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Avatar n tn This is interesting as i went to ENT last year and he said i had over used my voice box and that i must shout a lot!! I do not! He said no cure just get on with it! So maybe its the acid causing my lump in my throat and pain in my neck-agony on a bad day, but surely he would have seen something on the big camera he stuck down my throat?!
Avatar n tn i have a hoarse voice and have a lump next to a nerve near my voice box,plus i find it hard to swallow what can be done for this
Avatar n tn Voice can crack even in adrenal gland problems and low thyroid hormones. So get this checked. Also tumors of voice box can cause this problem and will need extensive surgery. Do discuss this with your doctor and get yourself examined. Take care!
Avatar m tn This can be caused by bacterial or viral infections, mucus coating due to post nasal drip, irritation of the throat and voice box by irritants. Irritants can be anything from dust, smoke, etc. Damage can also be caused if you suffer from acid reflux. You may have damage to the vocal chords by over use, or by straining the vocal chords. If you do sing, then do make sure you do vocal warm ups. The voice box needs to be looked after like any other part of your body.
Avatar m tn I have been clearing my throat and getting a hoarse/raspy voice off and on for 8 mos. now. I went to my Dr. and he told me to take Claritin for allergies. That didn't seem to do anything so I went to an ENT who said my voice box was red from reflux and was prescribed Omeprazole 40 mg. I have been on it for 3 mos. and it hasn't done much. I was having some heartburn and seemed to help.
Avatar f tn I suspect that the source of your problem lies in your voice box. You may have laryngitis that is only being made worse by your occupation. Cancer would be very low on my list of concerns for you. I would be willing to bet that if you were able to rest your voice, this would get better. As far as what your doctor can do, I would start by simply looking at your voice box with either a flexible scope or a mirror.
Avatar f tn It hurts low in my throat--below voice box and my throat feels phlegmy. I cough a lot and it hurts. The coughing almost sounds/feels like asthma but it's not, it's coming from my throat, not my chest. My throat feels weird when it hurts(or I start to loose my voice) in the lower part of my throat/neck area. It's interfering with my work and my life now, but nothing seems to be wrong with my vocal chords.
Avatar n tn He or she will examine your voice box, the only way to make a diagnosis (and recommend treatment) in your case. Most likely your problem is benign, but that is not for sure. Regardless of what it is, treatment might consist of medicines, voice therapy and/or surgery. Go get it checked out, 6 months is too long to wait.
Avatar m tn I got sick 7 days ago, i had a fever, sore throat, horrible cough, but not really congested nor secretions... Ok so now everything is gone, but i still have a cough and now i think i damaged my throat because blood comes out every time i cough hard and now i cant even say two words for the past 3 days. I feel like i lost my voice and i am afraid that i wont be able to talk normal again... i dont have insurance so i asked the this question online...
Avatar f tn It could be due to varied causes like upper respiratory tract infection like laryngitis or pharyingitis, head and neck cancer, oral cancer, reflux laryngitis in people who have acidity and GERD, muscle abnormality, voice box abnormality, polyps, tumors or weakness of voice box etc. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar f tn my mom is having her voice box remove due to throat cancer she is 71 years old, 98 pounds, never been sick before the cancer. Has any one had this done or know someone who has had it done , what is the recovery like?
Avatar n tn Acute pharyngitis and laryngitis is the commonest cause of loss of voice due to infection and inflammation of the voice box and throat. This active infection, coughing, and clearing throat can often result in break in small blood vessels. Usually these heal with treatment of laryngitis which involves antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic drugs along with maybe decongestants, warm saline gargles and throat elixirs.
Avatar n tn While on the antibiotics I started losing my voice. I took the full course of meds and during which my sore throat and ear ache went away and my voice returned. The day I stopped taking the medication I noticed my throat was starting to hurt again. Now here I am sitting March 9th 2010 and my sore throat is terrible. I have no fever, no appitite and no congestion. Though I am starting to feel my voice goin again.
Avatar n tn I am 54 my voice started cracking a few months ago, it has gotten consitantly worse, i have to clear my throat, but then my voice will only last a few minutes and then it cracks again, What could be the cause.
Avatar f tn As you may have congestion around the throat and around the voice box, do steam inhalations. To do this, boil up a kettleful of water and pour this into a bowl, taking care not to get scalded. Put some Vick or Olbas oil or any menthol drops. Bend your head over the bowl and cover your head and the bowl with a towel. Breathe in the steam through your nose and out through your mouth. Do this for about 10 minutes and four times a day if you can.
Avatar m tn My 5 months old puppy has a large voice box. It is really pronounced and feels like golf ball. Took her to vet but she could not find it properly as my dog is lively. She said it just voice box but I have not notice it to be that big before. Can it really be just part of her anatomy? She is ok with eating and drinking. But her lymph nodes behind the ears seems to be a bit swollen as well. She is adopted and came with red eyes. Her third eyelid is prononced a bit and gets really red. Not itchy.
Avatar n tn im getting really worried though i have a constant sore throat i keep getting tonsilitis and i have no voice at all... what should i do?
Avatar n tn So the doctor changed my antibotics to amoxicillan and said if my voice was still horse next week to call him and he would refer me to an ENT. Ok my throat is hurting so bad I drink ice water cause thats the only thing I can drink it gets stuck and I have to swallow 2 or 3 times before I can get it down. Please should I just go to the hospital? My throat is not getting any better and you can see on my neck where its swollen.
Avatar n tn PC Dr sent me for blood work that all came back normal but throat pain and voice get worse every single day. Thoughts on what this could be with normal blood work and what I can do? I feel like something is really wrong here and just not showing up.
Avatar m tn Looking for answers.......I was in a high speed rearend auto accident.i was stop at traffic light and some lady hit me doing about 55mph..seconds after the accident.i started feeling pain and tightness around my throat.went to the ER they said its 6 months later n trips to Ent,Dr.s and they all telling me they don't's feels like a knot n my throat painfull my voice is hoarse.the pain stays and increase any time I look up.
Avatar n tn I have idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and have had a very sore throat ( raw ) with extreme hoarseness and severe coughing for many week. The doctor looked into my throat and said my voice box was swollen and inflamed . Could this be due to my IPF?
849683 tn?1239013686 We recently found out that my grandfather has a massive tumor in his throat that runs the width of his voice box. He is 66 years old and a heavy drinker and smoker. They told us that the best possible solution would be to just leave it alone because they can't cut it out because of where it is and the radiation treatment would just kill him faster. Will this tumor evenutally grow large enough to stop him from eating/breathing? What can we do to help him?