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Avatar n tn A few days ago i was diagnosed with a mucocele and since them i have been thinking about all sorts of cancer. I am 21 years of age, non-smoker, non-drinker and athletic. I feel like i am having difficulty swallowing, but i have no problems at all downing any food or drink i want. I cannot stop thinking about throat cancer... though almost 20 hrs ago i had no premonition of any physical swallowing difficulty: this seems irrational even to me.
Avatar n tn How long does it take for cancer to usually appear? I have read on google searches that throat cancer can attack anyone at any age? I have been off cigarettes for a while now, almost two months.
Avatar f tn I had a tubal after my second daughter was born and had breast cancer at age 43. I went through menapause after the cancer but I still have my ovaries. Are my risk of ovarian cancer high. I go for a CT scan this week for them to check my left side. Does your chances increase after menapause when there is no hormones in your body?
Avatar m tn So I guess my question is what is the chance of someone my age given this situation to actually have developed Larynx Cancer? Have you ever seen or heard of it happening to someone of my age? Also what about the Barretts Esophogus?
Avatar f tn I am 39 and smoked in the past approx 1pk/day from age 15-31. My father also passed away from lung cancer at age 68. To complicate matters more is that I have an anxiety disorder and I am 8 months pregnant. can someone please help.
Avatar n tn In that case you should have a good exam of your nose and throat by an ENT specialist, a chest X-ray and 3 sputum cytologies, looking for cancer cells in your sputum. If you are only 25, with the same smoking history, you might want to wait until it happens again; that is blood again in your mucous. Anywhere in between these two scenarios, you could go either way but the closer to age 35, the safer for you to have this looked-into now.
Avatar m tn I am age 35 and I wonder if this little pain...., It goes away and comes back, but the pain is getting lower not harder, but it comes and goes, Please help? This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/GERD-Acid-Reflux/Worried-about-throat-cancer/show/1116216">Worried about throat cancer!</a>.
Avatar f tn s because I am upsessing about having mouth cancer but the point is I also got a dry throat the next day...but for 5 cigars can not being inhaled can it cause mouth cancer? I have stopped smoking them but I am really scared I know it was stupid to do but I'm scared now so I don't know if I can't mouth cancer from that...
Avatar m tn Hello, First of all please stop worrying as throat cancer or esophageal cancer at such a young age and without any prior history of any symptoms and smoking is not possible. These are all symptoms of viral infections which were responsible for your cold or can be due to post nasal drip due to the viral infections[causing rhinitis(cold)or sinusitis] being lingering on . Post-nasal drip (PND) occurs when excessive mucus is produced by the sinuses.
Avatar n tn I was reassuring myself that regular visits to the dentist would allow for early detection and ensure that if I ever do develop oral/throat cancer it would be treated in the early stages and pose little serious threat. Now, I feel less confident. I'm sure Michael Douglas had some of the best oral surgeons and ENT's and they still did not detect it. Are regular visits to the dentist really adequate? 4. How serious of a risk am I placing my partner when I perform oral sex on her?
Avatar n tn ive heard that oral hpv can be acquired through oral sex, and this greatly increases the chance of throat cancer. now i dont really think theres much reason to be worried but the fact that i could potentially have oral hpv and that i smoked (i just quit recently) i'm kind of letting my imagination run wild here. i dont really have any of the symptoms except i do get a sore throat once in a while, and it doesnt accompany any other kind of sickness.
Avatar f tn "Age spots" are normal, yes, but so is skin cancer. Benign age spots generally don't sting. You should have it checked out - but meanwhile, look up images online for "actinic keratosis" (a common precancerous lesion), basal cell skin cancer, and squamous cell skin cancer.
Avatar f tn I had one tonsil remove 7 yrs ago at the age of 48 since then I always feel like there is something stuck in the surgical area (if you've ever sctatched you throat with a sharp chip or cookie thats how it feels) and I also get cancer sores on that site, due to barrets eshopagus I'm chronic cougher with stomach ulcers, also very prone to swollen glands. any ideas or options would be appriciated.
Avatar n tn what is the common age for male breast cancer? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/260364'>Male Breast Lumps</a>.
Avatar n tn When used as adjuvant therapy for early-stage breast cancer, tamoxifen is generally prescribed for 5 years. The benefits of tamoxifen as a treatment for breast cancer are firmly established and far outweigh the potential risks. If you are still having doubts about this, it would be good to discuss these concerns with your doctor. This link may be of help: Take care and keep us posted.
Avatar n tn What is the age factor in Ovarian cancer? I have had lower back pain at night for some years accompanied by an unusual overheated feeling during the night. I also seem to be getting an enormous stomache and weight gain. As I am now 65 years of age I feel I would be too old for ovarian cancer but not absolutely sure. Last year I was diagnosed with thrombocythemia, would this have anything to do with these symptoms.
Avatar f tn then later that day while sipping coffee, I got in again, and the panic set in..I started thinking i had throat cancer, stomach cancer, oh and then I remembered the hernia and thought it may be a strangulated hernia so on the internet I went...It could i guess be throat cancer But it could also be the heartburn from acid reflux due to the hernia..I go to doc tommorrow. But I cant stop obsessing..and to make matters worse--I dont have insurance..
Avatar f tn I am a 26 year old female usually don’t have many problems about 3 weeks ago I noticed this feeling like something is stuck in my throat so I took a look and my right tonsil looks huge and the other one looks completely normal, my throat does not hurt at all it just feels uncomfortable to swallow because the feeling of something being stuck there. The doctor gave me antibiotics to rule out step and days have passed and I feel exactly the same. concerned of tonsil cancer.