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Avatar m tn i went to my doctors for about 3 weeks before he did anything? i had blood tests done on my thyroid and other stuff?? im worried about cancer all the time as i lost a friend through it!!! can my bloods rule out cancer of the throat??
Avatar n tn When the pet scan came back clear for no cancer anywhere. Everyone went about business as usual. This year in March, blood tests - tumor marker elevated again. Another PET scan ordered. The big surprize was that the Radiologist who read the Pet scan this year stated that areas seen last year had enlarged this year and also I had a problem still with my thyroid. Neither of these problem areas were noted on last years written report.
Avatar m tn From 2 days i am having common cold with sore throat and dizziness.Today i found about half a tea spoon of blood when i was spitting.The blood was very fresh and no clotting was visible.Can it be possibly because of lung cancer?I mean is 1 year of nicotine in the given frequency enough to get cancer?
Avatar m tn There are tests for cancer, including a blood test where the "cancer marker" is taken. This test is only an indicator, biopsy is also a possibility and should be easy to get a sample from your throat. Given you family cancer history I think it a good idea to run the tests. As for medical care being "Free", that's a mistaken conclusion. The UK pays for medical through taxes, debt and government control and delay, and debt - the same method the US is headed to.
Avatar n tn is there any blood test available to determine if there is cancer in the body
Avatar f tn The only condition I have is GERD Can it be something serious (like cancer) that all these tests miss? Any ideas?
Avatar m tn t worry and consult your primary care physician who will do blood tests and take a throat swab to determine the cause and prescribe appropriate medications. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn I got my blood tests results back today and they are confusing. My platelet count has been elevated for two years now, and now that my Anti dsDna came back extremely high they thought that it might be lupus. But now that myrheumatoid factor is normal and my ANA is negative they are saying that it may be some sort of blood cancer?? Anyone have any info on this stuff.... My eGFR came back elevated too. the level is consistant with moderate kidney disease. Not sure what too think....anyone????
Avatar n tn sometimes i feel cold, slight pain in my chest then there is light blood when i clear my throat. chest pain pursists hours before and after blood. i'm unable to figure out exactly whether the blood is from teeth or throat/chest but i guess it is from chest as i feel pain alongwith. what should i do to make a proper diagnoses?
Avatar n tn hi my husband has recently reveiled that he has had a testicular lump growing for about a year. we have now been fast tracked and he has had an ultra sound and blood tests. he is due to have the testicle removed this week and a ct scan also. the nurse stated that two of the tested blood levels came back normal but one related to the liver came back raised. my husband is a heavy drinker would this affect this liver result.
1090515 tn?1276169631 but due to family history of cancer, and my nodules have grown instead of getting smaller this year and continue symptoms of swollen neck, pain and swallowing. We have decided to do a TT. since my tests my throat has been sore, and today I have not voice. Is this normal or wonder if I have infection? How long does it take to recover from TT? and what should I expect. I meet next week with a surgeon, he has 34 yrs. experience. Any suggestions for helping the throat?
Avatar n tn My husband has/ had throat cancer. He went through kemo and radiation. He is going to tested Fri. to see if treatment worked. He still has very bad breath. Also 2 other spots have shown up too. He also has a large lump on his leg.
Avatar m tn this means the thyroid is a bit underactive - likely due to the radiation. This does not predict cancer of the thyroid (actually, no blood tests predicts benign vs cancer at this point).
Avatar n tn Hi, The presence of blood in the sputum may be attributed to a variety of conditions, diseases, and medical tests such as infection, blood clot in the lung, pulmonary aspiration, bronchitis, vasculitis, injury to the arteries of the lungs, irritation of the throat from violent coughing, bronchoscopy, malignancy, pneumonia or tuberculosis.
Avatar n tn I have been to the doctors, and they say my lymph nodes are not swollen, they did various blood tests and everything was perfectly normal except my lymphocyte count was fractionally down which they said indicated an infection. i was given amoxicillin. I am also getting occasional noises in my ears when i swallow and every now and again slight uncomfortable feelings in one or both ears. However, my symtoms persist, and im scared it could be some kind of cancer.
Avatar n tn Often people mistakenly call the cancer in the thyroid throat cancer as the thyroid sits in the throat area. You would be best to post your question in the cancer forum.
Avatar f tn What im more concerened about is that i had these blood tests 2 came back fine but this test called CEA has come back raised at 6.6 on 2 occasions, i asked the doctor what this meant, he kept saying i wouldnt worry about it at this stage, now i recieved a letter to have another scan to see the growth of the cyst and he was goin to consult one of his surgical colleagues to see what they wanted to do about it.
Avatar f tn There could be many causes for your throat feeling like this- so I don't think we can say it could be cancer based off of just these symptoms. Are you still experiencing the symptoms? Have you been able to get to your doctor?
Avatar f tn All in all everything that was done did not show any type of mass or obstruction. Even with all these tests done, I still seem to have this lump in my throat feeling. It is not in the middle of my throat but more lower and on the left side above my collar bone area. With this the docs decided to put me on Nexium which helped in the beginning but then the feeling came back, now I am on Ranitidine twice a day with taking Mylanta (for gas).
2072957 tn?1331585454 I went to the doctor today and she wants me to go back tomorrow for some blood tests to see what my white blood cells are doing. Has anyone else had anything like this and can anyone tell me what they are looking for in the blood tests they want to take? Any help would be much appreciated.
Avatar m tn 3 days later head and ear pressure, spitting out clear mucus with black stringy things (old blood?) went to Urgent Care, fluid in ear and red throat (not sore) lungs sounded good, no sinus pain or fever. Diagnosed with sinus infection. Week later chest pain is better, now spitting out pink and very small amount of red blood. No cough, just snorting from my nose and clearing my throat when I spit.