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Avatar m tn I was even looking at the symptoms for lung cancer and they said online that constantly clearing throat and burping is a symptom of it. I am really worried, even though my dad says he doesn't have any pain at all and burping/clearing throat doesn't bother him. Is this something to be worried about? I wish he would go to the doctor but he says it's ridiculous to go to the doctor for burping and clearing throat. He says that sometimes he clears his throat out of habit as well.
Avatar n tn my mother thinks she has throat cancer...i think barretts....since she was little she would always have her stomach acid flow through her throat.....( idon't know if that makes sense, like when she is laying down it flows back into her throat) and so over the years, her throat has suffered from the acid...she also feels pain in her throat...her throat burns everytime she talks and swallows (occasionally). her voice has became rough/scratchy. she also feels a lump in her throat. help me....
692155 tn?1239321280 It almost seems / feels neurological, as the feeling Starts in my throat, shortly after getting out of bed in the morning. Generally it is accompanied by a very 'heavy' feeling at the base of my skull and stiff neck. Below is an old posting I came across in my search, but haven't been able to find any info beyond this. I've had all the tests mentioned below with no cause found for the gagging, retching/vomiting. Is there Anyone out there who knows what this is??? Thanks!!
Avatar m tn Hello Everyone !! Sorry for my English, as I am not a Native Speaker. From Mid-March 2020 suddenly I felt like something got stuck in my throat and that Feels when I sallow my saliva. I didn't take this too seriously but after a week at midnight, I suddenly started burping. That night it was too hard or difficult to burp but after 2-3 days later it becomes easy for me to burp and today it's September 2020 I am having the same symptoms.
Avatar f tn Endoscopy showed large pyloric ulcer at intersection of small intestine and stomach. Bloating burping hurting now for over a month. Esophagus eroding. Biopsy showed no cancer. Acid reducers aren’t working. Really fatigued.
Avatar m tn Burping likely would have nothing to do with tonsils unless you are swallowing excessively. Burping can be caused by several things. But you need to have your throat looked at to make sure there's nothing going on there--tonsil or thyroid problem. If nothing is wrong there, the burping and stuck feeling suggests GERD and/or hiatal hernia. But the endoscope and other tests will tell you. It's unwise to guess at these things without following up with tests.
Avatar f tn So I've had this sort of gurgling/burping thing that's been steadily worsening for the past few years. I first noticed it a little over 5 years ago, but I think it might have been going on a bit longer than that. I had my first frank case of heartburn about 4 years ago and some, followed by the gurgling happening constantly after meals.
Avatar f tn However, my experience the last 2-3 years may be helpful to all of you who have had irregular menstrual cycles, marble feeling when swallowing, difficulty breathing sometimes, a start of a bump on the throat, and now burping. It started about 3 years ago when I noticed that there was a VERY slight bump on my throat near the "V" neck section. I saw 3-4 family doctors who all said, that is normal and goiters that tend to inflate and deflate. Well, it never deflated.
Avatar n tn I have this same problem and have been doing it for over a year and a half now. I probably burp 100s of times a day - but never loud. Just little quiet burps that rumble my stomach and make me feel mildly nauseous. I don't get heartburn and it doesn't matter the time of day. I've searched extensively about this online and come up with only one thing that makes sense for my situation. I think I have post-nasal drip that is causing my burping.
Avatar f tn I do not know what else is causing the shortness of breath nor do I know why I have such an issue with burping. Could this be the GERD or cancer that was missed on all of the testings? Please help. Any suggestions as to what could be the cause?
Avatar n tn To determine if the risk of gastric cancer is high, risk factors for gastric cancer such as family history of gastric cancer; personal history of infection of the stomach by Helicobacter pylori; presence of a polyp larger than 2 centimeters in the stomach, presence of pernicious anemia, or presence of inflammation and swelling of the stomach for a long time (chronic atrophic gastritis) must be present. If it persists, it is best that you have this checked by your doctor for proper evaluation.
Avatar f tn Been having colds for almost 5 days now but just yesterday been feeling this something stuck in my throat & burping not so much and I noticed that every afternoon Im feeling dizzy as well. Please help me to see what is this?
Avatar m tn Dr. Lugo, For almost a year I had a cough with a lot of throat clearing. Have been taking 40 mg. of omeprazole for GERD which was diagnosed a year and a half ago. Primary care sent me to ENT for the cough, who did a scope of my throat and sinuses and didn't see anything she thought would cause the cough. ENT tried increasing the omeprazole to 80 mg. (40 mg. 2 times a day) for GERD with no change in my cough and now is treating me with QVal inhaler thinking it could be my lungs.
Avatar m tn This week I was given the bad news that I had Esophageal Cancer, squamous cell carcinoma. I am 54 year old male that was a pack a day smoker for almost 40 years. It started a couple of months ago. I couldn't swallow anything, I would try and dislodge food that was stuck down my throat with water. But this would work and sometimes not. It's more of a discomfort than pain. I got myself to the emergency at the Civic Hospital in Ottawa.
Avatar n tn Hi i gave unprotected oral sex to a strip club dancer (1-2 min) three weeks ago, from that time onwards i had combination of flu (tiredness, mild fever and chills) and acid reflux(lump throat, burping and neck/shoulder pain) symtoms. now the flu symtoms are gone off. i have only lump throat (difficulty in swallowing) and it a co-incidence or these are symtoms of any STD? am just confusing. infact i am thinking i got the fever and chills because of my nervousess..
Avatar m tn s very expensive to fix damaged teeth, not to mention possible throat cancer if it continues. After he took Prilosec a few weeks to heal his throat, I started giving him charcoal capsules to soak up the acid causing his heartburn. Everyone I recommend this to has had success with it. Buy it at health food/ vitamin shops. It is cheap and natural. Take it anytime you have heartburn, but don't mix with medications as it will soak up everything in your stomach.
Avatar m tn Usually I have several bowel movements a day , some loose some hard but for the past two weeks I have had nausea , mild cramps and sharp pains in upper left stomach about midway and the same on the right side and some on the lower left , and also have had some cramps that spread around .
Avatar f tn I still have some burping issues, not as chronic, though. I feel like air that comes up gets stuck in my throat and I have to stretch my neck to get it out.
Avatar f tn I would also like to add that the only thing keeping me from going to the emergency room is the fact that I keep burping and I know burping is a symptom of GERD. When I burp the pain and feeling in my throat temporarily goes away. But almost immediately returns.
Avatar f tn After all the gas goes away by burping and I take a tylenol then only the headache goes.By that time my throat and stomach hurts a lot burping. This was the case in 2009,but since sep 2010 it has been a daily problem. I started burping daily even when I avoid all the NO food list. Burping gets worse after my meal. I used to take Chammomile tea every day after meals but did not feel better. In june 2011 I visited a gastroenterologist .
Avatar f tn I feel like there's air coming up my throat, and I have to force it out by burping, it happens every few seconds which is making me constantly burping because i want to push the air out, I don't feel bloated at all. I don't breathe from my mouth, I breathe normally through my nose, but the air is still coming up to my throat, it doesn't feel uncomfortable because it allows me to "burp it out" Is this acid reflux / GERD?
Avatar n tn Also I am always coughing as if there is somthing in my throat. I though it was a nasal drip but I supect its coming from my stomach. Somtimes I am afraid to eat. just so I wont have to got trought a burping ordeal. I do eat well and I stay away from milk and cheese most of the time.I also feel light headed when I am eating somtimes. please help me I am really suffing with this everyday. Is there a cure for this?
Avatar f tn Usually I would burp after drinking soda or right after eating. However, recently I have been burping more often. Usually at night I experience a series of small burps. Often I find myself forcing the burps in order to relieve pressure in my stomach and in my chest. I drink coffee on a regular basis but don't eat that many fatty foods and work out frequently. I do eat fast which might be causing it, but why does it occur at night? What am I experiencing?
10227424 tn?1410558188 what could be some reasons my 5 day old baby is constantly making throat clearing noises. no fever. fed every 3 hours.
Avatar f tn My younger brother developed similar problems a year ago(he couldn’t produce stool and developed fecal impaction except he didn’t get immediate belching like me), I’m just scared I have something worse like cancer because I’m waking up gasping and burping
Avatar f tn Over the last two years are so I have dealt with reflux and constant burping on and off depending on my diet. Have seen a GI doctor before and they felt like it was GERD and gave me Protnix which I took and felt better other than the fact that the burping never went away.. About a week ago I got a severe pain in the middle of my stomach just below my ribs.. I was sick all night and and threw up and had diaherra..
Avatar n tn Before I was only snacking through the day and then dealing with the intense burping. Now I got a good-sized meal down, with my throat still sore, and everything went along fine. Just for good measure I added a fair amount of vinegar at the end to make sure my stomach stayed acidic enough. Perhaps at some point I should do the breath or stool test for H Pylori and see if it registers.