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Avatar n tn Went to bed about nine and the burping started in. Lump in my throat and loud hard burping. Took a reglan, omeprazole and two phazyme. Then laid very still with my head on two pillows. Got to sleep ok and this morning I have mild burping with pressure in my chest. Something that helps with the severe pain is oxycodone which I take for neck and back pain. These episodes come more frequently as cool weather sets in. In the spring and summer months I never have one.
Avatar n tn my mother thinks she has throat cancer...i think barretts....since she was little she would always have her stomach acid flow through her throat.....( idon't know if that makes sense, like when she is laying down it flows back into her throat) and so over the years, her throat has suffered from the acid...she also feels pain in her throat...her throat burns everytime she talks and swallows (occasionally). her voice has became rough/scratchy. she also feels a lump in her throat. help me....
Avatar m tn I was even looking at the symptoms for lung cancer and they said online that constantly clearing throat and burping is a symptom of it. I am really worried, even though my dad says he doesn't have any pain at all and burping/clearing throat doesn't bother him. Is this something to be worried about? I wish he would go to the doctor but he says it's ridiculous to go to the doctor for burping and clearing throat. He says that sometimes he clears his throat out of habit as well. Please help me!!
Avatar n tn I had burping.. but it was because i had gotten my self all worked up and nervous that I was swallowing air.
Avatar n tn My hair is falling out and I have constant deep burping. When I look up indigestion it brings me to Ovarian cancer!????? I had a normal pap in April. I don't have any other symptoms really except that sometimes my lower back hurts. But the burping thing is really bothering me. Cuz they are really loud and gross! Any ideas?? Thanks...
Avatar n tn ) I have had ZERO heartburn, though I have noticed occasionally when burping or just lying in bed at night a bit of acid coming up into my throat. Despite his optimism, and recommendation that I take Prilosec for a few weeks and see if it all goes away...I'm not convinced. My mom died of a rare cancer around her heart (doctors said it absolutely wasn't hereditary) when I was 20, so I have to admit that cancer is very present on my mind.
Avatar n tn Is food getting stuck in your chest or is it up in your throat? Liquids, solids, both? If you're worried it could be cancer, probably the best thing you could do is get an endoscopy (provided you have insurance, it's expensive w/o it), have the docs take a look around inside your esophagus/stomach to see if there's anything abnormal there.
Avatar f tn It started with a feeling of trapped air in my throat. The sensation would not go away until I managed to force up a burp. Then the feeling would momentarily subside and then immediately return. For weeks I had this. Then it progressed to a constant burping over and over again. This would accompany pressure on my chest and some slight regurgitation as well as some slight heartburn. When this became unbareable I went to a GI.
Avatar m tn I found that one person said that her dad had been burping more than normal before he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. My dad doesn't complain about the burping, it's just something that I have noticed. He gets a little bit of heartburn after eating certain foods, and when he lays in bed at night he clears his throat several times. He doesn't experience any pain, but is this a symptom of anything serious?
Avatar m tn Though I do not have any swallowing problem. Is there any chance of having throat cancer? Ane suggestions will be highly appreciated.
Avatar m tn I don't even know if my smoking, eating habits, being dehydrated all the time has anything to do with the cancer, but I'm positive it's not helping matters. In all the years, my throat has felt like a burning inferno, spicy foods, smoking kept my throat dry all the time. I even noticed my voice was changing, it even hurts when I speak. So if you know someone that is doing the exact thing I did then tell them to change or they will become a candidate for throat or Esophageal Cancer.
Avatar n tn Her symptoms were similar to yours however it affected all of her involuntary responses and balance was off as well. Try an MRI (they did successfully remove the cancer by the way so don't worry...and hey...if it isn't this...thank God).
4876041 tn?1360374933 Continual throat clearing Chronic throat irritation Chronic cough Hoarseness Excessive phlegm the throat Dysphagia (difficulty swallowing) Constant sensation of something in the throat Swallowed food comes back up Post nasal drainage Weak voice Cracking voice Blockage of the breathing passage Spasm of the larynx (voice box) Wheezing Heartburn may or may not be present.
Avatar f tn or where I am evidently burping up a small amount of vomit. This only occurs when I am in the middle of a deep sleep. It does wake me, as I guess it's my epiglotis that closes (to prevent this small amount of bile tasting fluid from going to "the wrong place". I absolutely HATE this and it is very upsetting to me. I have taken to sleeping while not laying completely flat, yet it still happens at times. It never happens during the day.
Avatar m tn But if I spend 15 minutes or so burping before a match (I can burp voluntarily), then I can run full throttle. When I am not having chest problems I am usual have one of the fastest if not the fastest times. I ran a 5:25 sec mile in high school. Also, if I dont burp and have this shortness of breathe often by the second half or in the second game if its a quick game i will be fine and have my wind back. So it feels like there is some gas stuck in my chest that I need to get rid of.
Avatar m tn Cough is better, however I've developed a feeling of having a lump in my throat and I have been burping a lot, especially after taking the omeprazole. I also have been waking up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat. I have been on hormone therapy for hot flashes, but that doesn't seem to be working. I also have a past history of hypoparathyroidism which was caused by a benign tumor on one gland, removed a little over ten years ago.
Avatar f tn I'm not sure if it may be due to me being sick because recently I just got over a virus I think that made my throat very sore. Today I have had a lump in my throat all day long that feels like a big piece of food at least a marble size or slightly bigger that is lodged in there. When I swallow, any the food or liquid seems to move around the lump to go down and it feels very uncomfortable. When the area is pressed on, there is alot of pressure.
Avatar m tn Hey everyone, Im a 22 year old Male, and Im very worried about the possibility of having esophegeal cancer. I catch myself burping very frequently, some days I gag 10 times a day, I've had chronic coughing for a year or so. I also have recently developed this strange but mild persistent back pain; this usually happens at random times of the day, and especially when I swallow food. I also tend to clear my throat a lot. So far ive had a chest xray done, 7 blood tests and an abdomen ultrasound.
Avatar f tn I just found all these posts from several years ago and I have the same sticky thick saliva, burping up food, and throat swelling problems...I've seen all the Dr's and they have no answer and no remedy! This is so frustrating! Please...
Avatar f tn And it has been found that the persons with stomach cancer loses his appetite for his favorite food first. Frequent burping can happen with consumption of excess sugars, indigestion and aerophagia. It could also be due to Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), malabsorption, inflammatory bowel diseases and various infections of the colon. Anything that irritates the under surface of the diaphragm can cause frequent burping, like liver abscess, hepatitis or peritonitis.
Avatar f tn So I've had this sort of gurgling/burping thing that's been steadily worsening for the past few years. I first noticed it a little over 5 years ago, but I think it might have been going on a bit longer than that. I had my first frank case of heartburn about 4 years ago and some, followed by the gurgling happening constantly after meals.
Avatar n tn My daughter started burping up food after a party new years eve this year.. She is 11. She was a little prone to this prior to the party but it only happened once every few months. Now she does this almost every time she eats. (20 times a day) She's had an endoscopy, motility test, gastric scan, ultrasound, and a gall bladder test. She has a small weakness at the base of her esophagus. The gall bladder test (torture for 3 hours) was inconclusive they said because she moved too much.
Avatar f tn I'm only 17 and I am worried I have cancer of the esophagus! My symtpoms are...
Avatar n tn - severe chest pain - breathing problems (felt like my 100-lb Rottweiler was sitting on my chest) - frequent sore throat - sensation of something lodged in chest, lump/tightness in throat - stomach felt like a cannonball was sitting in it, couldn't eat much I've had asthma for years, but it was well managed by albuterol+beclovent until the GI stuff started happening. My inhalers didn't help with the breathing probs.
Avatar n tn Posted By Kim on March 29, 1999 at 07:26:41: In Reply to: Re: Burping, Lump in throat, Chest congestion, etc -- help!! posted by Holly Caliri on March 12, 1999 at 13:47:22: : I've been having an assortment of issues similar to yours, for over a year and a half. I don't have an answer myself, but I'm still looking hard for one. During most of '97 I had frequent heartburn (3-4x/wk) and frequent gas (both constant burping and painful unreleased pressure).
2899052 tn?1436834845 Last week, I have very painful headaches, I took three Fioricet in two days, then I started to feel nausea then I have throat burn, chest burn, stomach stings, burping, refluxing and food came out of my mouth every time I eat a meal. I started to lose my appetite. I took antiacid. It didn't help. Every time I eat, this happened. I'm not sure if is from Fioricet medication that ruin my stomach? I'm very scared and I don't know if this is cancer or why this is happening?
Avatar f tn It sounds and is gross but the relief I felt once I got it down (I used cold, low acid OJ as a mixer- others use apple juice or cranberry juice- DO NOT try water) made it worthwhile. I've been burping and feeling as if I had a bubble or pill caught in my throat for weeks and started taking Over the counter acid control products but they were not really helping. I've tried ignoring the problem and waiting it out but it was getting pretty hard to ignore.
Avatar n tn I am currently seeing a regular doc and an ENT (I can't see a Gastroenterologist because only certain docs take the type of assistance I am on I have no insurance) . Recently I began having trouble swallowing, like there is a lump in my throat. My regular doctor says "globulus hystericus" from anxiety, however Xanax and Prozac has not made this go away. My ENT says "reflux" and put me on Prevacid which I've been on for two weeks now.