such as scented candles, perfumes and cleaning detergents, paint and stains. My throat tightens up and feels sore. It takes a couple of days before the severe reaction passes. However, even without exposure to the fragrances my throat is irritated as soon as I talk for even short periods. I sleep fine and experience no difficulty while sleeping.
Avatar m tn When I am exposed to certain triggers my throat gets tingly, then numb, my glands directly under my jaw swell slightly, my throat feels like it is closing, i have excess phlegm in my throat and difficulty swallowing. My throat feels partially paralyzed. I feel like I am suffocating. When I arrive at the hospital, an external exam is done and I am sent home as the slightly glands are the only symptom. So I quit going to the hospital and take benedryl.
Avatar m tn When i am exposed to a trigger, my throat will become tingly, then numb, my glands directly under my jaw will swell, slightly. My throat feels swollen on the inside. I have excess phlegm in my throat and cannot clear it. I have much difficulty swallowing. I feels like I am suffocating. A benedryl will somewhat relieve the symptoms, but my throat is affected for 3 to 4 days after an exposure. I am allergic to dust mites, molds, ragweed, cats and dogs.
Avatar f tn Anyway, now Zephyr has probably malignant cancer on top of his head(further back than where the calcium came up) and all around his neck and left ear. The specialist said the good thing about cats is that they are so instinctive that if they are eating good and playing and don't know they have cancer don't tell them. Meaning a biopsy is not even a good idea. It could be benign. But even if it wasn't they couldn't operate and clean up the cancer around his neck and ear.