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Avatar n tn The only important health consequence of oral HPV is cancer of the throat, which is caused by only one HPV type (HPV-16). Even in those with HPV-16, probably under 1 in 1,000 develop cancer." In the first one, by my understanding, he says that most of people with oral HPV-16 WILL develop throat cancer.
Avatar f tn I having been reading that hpv also causes throat cancer. Is there anyone who was diagnosed with hpv cervical dyplasia and later had a problem with others cancers?
923883 tn?1325891462 i'm sorry I tried looking it up but what is ACUS? Honestly your BF could be the one who gave it to you, or he could have already HPV as most ppl have had some strain of HPV and never knew it. This is not a big deal and if you are looking for a long term relationship then you will have to be honest with him and just be honest with him. Give him the facts. Most HPV infections will clear on they're own with in 2 years and 2 years being the longest.
Avatar m tn Also if it is the high risk HPV then it would not lead to oral warts. High risk HPV is assosiated with cervical cancer and some penile and throat cancers. However it is rare to lead to cancer unless left untreated for many years, and it usually takes around 10 years to develop. As you have been together for a while my guess is you have both been exposed to the virus, I would carry on as normal.
Avatar n tn The risk is pretty low, with the vast amount of the sexually active population having hpv at some point (80%) and the low numbers of oral and throat cancers- it can be concluded that your chances are low, but no impossible another factor they are connecting with hpv and throat cancer is marijuana use-whether or not this is just a correlatio is still up for further research.
Avatar m tn Despite all the publicity in recent years about one HPV type (HPV 16) causing throat cancer, that remains a rare problem and even in people with oral HPV 16 infection, the large majority don't get cancer. Based on this question and the one you asked last month on the herpes expert forum, you seem somewhat overly concerned about STD transmission by mouth or through other non-sexual routes. Such infections are extremely rare if they occur at all. Don't worry about it.
Avatar f tn i read the internet as a recent update a few months ago that, hpv is one of the leading cause of cancer in the throat and neck for people between the ages of 19-24. my lymphnodes behind my ears have been swollen and seem to be getting bigger for like a year now. i have hpv also. im worried about it, should i go to the doctor or am i freakin out about nothing.
Avatar f tn Khan also reiterated the importance of following safe sex practices, and for those who develop HPV-related throat cancer, he added that surgeries today are minimally invasive and often performed by robotic instruments, so quality of life is improved for these patients compared to years past. "That's the biggest advantage we have now in controlling these cancers," he said. "We can do a lot more with a lot less." http://www.cbsnews.
Avatar n tn Welcome back to the forum. In asking the same question on the community forum, you say you previously asked a question in this forum about oral HPV and cancer, but I can't find anything under your current username. Can you provide a link to that previous thread? Just yesterday I answered a question on the same topic, in response to the Michael Douglas media stories, and it includes links to two other threads. Please take a look: http://www.medhelp.
Avatar m tn However, she informed me that she has high-risk HPV (both HPV 16 and 18), recently had laser surgery, and in fact, has had that procedure about every two years for the last 15 years. She has serious concerns about our becoming intimate, for fear of giving me these strains of HPV, particularly with my compromised immune system.
Avatar f tn I have been reading that HPV is linked to throat cancer, so i am EXTREMELY worried and anxious!! I am going to the doctor next week. My questions are.... 1. My GYN told me I was now immune to the strain of HPV i have, even though I may be immune could i still get warts? 2. I thought low risk strains caused warts and high risk strains caused cancer. I had both warts and dysplasia....Is there a strain that can cause both? or do i have 2 strains? 3.
Avatar f tn I would like you to tell me which are the possibilities to get hpv in mouth, tongue and throat via oral, how long elapses from infection to first symptoms, and what the symptoms are because I have been feeling so weird. I my throat I can see some blisters or bumps and an otolaryngologist told me were completely normal but I donĀ“t think so. How does cancer feels? Please help me because I am scared to dead.
Avatar n tn I came across in a magizine at work about this also being linked to throat cancer and have been pretty worried ever since. I would think if I had HPV 16 my husband would have too, and I have been performing oral sex on him for years 7/8 years hundrends of times. I feel like my case is a little different than others about this topic bc I had abnormal cells "down there" so wouldnt there be a good chance i have them in my throat as well being exposed to it many times?
Avatar f tn Hi, I've read some articles regarding HPV and throat cancer. Last week, I developed some symptoms that scare me. I've been coughing, I had a sore throat that looked like Tonsilitis and also uncomfortable feeling in throat. Sore throat was relieved after taking antibiotics but on the right side of my throat. There's still sharp stabbing pain when I drink or swallow my saliva. It seems to radiate to my right ear as well.
Avatar n tn ve been inundated with inquiries and I thank you for taking the time to answer as many questions as you do. I actually posted a question about HPV and throat cancer over a year ago and was grateful for the thoughtful and informative response you provided. I am a 31 year old male who has had numerous partners (about 20 - both male and female), where oral sex was involved. I am, and always have been, a non-smoker, I do not drink often, and am generally pretty healthy.
Avatar f tn I also saw small bumps on the back of my throat. Is this HPV? Can I have throat cancer from this? Can I still cure it if this is HPV? I really, really need your opinion on this. Please help.
Avatar f tn 1. If I was infected w/ an HPV throat infection way back 12 or 13 years ago, wouldn't it have already turned into throat cancer IF that was the type of HPV that is was????( I did visit an ENT doctor last year for something unrelated to this and he used the lighted tube in nose/throat and said he saw no tumors and everything looked fine). 2. I have been performing oral sex on my husband for 13 years( I have NEVER performed oral on any other person).
Avatar m tn Your fears of oral HPV and oral cancer have no basis. Although certain throat cancers are caused by one HPV type (HPV-16), such cancers still are rare. Apparently you have not read the thread linked above, and the other threads linked there. At least two of those discussions go into detail about oral HPV and cancer. You should find the information reassuring. Read them.
Avatar n tn org/posts/STDs/HPV-Oral-Cancer/show/1624567 Perhaps most important, your immunization against HPV protects you from the single HPV type associated with throat cancer (HPV-16) -- so even if your partner has HPV-16, you are not at risk of catching it from her, either orally or genitally. Her HPV/CIN should have absolutely no bearing on your sexual activities together -- no need to avoid any contact of any kind, no need for condoms.
Avatar n tn I would say not to worry about oral hpv, the main reason being the high-risk strains those live on genital areas do not like the oral enviornment and they do not survive well in there... Further, the throat cancer due to hpv is extremely low to rare and hpv is not the major cause of throat cancer but it can be a causitive factor... the tobacco use is the major cause of throat cancer...